Former JDF Sergeant And Driver To Antony Anderson A District Constable, Promoted To Ass/​Supt, In JCF.……

THE CONSTABLES (DISTRICT) ACT [Date of Commencement: 16th May, 1899]

Appointment of dis­trict con­sta­bles

 (1) The Commissioner of Police may, with the sanc­tion of the Governor-General, appoint in any parish, such num­ber of per­sons as he may think nec­es­sary, being house­hold­ers res­i­dent in such parish, to be dis­trict con­sta­bles, whose pow­er and author­i­ty under this Act shall extend to all parts of the Island.

Day in day out we talk in this medi­um about things which are unhealthy to our nation being tak­en for grant­ed and every­one sim­ply falls in line.
This sense of apa­thy, or igno­rance of best prac­tices allows those hold­ing the reins of polit­i­cal pow­er to con­tin­ue to push the bounds of nor­mal­cy and decen­cy.
In the above para­graph high­light­ed in blue, I cit­ed part of the District Constable Act as doc­u­ment­ed in [jamaicala​won​line​.com].
The pur­pose of this is to look at the author­i­ty under which the per­son act­ing as Commissioner of Police may appoint District Constables with the sanc­tion of the Governor-General.

Which brings me to the point of this Article.
A sim­mer­ing caul­dron of anger and resent­ment is brew­ing at the actions of the Commissioner of Police Antony Anderson.
Anderson who hails from the JDF, was brought in to be Commissioner of Police after a stint as the first National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister.
Anderson brought with him his dri­ver, a Jamaica Defense Sergeant, we have been reli­ably informed that Anderson appoint­ed that dri­ver a District Constable.

Now so far there is noth­ing unto­ward that a for­mer mem­ber of the JDF would want to join the JCF, albeit in an aux­il­iary role.
It has cer­tain­ly hap­pened before. In oth­er cas­es, for­mer mem­bers of the JDF has applied and entered the JCF, under­went the train­ing and became full-fledged mem­bers of the JCF and has served with dis­tinc­tion.
Now, remem­ber that the rea­sons giv­en to the Jamaican pub­lic for the con­tin­ued appoint­ment of for­mer heads of the JDF to head the JCF are that the Senior Corps of the JCF has been taint­ed and a new approach is need­ed.
Of course, if you join the JDF as an offi­cer and spend your career not inter­act­ing with crim­i­nals it is expect­ed that you will be seen as pris­tine and above board.
Before the knack on the JCF was that they were dumb and une­d­u­cat­ed, that can­not be used any­more, so they go to the default cor­rup­tion option to appoint their friends to these posi­tions of pow­er.

Force orders March 7th, 2019
Tucked away on page [13]
The Governor-General, act­ing on the advice of the Police Service Commission, has approved the appoint­ment of Mr. Joel Hamilton to the rank of Assistant Superintendent with effect from 2019-01-19.

Tucked away on page 13 of the 45-page cir­cu­lar was the afore­men­tioned. You may be won­der­ing what is strange about it?
Okay, I need you to con­cen­trate here. This Mr. Joel Hamilton who is so neat­ly tucked away on page 13 with­out much fan­fare, where it could eas­i­ly slip by with­out any notice or com­mo­tion is the very same JDF dri­ver Antony Anderson brought over to the JCF and made him a District Constable.
That same Joel Hamilton is now an Assistant Superintendent of Police.
I know that you thought this sup­posed mod­ern­iza­tion of the JCF would once and for all eschew the Owen Ellington era of bla­tant and crass nepo­tism.
No, it has not stopped, it is sim­ply being done in a man­ner which ben­e­fits a dif­fer­ent set of peo­ple.
Those of us who served in the JCF know that the aver­age joe on the street is more enam­ored with mem­bers of the JDF and with good rea­son.
It is not unique to Jamaica it is a world-wide thing, sol­diers do not gen­er­al­ly haul crim­i­nals off to jail, what’s not to love?
And so Antony Anderson, like Hardley Lewin and Trevor McMillan before him came to the JCF as out­siders because the pow­ers who run the coun­try and their friends in high soci­ety con­vinced the larg­er pop­u­lace that there is no one suit­able or qual­i­fied enough to head the JCF.
Never mind that these are peo­ple who large­ly have come up through the ranks and have earned grad­u­ate degrees.
The fact of the mat­ter is that Anderson is no dif­fer­ent than Owen Ellington, or any oth­er Commissioner of Police has ever been.
Someone once said, ” the true test of a man is to give pow­er to him and watch how he con­ducts him­self”. If ever this was an appro­pri­ate quote, this inci­dent per­son­i­fies it.
The real­ly dis­heart­en­ing thing here is that I see jus­ti­fi­ca­tions used from time to time to shut down dis­qui­et over brazen instances of nepo­tism like this one.“Oh he brings spe­cial skills.
Law enforce­ment Agencies hire peo­ple as con­sul­tants all the time. In fact, while I was at the Academy Mister Branford taught English but Mister Baranford was nev­er giv­en a police Rank.
There is absoloute­ly no jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for giv­ing Rank to a civil­lian employ­ee in a police depart­ment which is struc­tured as a pyra­mid.
It kills morale, demo­ti­vates and cre­ate ran­cor.
This is wrong no mat­ter how it is spun.

From what we learned this man brings noth­ing to the JCF which is not already there.
Unless of course being a dri­ver now requires some spe­cial skill. Of course, they will lie to you that he brings all kinds of dif­fer­ent tal­ents to the JCF.
The truth is it will be a lie.
The peo­ple above 35 ‑years old who have been serv­ing in the JCF are not like­ly to ever be pro­mot­ed above where they are at the moment. The sup­posed mod­ern­iza­tion of the JCF will even­tu­al­ly see those who have worked but are above the age of 35-years old dis­card­ed as col­lat­er­al dam­age.
Unfortunately, the qual­i­ty of ser­vice offered to the pub­lic by the JCF will not improve regard­less of the mon­e­tary expen­di­ture, because the fun­da­men­tal tenets of fair­ness, decen­cy and best prac­tices are miss­ing.
Like the now-defunct Air Jamaica, the JCF is being used as a means to place friends and fam­i­ly in posi­tions of pow­er.
It looks dif­fer­ent but it’s the same old eat-a-food for those in pow­er.

4 thoughts on “Former JDF Sergeant And Driver To Antony Anderson A District Constable, Promoted To Ass/​Supt, In JCF.……

  1. What can I say about this appoint­ment: It’s an insult to the men and women of the Jamaican Constabulary Force, and if they don’t unite against these peo­ple they will be destroyed, more demor­al­ized, and den­i­grate by them.

    As a for­mer mem­ber myself, I’ve been beg­ging the younger mem­ber to migrate and leave the Jamaican Constabulary Force and let the politi­cians and their friends pro­vide secu­ri­ty for the pop­u­lace.

    The great­est insult of all to an insti­tu­tion fit for patri­ots, ded­i­cat­ed crime fight­ers, and poor peo­ples chil­dren are stacked with sol­diers and fit­ting the direc­tion of a dic­ta­tor!

    The cur­rent crime min­is­ter St. Andrew Holiness have shown his dis­dain, dis­re­spect, and belit­tling mem­bers of the Jamaican Constabulary Force by putting two USURPERS in the orga­ni­za­tion: Commissioner of Police Major Antony Anderson and now his dri­ver.

    There is no way this could hap­pen in any oth­er coun­try in the world! Only the most cor­rupt state in Caribbean Jamaica where the self covert dic­ta­tor gov­ern.

    I have been beat­ing the drum for the young mem­bers to migrate and leave the Jamaican Constabulary Force, but they’re blind, deaf, and dumb by allow­ing these peo­ple to use them, then dis­pose of them like a waste prod­uct. There is no future serv­ing an insti­tu­tion that the top job is out of your reach. Leave before it gets worse!

  2. You know it sah, you hit the nail on the head, top cop to high­est in cpl exam in area and done sgt exam 2 times ‚N.A.P.P exam before 5 yrs ser­vice and still cor­po­ral after 10yrs . I did the hon­ourable thing. Leave. Last sol­dier was a mad farmer dri­ve pure old vehi­cle . Work on sea and turn com­mish , tell u about jlp worst than pnp, pnp no bet­ter a rass. No pol­i­tics here no p.

  3. Well said my broth­er as a for­mer mem­ber of fif­teen years,I have seen this hap­pen all the time,the men and woman who are in ranks always look out for their friends or yes man as we call them or their woman friends who is eat­ing under the table in supa or Cornish office,some time you won­der­ing what did I do,you have so much and lit­tle or noth­ing in return not even the salary.I joined at a very young age,trained at Echo vil­lage and one of the biggest regret I have is that i did­nt resign and migrat­ed from i accom­plish the ten years mark,then the talk about cor­rup­tion if your on patrol and a friend give you a gift or some­thing they chas­tise you when the biggest cor­rup­tion is the big men in the offices,I can tes­ti­fy I was there.

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