5 Confirmed Cases Of African Americans Who Died From Coronavirus

Nationwide — Many from urban com­mu­ni­ties ini­tial­ly believed that Black peo­ple were immune to the coro­n­avirus. This was obvi­ous­ly false infor­ma­tion, part­ly due to the media’s bias in their report­ing. Not only can Black peo­ple con­tract the COVID-19 virus, but many are also dying from it. Many have died already, but here are just five con­firmed cas­es:

#1 – Larry Edgeworth: a 61-year old long-time employ­ee of NBC News. According to CNN, he worked in an equip­ment room at the company’s head­quar­ters in New York City, also suf­fered from oth­er health issues.

#2 – Oliver Stokes Jr.: a 50-year old man from New Orleans who was best known as Go DJ Black N Mild. He worked as a DJ in Houston for KHOU, and also spun bounce records for New Orleans AM sta­tion WBOK. According to People, he was ini­tial­ly diag­nosed with pneu­mo­nia.

#3 – Patricia Frieson: a 61-year old retired nurse from Chicago who had a his­to­ry of res­pi­ra­to­ry issues which includ­ing severe asth­ma. NBC Chicago reports that she con­tract­ed the virus at a nurs­ing home.

#4 – Tre Wiser: a 32-year old fam­i­ly man report­ed­ly from San Diego. He was a father, hus­band, son, and uncle. He report­ed­ly con­tract­ed the virus from some­one he knew who also was infect­ed.

#5 – Alvin Simmons: a 54-year old from Rochester, New York. He report­ed­ly had hyper­ten­sion and liv­er dis­ease, and was ini­tial­ly diag­nosed with pneu­mo­nia. After being giv­en antibi­otics, he vom­it­ed blood, had a stroke, and lat­er test­ed pos­i­tive for coro­n­avirus accord­ing to ABC 13 News.

For the best infor­ma­tion about the virus pan­dem­ic, please fol­low the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) or call the National Coronavirus Helpline at (888) 581‑5029.