A Father Shows That A Single Individual Can Make A Difference After Police Murdered His Son…

The issue of American Police mur­der­ing unarmed black peo­ple in cold blood has been a sore issue from as long as polic­ing has exist­ed in the United States.
From as far back as the slave patrols, into the peri­od called Reconstruction, the new dis­ci­pline called polic­ing which came out of the slave patrols were dia­met­ri­cal­ly opposed to the exis­tence of Black peo­ple.
And so all of these years lat­er it is almost an after­thought when police mur­der peo­ple of col­or.

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There is no out­rage across the board when Black cit­i­zens are killed in America, it has always been the law for police to do what­ev­er they want with­out con­se­quence, it is dif­fi­cult to make the case that any­thing has changed even today.
African-Americans have had to con­tend with being beat­en, have drugs plant­ed on their per­sons and in their vehi­cles, mur­dered and have weapons plant­ed on their bod­ies, and have been sub­ject­ed to lit­er­al­ly every crime that can be com­mit­ted inflict­ed upon them by police.

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There has been cos­met­ic changes in the way police con­duct them­selves but hard­ly any­thing has changed in their behav­ior toward Black peo­ple.
They are gen­er­al­ly dis­re­spect­ful, abu­sive, abra­sive, dis­mis­sive, vio­lent- toward and down­right-dan­ger­ous, when­ev­er they come in con­tact with African-Americans.
It is a cul­tur­al epi­dem­ic that came out of gov­ern­ment pol­i­cy that says the Black man has no right that white peo­ple are oblig­at­ed to respect.
American Police still oper­ates under those pre­sump­tions.
That is not to say that all police offi­cers are bad, far from it. I have met some of the most won­der­ful human beings who hap­pen to be police offi­cers over the years.
Ironically as a for­mer police offi­cer myself albeit from a dif­fer­ent coun­try, I have found that pri­vate­ly many of the silent cops will tell hor­ror sto­ries about their own col­leagues with whom they dis­agree as much as civil­ians do.

The Dad Changing How We Investigate Police Shootings

Meet the father whose son was killed by cops — and got a law passed stop­ping police from inves­ti­gat­ing them­selves.

Posted by Freethink on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Police abuse of African-Americas cit­i­zens is the rule rather than the excep­tion. In fact, any black per­son who has ever been involved with a white coun­ter­part who hap­pens to be in the wrong, will attest that as soon as the police arrive they instinc­tive­ly default to going to talk to the white offend­er and treat the aggriev­ed black per­son as the offend­er.
This is what African-Americans have been forced to live with in America and pay for it too boot, with their tax dol­lars.

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But what hap­pens when the vic­tim is white, what hap­pens when police kill white peo­ple, what is the response of the Police Department, do they all of a sud­den become more trans­par­ent and treat the vic­tim’s fam­i­ly with respect?
Do they do due dili­gence in the inves­ti­ga­tions with a view to arriv­ing at the truth, and to ensure that it nev­er hap­pens again?
That is what this video aims to expose as Police are allowed to Police them­selves, inves­ti­gate them­selves and are account­able to no one.

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