A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

You can nev­er count out a racist dem­a­gogue who under­stands how to use the pow­er of the media. In fact, this dem­a­gogue has been count­ed out numer­ous times before, and still, he comes back like he is made of Teflon.
He believes that there is no such thing as bad pub­lic­i­ty, as long as his name is being men­tioned on tele­vi­sion he has skin in the game.
Joe Biden bet­ter start under­stand­ing that con­cept if he has any hope of defeat­ing Trump in November.

After the Tulsa débâ­cle, Donald Trump returned to the white house look­ing disheveled and defeat­ed.
But don’t count him out just yet.
Oh, and while we are on the sub­ject of pol­i­tics, where exact­ly is Joe Biden, and what is tak­ing him so long to decide on a run­ning mate?
With just over four months until nation­al elec­tions in November, the pre­sump­tive nom­i­nee of the Democratic par­ty is miss­ing in action.

Trump return­ing to the white house after his Tulsa flop

Is Joe Biden pulling a Hillary Clinton, she went miss­ing for the entire month of August dur­ing the 2016 cycle, while Trump was cam­paign­ing with his trump plane form­ing the back­drop on any tar­mac he could find?
If Biden does not get up off his ass and begin cam­paign­ing, earnest­ly, that label of sleepy Joe will stick and he will be an even worse toast than Hillary Clinton was in 2016.