A worse dilemma awaits…


But for the period of Hugh Lawson Shearer’s leadership, Jamaica has been involved in a kind of law enforcement strategy which is equivalent to standing on the left leg only, left hand holding right leg from behind and right hand across the chest holding the left ear.
For those of you who ever made a major booboo in the good old days in a Jamaican classroom, you will recall just how tedious to near impossible that form of punishment can be. Unless of course, bad classroom behavior made you an expert.

Those who make policy on the Island have seldom been anything but self-aggrandizing pretenders, with overinflated impressions of themselves. As a consequence, they have pretentiously and gratuitously opted for policies which have not been fitting for our situation given our special proclivity for refusing to obey laws.

In many regards, the laws and policies they put in place are so blatantly ridiculous that they have the opposite effect of what the original intent was. These kinds of miscues have forced skeptics like me to question the motives of the policymakers, some of whom are known criminals.

Both political parties are guilty of pussyfooting with the rule of law, yet the infidels who run them make grand protestations about their love of country even as their legislative actions argue otherwise.
Protestations about human rights in an environment of murder and mayhem by criminals running roughshod over the population are incredibly fraudulent and misguided.
Shockingly, the polarized population, balkanized into two competing camps, is incapable of separating fact from fiction so the perpetuation of lies and deception is the norm and those who speak truth becomes the enemy.


The balancing act of which I speak is exemplified in the diabolical deception which both political parties have perpetrated on the country. This they have done through a series of sleight of hand which creates the illusion of doing the right thing through their mealy-mouthed support for the rule of law.
Yet a closer look reveals a direct attempt to maintain the status quo, a-la the retention and expansion of garrisons as a means to gaining and holding state power.


The maintenance of INDECOM and the Office of Public Defender at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars each year are two examples of that sleight of hand.
In the 70’s poorly armed militants attacked police stations and rescued criminals(the police were even more poorly armed) they suffered no consequence. In the 80’s, better armed, they attacked police stations and killed officers, there were no laws put in place as a deterrent.
In the 90’s incredibly well armed, they simply razed police stations with automatic gunfire then burned them to the ground.  (No laws were put in place as a deterrent).
In the 2000’s incredibly well armed, well supported, well-financed, well organized, they challenged the authority of the state to uphold the laws. We have the images of destruction.

Complicit, both the JLP and PNP colluded and conspired to blame the members of the security forces for doing exactly what they were sworn to do. Risking life and limb and in some cases making the ultimate sacrifice, members of the security forces did what society asked them to do.
Rather than honor their sacrifices, both the PNP and JLP through a series of actions, not the least of which was a poppy-show Kangaroo hearing headed by an elitist foreigner was instituted to tar and feather the security forces.
Rather than ensure that never again could ordinary punks pick up weapons in any fashion to challenge the authority of the state, apologies and restitution was the response.


The security forces were repaid with ridicule and lies, they were maligned and worse of all had their integrity and function called into question by a Bajan Colonialists who has his head so far up the Queen’s ass he still does not know slavery was abolished.
So as Swallowfield burns and molotov cocktail bombs are lobbed at the Stadium police station, and as urban terrorists lay down barrages of heavy automatic fire at the police, it is business as usual to those in Jamaica house.
Like the fire department which is never able to save a burning building, only capable of cooling down operations, so too are our security forces condemned to remove barricades and stay out of the way of the automatic fire.  After which the thugs go back to their homes as if nothing happened, with no fear they will be held to account.

The draconian measures instituted by the silly police high command as a means to holding officers in the department is having the exact opposite effect, as I warned when they embarked on that folly.
We are reliably informed that this year will be a banner year for attrition from the force. We will await the final numbers before making too much hay of that but I stand by my statements.
This situation is only going to get worse because as long as our country has more safeguards for criminal murderers than it does for the rule of law, the results are bound to skew the way Jamaica has been going.
Stay tuned.

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  1. Well said,somehow the attack on Denham Town Station ,seen live on TV,was never given any prominence,even in the Kangaroo court you mentioned

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