Are residents of St. Andrew South Western better off after Portia’s 43 years?


Present the flowers , pop the champagne and march out the band, Portia Simpson Miller is finally retiring from  representational politics after 43 long years.



White Wings way a section of Portia;s constituency

Now her party, and even the other party are  magnanimous , effervescent in praise of Miller.
The Intellectual ghetto is ready to bestow a honorary distinguished fellow  award on her ,and there will certainly be national honors in the future.
By the way, what are those national honors worth now , I mean everyone has one of those these days?




Portia Simpson Miller has done well for……… , well Portia Simpson Miller. There is no denying that.
She rose from humble beginnings in rural St, Catherine to the pinnacle of political power on the Island without the benefit of much formal education.
Given Jamaica’s racial caste system her meteoric rise is nothing to be sneered at.
Her ascendancy to the top political office is testament to her grit and determination if not her ability to get things done.



As the accolades pour in and the revisionist historians begin the unrighteous  task of sanitizing her record for posterity, it is important that those be viewed against the facts.
Portia Simpson Miller, like most Jamaican politicians, went into politics for self , not out of some undying dedication to serve others.
The best way to judge a person is to look at what they have done in the past.
Remove the cult-like ideological fervor from her died-in-the wool supporters and there is not much left which would speak to 43 years as a leader who has served in various capacities.

Is Portia Simpson Miller unique in this respect?
Of course not !
Without delving into 43 years of political history  which are book-ended  by a seat on the parish Council and two stints as Prime Minister , Mrs Miller has missed multiple opportunities to be great.



Her refusal to join with Andrew Holness in a symbolic march through zones of political exclusions( garrisons)  ,  her systematic refusal to eschew political garrisons, refusing to vote to extend the limited state of emergency in 2010, are only a few of the times in which Simpson Miller myopically chose parochial political posturing  over the nation’s greater good.

Pipes with no water …

As Simpson Miller ride off into the sunset the torrential outpouring of putrid praise will flow nauseating a few .
I will be among those who will not shed a tear to see the back of her.
Portia Simpson Miller accomplished much more for herself as a black woman ,than many men more accomplished could ever have .
There is no denying her that.
In terms of accomplishment for our nation I am yet to see the results.

The question for our nation and more specifically , residents of St. Andrew South Western is this .
How well has Portia’s 43 years of representation turned out for you?

Adios Portia …….No tears here !



One thought on “Are residents of St. Andrew South Western better off after Portia’s 43 years?

  1. As a former Detective Constable at Hunts Bay Police Station, I can say that I have seen a transformation of Mrs. Portia Simpson-Miller from being an active protector of the criminals in her constituency and obstructing the police to working behind the scenes.

    My place of birth is Jones Town, Kingston 12, BM are the he letters on birth certificate. So, I am expected to fall in line as “junglist and a PNP activist” in the police force.

    In 1991, when I was stationed at Crofts Hill Police Station, the member of parliament Mr. Horace Dalley told me in the presence of other police officers that the two of us cannot stay there because I am arresting his constituents. These were people who were breaking the laws of Jamaica from misdemeanors to felonies. I was instructed to work with member of parliament and the hierarchy would take care of me.

    The late Michael Manley was the prime minister and corrupt Roy Thompson was the Commissioner of Police.

    James Forbes, Dooley were at the Jamaican Police Federation and they concocted lies and transferred me and Cpl. Lloyd Scott, whom they labeled as a laborite.

    The police officers who were left at the station: saw no evil, hear no evil, do no evil, know no evil and they were PNPLGBTQ activists first and PNPLGBTQ police next.

    I had family in Jungle, who were involved in politics from in the days of the “struggle.” Some of them are still living there. They were instrumental in getting me transferred from St. Elizabeth to St. Andrew South.

    In August 1992, I started to work at Hunts Bay Police Station. Every time Hunts Bay Police arrested any of the gangsters in the division, Portia Simpson-Miller would be at the Supt’s office.

    During my time at Hunts Bay Police Station there is Not a single police officer that was transferred because of any case that they were investigating.

    Mrs. Portia Simpson-Miller is a pro-police politician in every way you can think of. Whenever, there is any fatal shooting in her constituency and the people blocking the public thoroughfares. She would come in person and tell them to remove the blockages and instructed them to cooperate with the investigators.

    She would never interfere with the investigations for the officer(s) to be suspended from duty. She has her flaws but she is better than a lot of the politicians in Jamaica.

    At one time when two known criminals in the police force temporary transfers me from St. Andrew South to St. Andrew Central (Half Way Tree). Citizens in her constituency lobbied her for my return and I spent only nine days at Half Way Tree.

    She helped a lot of people in her constituency, whose lives are much better, comparing to others in the garrisons.

    I’d never received any promotion because it was said that the hierarchy cannot control me and I wasn’t a reliable player. I wouldn’t play ball with the thieves within the police force.

    Portia Simpson-Miller have done her best for the constituency and they got what they deserved; she has done a lot for them and what she could do. If she can sleep without sedatives, that means that her conscience is clear. I would choose her ANY day over the current Prime minister and Horace Dalley.

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