At a time when a Felon is admitted to practice law, we say kudos to Raymond Wilson the cop….



The longtime head of the Police Federation Seargent Raymond Wilson has been promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Police.
The promotion comes at a time when the outspoken Wilson was involved in wage negotiations with the Government.

Wilson’s promotion has set tongues wagging that the promotion was timed to removed him from the negotiations at a time when the union and the government are deadlocked in wage negotiations for the rank and file of the force.

Some have even asked whether he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent instead of Inspector specifically to silence his voice.
Police insiders argued however thatĀ “He was interviewed from last year, and because he did so well in the interview, he was promised a position above the rank of inspector.”

Lost in the tongue wagging is one little fact, that is that Raymond Wilson has recently earned himself a law degree.
Why would the JCF not reward such accomplishment after he has served in the department so faithfully and long?

It is unfortunate that instead of talking about the tremendous accomplishments of this police officer who came from humble beginnings the conversation is centered on whether he was promoted for the right reason.

At a time when the legal professionĀ in Jamaica just admitted a twice-convicted felon to practice at the bar, this writer takes this opportunity to say kudos to Assistant Superintendent of Raymond Wilson.
Job well done.