Before You Blame The Police For Crime Read This…

In June of 2016 Minister of National Security Robert Montague made a shock­ing announce­ment which ought to have had the nation aghast but the seri­ous­ness of his announce­ment had no mea­sur­able effect it seemed.

Minister Montague was argu­ing for a review of the man­ner in which bail is grant­ed in mur­der cas­es.
In the inter­est of full dis­clo­sure I was not a fan of the Montague appoint­ment to fill the National Security Portfolio and as such, I was less than gra­cious in my cri­tique of his appoint­ment.

Minister of nation­al secu­ri­ty Robert Montague

However, it appears that despite his lack of bona fides on crime and secu­ri­ty Minister Montague is will­ing to learn and has demon­strat­ed a com­mend­able pre­dis­po­si­tion to lis­ten and apply what he has learned to his port­fo­lio.
This writer is pleased that Minister Montague is show­ing that he is will­ing to appre­ci­ate ideas and ingra­ti­ate them into his plan of action for the coun­try.

Jamaican Judge Releases Cop Killers, Without Explanation.

At the time Montague made the state­ments he revealed that 134 cas­es of mur­der before the courts involved defen­dants who were grant­ed bail in pre­vi­ous mur­der mat­ters.
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I con­tin­ue to sound the alarm at what I see as a major loop­hole in the jus­tice sys­tem which is not only frus­trat­ing the efforts of law enforce­ment but is putting the secu­ri­ty of the nation in grave dan­ger.
Montague made a point which I have lament­ed for years, mur­der­ers should not be giv­en bail espe­cial­ly in a hotbed of mur­der and may­hem like Jamaica.
The idea of grant­i­ng bail to mur­der accused is even more shock­ing when one con­sid­ers the num­ber of peo­ple being killed by mur­der accused who are out on bail after being charged with mur­der.

Judges Have A Responsibility As Officers Of The Court To Follow And Apply The Law, Obviously Not In Jamaica..

It is impor­tant to remem­ber that even as the police are able to say defin­i­tive­ly that for the pre­scribed peri­od 134 peo­ple were killed by peo­ple grant­ed bail after being charged with … you guessed it mur­der, we still do not know how many are tru­ly killed because the police real­ly do not know.

Montage talked about the part which angers me most of all “There is an instance where one man was arrest­ed for mur­der, offered bail, came out, mur­dered again, this time two times, appre­hend­ed, offered bail, came out, mur­dered again, appre­hend­ed, offered bail, took the bail, came out, mur­dered again, was appre­hend­ed, offered bail”.

Jamaican Judges A Large Part Of The Murder Problem/​Ask Dexter Pottinger

How in God’s good heav­en is this even pos­si­ble?
Actually, the more impor­tant ques­tion should be how in God’s good heav­en has the leg­is­la­ture allowed this to con­tin­ue?
The coun­try is inun­dat­ed with mur­der, rapes, shoot­ings, vio­lent rob­beries and oth­er felonies. While the Nation looks to the police for solu­tions it bears men­tion­ing that the Police can only do so much.

♦ Dont look to the Police to fix the mur­der mad­ness because as soon as the police arrest the mur­der­ers the Islands shit for brain crim­i­nal lov­ing judges release them on bail time and time and time and time and time and time and time again .…..
♦ Don’t blame the Police when INDECOM, the Justice Ministry, the Public Defender’s office, Elements of the Media want to cru­ci­fy them when they deal with the mur­der­ers as they are forced to.
♦ Don’t blame the police when the lib­er­al elit­ists’ judges who came out of the left-lean­ing UWI give them slaps on the wrist despite the heinous nature of the crimes they com­mit.
♦Don’t for once believe that the best efforts of the police will bear many fruits when they are poor­ly trained, make a pit­tance for the risks they take and hard­ly have the tools required to do the job effec­tive­ly.
♦ Don’t blame the police when the Legislature refus­es to change the old archa­ic laws and make them more reflec­tive of the needs of today.
♦ Don’t blame the Police when much of the pub­lic at large are crim­i­nals who throw mis­siles at police offi­cers who arrest gun­men in their com­mu­ni­ties.

It’s time we stop with the bull and see our prob­lems for what they are. We have a seri­ous prob­lem of immoral­i­ty and unless we fix the immoral­i­ty and the exces­sive greed for things we can­not afford the shed­ding of blood will con­tin­ue until we are all drowned by it.