Black Student Violently Arrested By Police For Riding Her Bike on the Wrong Side of the Street(video)

The cop was not particularly aggressive or abusive toward the young lady.
He was passively aggressive, something both he and the other responding cop cooked up to accuse the young woman of.
Whether he was this way with her because he realized there were several people filming the encounter as he alluded to the other responding officer and to dispatch is open to speculation.
The larger question, however, is whether this officer would have bothered stopping a young white woman riding her bicycle under the very same scenario as he did with this student?
Since there is no way to know for sure what was in his heart prior to the stop, we may never know if he would.
However if past is precedent, it is almost impossible to imagine a scenario in which a young white woman (student) would have been stopped and interrogated simply for riding down the wrong side of the road.

Considering the many and varying offenses that a police officer could concern himself with while out on patrol, it seems rather strange that a cop would bother to stop a young woman riding her bike down the wrong side of the road and go to the lengths he did.
He was well within his right to stop her in my humble opinion and maybe say to her “Maam you are riding on the wrong side of the road”. and advise her that she could be ticketed if she persisted. I mean the cop can be a total douche if he wants to. He does have that right, but riding a bicycle down the wrong side of the road… really?

These are the kinds of encounters that cause hatred and animosity between communities and police.
It is nonsense stops like this one which gives more and more credibility to the premise that when it comes to people of color police go out of their way to over-police, becoming oppressive overseers rather than peace officers.
Nothing was gained by this stop. It placed his department in a bad light and puts taxpayers in that state in legal jeopardy in case she decides to sue.