Black Voters Should Tell Bernie Sanders To Go To Hell…


I nev­er could quite put my fin­ger on exact­ly what it was about the Vermont United States, Senator Bernie Sanders which scares the s**t out of me.
Maybe it is his dogged pur­suit of the pres­i­den­cy even at the age of 78. It just seems too nar­cis­sis­tic, and over­ly ambi­tious to me. Maybe it is because his one claim to fame is that he marched with Doctor King. Or maybe it’s the fact that he did not stand up for his state’s only black female law­mak­er, state Rep. Kiah Morris, who stepped aside due to racist threats against her and her fam­i­ly.

Morris wrote that polit­i­cal dis­course had become “divi­sive, inflam­ma­to­ry and at times, even dan­ger­ous.”
One white suprema­cist even threat­ened her life. Morris and her attor­ney have accused the local police of not respond­ing ade­quate­ly to her con­cerns. Despite being an elect­ed offi­cial, she told the news­pa­per, “I could­n’t even find the pro­tec­tion and the jus­tice that my fam­i­ly deserves.” She called the sit­u­a­tion “stun­ning,” accord­ing to (NPR).
It may also be that Bernie Sanders a Brooklyn Jew, one of those who nev­er fail to remind us of the holo­caust, oppos­es repa­ra­tions for African-Americans who forcibly gave free ser­vice to America, arguably for hun­dreds of years.

With all of that, I may very well have been wrong about Bernie Sanders. After all, his seem­ing obses­sion with a cou­ple of issues at the expense of oth­ers may be just the way social­ists are.
But then dur­ing a ques­tion and answer ses­sion at a Historically Black College and University, Benedict College on Saturday, a young black man, a stu­dent, asked the Senator how he should han­dle get­ting pulled over by a police offi­cer.
In typ­i­cal white­ness, the sen­a­tor and pres­i­den­tial can­di­date respond­ed; “respect what they are doing, so that you don’t get shot in the back of the head.”

This response though incred­i­bly igno­rant, ful­ly explains how white peo­ple sim­plis­ti­cal­ly and dis­mis­sive­ly see the mur­ders and assaults on black peo­ple as not the fault of the racist mon­sters in uni­form, but that of the vic­tims them­selves.
Because of course, all of the inno­cent Black peo­ple who have been stopped and mur­dered by police, from Philando Castille who was mur­dered while dri­ving with his fiancé and stepchild, to Michael Bell who was mur­dered by NYPD uni­formed killers on the very day he was to be mar­ried, did cause their own deaths.

We do under­stand that slav­ery as an insti­tu­tion per­sist­ed some­where between 246 and 400-years in America because of the lack of char­ac­ter and decen­cy by not just those who owned slaves, but by whites who did not.
Most whites did not own slaves, but those who did­n’t, did not care that their fel­low humans were held in servi­tude against their will.
As long as it was­n’t them being treat­ed that way they did not care. That ought to put to rest the alter­na­tive fact[sic] idea, that it was their good­ness which caused slav­ery to be abol­ished, it was­n’t.

The fact that a can­di­date run­ning for the Democratic nom­i­na­tion in 2019 could offer up a solu­tion as infan­tile as the one Sanders did, on the sem­i­nal issue which plagues blacks, the base of the Democrat par­ty, is rather telling.
For as long as this coun­try has exist­ed as a nation, and even before, black peo­ple have borne the brunt of abuse from white peo­ple.
Let us stop pussy­foot­ing around this issue. We have vic­tims and we have per­pe­tra­tors.
White peo­ple do not get to hide or dic­tate how we speak about this issue, or whether we speak about it at all. From the plan­ta­tions to slave patrols, to what we now know as polic­ing, black Americans have been hound­ed abused and mur­dered, and it per­sists today.
Show me your papers!
Let me see your ID!
It’s all the same thing.

Bernie Sanders believes that all Black peo­ple have to do is to con­tin­ue to bow down to their oppres­sors who abuse and kill them under the col­or of law. I won­der whether he would have had the same advice for the prac­tic­ing Jews to Hitler’s assault?
On sec­ond thought, I know he would not. You see, in the same way, Sanders does not believe repa­ra­tions which are owed a mil­lion times over and with inter­est, should be paid to African-Americans, why would he care whether they are mur­dered by police?
It is for those rea­sons that black vot­ers should tell Bernie Sanders to go to hell.