Britain Dumps Deportees On Jamaica Hamish/​Campbell Persecutes Police With Fake Affidavits

We have had some real­ly nin­com­poop Ministers of National Security over the years, but Horace Chang seems to be in the hunt to be a Jackass extra­or­di­naire.
Yes, I know it may seem like I’m just beat­ing up on the guy, but the man is a lit­er­al walk­ing con­tra­dic­tion.
It is like every time he opens his mouth the only thing he man­ages to do is to stuff his foot in it.
I mean the guy is a Doctor, so he can­not be that dense, but he is demon­strat­ing what I have always believed that smarts in one field do not mean a lack of igno­rance in every­thing else.
Lord knows I have met a bunch of edu­cat­ed dunces in my life­time.

Chang start­ed off by say­ing that the police force, his par­ty inher­it­ed was noth­ing more than “a glo­ri­fied secu­ri­ty guard com­pa­ny.” Kudos to those poor low esteem stiffs putting their lives on the line to pro­tect this piece of shit.
There are many peo­ple who actu­al­ly hate the shit out of the PNP, I am one of those peo­ple, but with peo­ple like this guy mak­ing stu­pid state­ments about a group of peo­ple num­ber­ing over 8’000, it is no won­der that for decades peo­ple have said that the JLP is an elit­ist par­ty of and for the rich.
Sure the pre­vi­ous Administration was a bunch of thieves and crim­i­nal sup­port­ing punks who gave gov­ern­ment con­tracts to know crim­i­nals.
That is where the focus ought to be. Instead of speak­ing to those truths Chang opened his mouth and out flowed a tor­rent of shit.
As if the ini­tial foul-up was not cringe-wor­thy enough, last week in the heat of a well-pub­li­cized assault on a police sergeant in Spalding Manchester, Chang spoke out of turn again demon­strat­ing his utter igno­rance on polic­ing mat­ters.
Now don’t get me wrong, the guy is a med­ical doc­tor, but that is exact­ly why he should­n’t be speak­ing on the intri­ca­cies of polic­ing with­out con­sult­ing with actu­al police offi­cers.
Much the same way a police offi­cer should not be speak­ing about inter­nal med­i­cine.
Speaking to a Lion’s Club of Kingston lun­cheon at the Jamaica Pegasus, Chang told his elit­ist friends. “Had he had any of the equip­ment of mod­ern polic­ing, he could have been eas­i­ly trained that in the face of a hos­tile crowd of ven­dors and taxi dri­vers who can be quite aggres­sive to the police, to use one of the non-lethal weapons to inter­cept and con­trol the crowd.” 
In ref­er­ence to the police sergeant who was forced to use lethal force to repel a deter­mined attack on his per­son.

Here again, Chang dove in head first giv­ing a bunch of up-town­ers, (sip­ping cham­pagne in the mid­dle of the day), infor­ma­tion on polic­ing tech­niques.
The only prob­lem is that Chang did not know what the hell he was talk­ing about, but this seems to be a pat­tern with this Minister.
The police offi­cer in ques­tion respond­ed in a split sec­ond sce­nario, in which his very life was threat­ened.

(#1) Neither a taser, baton, or pep­per spray would have come close to neu­tral­iz­ing the threat of that attack on that offi­cer. Even if the offi­cer was so equipped with those tools, the offi­cer cer­tain­ly would not have had enough time to pull and deploy either of those weapons and for all intents and pur­pos­es he would have been over­pow­ered and poten­tial­ly harmed or worse, had he not gone to his nuclear option in response to that threat.


(#2) Chang also told the gath­er­ing that quote,” guns would be for a killer crowd. Those (the absent tools) are basic equip­ment and we have not equipped our police force effec­tive­ly.” 
The idea that a crowd which egged on a bus dri­ver to phys­i­cal­ly attack a uni­formed police offi­cer, threat­en the lives of the offi­cers after the dri­ver was shot, to the point they had to seek refuge in a super­mar­ket, and dam­age a police ser­vice vehi­cle was not a “killer crowd” is nau­se­at­ing­ly stu­pid.
That was the crowd which the two offi­cers should have used their baton or taser on, accord­ing to Horace Chang the expert[sic] (A taser is only par­tial­ly use­ful against a sin­gle offend­er).
A Baton is not a use­ful weapon against an angry ginned-up crowd.

But this kind of talk is noth­ing new, it is part and par­cel of the method­olo­gies which are used to talk down the seri­ous­ness of attacks on police offi­cers.
The left­ist judges mete out admon­ish­ments for attacks on police offi­cers, while police offi­cers are per­se­cut­ed and impris­oned for using force against crim­i­nals in the law­ful exe­cu­tion of their duties.
This is a sick upside down con­cept of jus­tice which has turned a once pris­tine place to live and raise a fam­i­ly into a ver­i­ta­ble killing field.
The idea is to ren­der the attacks less seri­ous with a view toward mak­ing offi­cers lethal response less cred­i­ble.
This has been occur­ring for decades and as you have seen in the sec­ond video, there is nev­er any short­age of lying sup­posed wit­ness­es to inci­dents of police use of force but no one sees any­thing when crim­i­nals gun down cit­i­zens in broad day­light.

This seems to be the strat­e­gy of the Holness Administration. The idea it seems, is to han­dle vio­lent indi­vid­u­als and groups of peo­ple with kid gloves, even when they attack police offi­cers in uni­form.
That explains their silence when there is incon­tro­vert­ible evi­dence that these hooli­gans are attack­ing police offi­cers and the force the offi­cers are using are pro­por­tion­al to the attacks on them.
The lives of the police offi­cers are dis­pos­able in this sce­nario as lethal force is nev­er jus­ti­fied, no mat­ter the lev­el of threat to offi­cers.
As I have said on count­less oth­er occa­sions, if the PNP and JLP were inter­est­ed in solv­ing this crime prob­lem INDECOM would be dis­band­ed or bet­ter it would not have been cre­at­ed in the first place.
The idea that hun­dreds of mil­lions are wast­ed on INDECOM each year, and the humil­i­at­ing fact that a white British over­lord is brought in to help in the process of crime main­te­nance, a‑la his admin­is­tra­tion at INDECOM is astound­ing.

Imagine what those hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars could do to improve crime-fight­ing capa­bil­i­ties on the Island?
Britain, is send­ing back plane-loads of Jamaican peo­ple to the Island. There is report­ing that there are also sub­stan­tial one-time pay­ments to the gov­ern­ment by the Brits for tak­ing back each per­son returned to the coun­try.
Some of these peo­ple are crim­i­nals, some have com­mit­ted only minor infrac­tions, oth­ers have nev­er even been to Jamaica as adults.
Additionally, the Canadians and the Americans are deport­ing huge num­bers of peo­ple in what can only be described as mod­ern-day eth­nic cleans­ings.
With the con­ver­gence of all of these crim­i­nals from these devel­oped coun­tries and the waste of mon­ey on INDECOM instead of putting that mon­ey to improv­ing the Police depart­ment does any­one think that crime is about to decrease in Jamaica any­time soon?

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Members of the wind rush gen­er­a­tion went to build England.
The scape­goat­ing of immi­grants now result­ing in their off­springs being kicked out.

The truth is that the coun­try has a two-par­ty polit­i­cal infra­struc­ture which is heav­i­ly invest­ed in the sta­tus quo. That is, they do not care to remove the build­ing blocks of crime as long as the tourists are will­ing to keep com­ing.
They starve the police of resources and remu­ner­a­tion and set them up to fail, then put INDECOM in place to ensure that crime stays high. I’ve been doing some research, but I can­not find any coun­try which is not a failed back­wa­ter hell-hole which brings in peo­ple from oth­er coun­tries to inves­ti­gate their police offi­cers.
Worse yet, from a hos­tile for­mer col­o­niz­er which is strate­gi­cal­ly cleans­ing the off­springs of the gen­er­a­tion who helped to rebuild that coun­try. A coun­try Hitler dec­i­mat­ed it with his bombs.
Why is Hamish Campbell in our coun­try encour­ag­ing liars to con­coct false sto­ries on which INDECOM is indict­ing and crim­i­nal­iz­ing our police offi­cers?
I am demand­ing that Hamish Campbell and any oth­er Brit in our coun­try work­ing against our police be returned on one of the flights tak­ing Jamaicans home.