Colombia’s Los-Pepes To Narco-terrorists , “No”: Jamaica Needs Like Patriots…

Once peace­ful Parishes which hard­ly record­ed a sin­gle case of mur­der in a month are now trans­formed into ver­i­ta­ble killing fields as gang­sters with high pow­ered weapons roam kill and burn with impuni­ty.

In Hanover for exam­ple , a once sleepy ‚safe place where vio­lent crimes seemed worlds away , last year 17 mur­ders were report­ed to Police for the entire year.
Thus far this year already there have been 38 homi­cides report­ed , an over 125% increase over the pre­ced­ing year.

Among those sta­tis­tics is 71 ‑year-old butch­er Joel Malcolm,who was mur­dered in his own home as he and fam­i­ly mem­bers watched Television.
Mister Malcolm’s house was report­ed­ly razed with bul­lets killing him and injur­ing a 63 year old fam­i­ly friend who is fight­ing for his life in hos­pi­tal.
Mister Malcolm’s wife Eugene Malcolm and her grand­chil­dren were spared instant death only because they hid in a cor­ner of the fam­i­ly’s kitchen.

As the car­nage con­tin­ue bureau­crats in Kingston dither on whether to unleash the full force of the law on the maraud­ing ter­ror­ists.
In the mean­time there is a cer­tain entrenched ele­ment in the soci­ety which must be root­ed out and dis­card­ed if the coun­try is to be saved.

That ele­ment does not pull the trig­ger or may not even pay for the guns and ammu­ni­tion.
It is a cer­tain ele­ment in Kingston which hide behind tele­vi­sion and radio walls , behind newsprint and in NGO’s .
They hide in Academia, and in board­rooms. They can be found in the pul­pits and yes , they are cer­tain­ly in the par­lia­ment.
They are an elit­ist cabal of new age nig­gers who adopt a pos­ture of anti-law enforce­ment .

This is not new in our coun­try .
For decades this cabal of nig­gers have used the edu­ca­tion they acquired at the intel­lec­tu­al ghet­to (to chan­nel the late Wilmott (Mutty)Perkins), to aid and sup­port crim­i­nals and law­less­ness in the coun­try.
The lib­er­al teach­ings they acquire have been used to destroy our once con­ser­v­a­tive and pros­per­ing Island , turn­ing it into a Serengeti of mur­der and may­hem.

Through the air­waves , print media and oth­er means they have sub­vert­ed the rule of law , like ter­mites in a struc­ture made of wood they have eat­en away at the foun­da­tion of our democ­ra­cy, .Intending to demon­strate they are the new­ly mint­ed intel­lec­tu­als, lib­er­at­ed from the shack­les of their colo­nial­ist past.

Their con­trol of the nar­ra­tive has not been good for our coun­try.
They hide behind grilled fortress­es in gat­ed com­pounds in upper St, Andrew, safe for now, or so they think. They con­vince them­selves that they are immune , safe from the calami­ty which is hap­pen­ing and will cer­tain­ly metas­ta­size.

In order to fix this lit­tle Island we must first deal with remov­ing from the equa­tion the imped­i­ments to progress.
They are not los­ing sons and daugh­ters , moth­er and fathers . It is the poor and rur­al folks who are dying while they sit in ivory tow­ers and pon­tif­i­cate.
This must stop !
As I have said repeatedly,when the Colombian state faced extinc­tion , faced being over-run and rel­e­gat­ed to a Narco-state ‚ele­ments of the Colombian peo­ple rose up and took their coun­try back.

Fort Charlotte Hanover

If ever there was a time for right­eous con­scious Jamaicans to rise up and over­throw this entrenched cul­ture of sup­port for crim­i­nals it is now.
The Jamaican peo­ple know who they are , they hear them on the radio , the see them on tele­vi­sion, they hear them in the pul­pits, they see them in the par­lia­ment, and they see them in the col­leges.
We must take our coun­try back from this destruc­tive path it is on.
Before we do that how­ev­er we must remove the imped­i­ments to change.
The new nig­gers in charge.