Cop Arrested For Stealing While On Operation…

A police con­sta­ble has been arrest­ed by the Lacovia Police for alleged­ly steal­ing J$90,000.00 from premis­es in that Saint Elizabeth town.
At about 4:00 am, Yesterday morn­ing the offi­cer was among a team of offi­cers who went to the loca­tion to exe­cute a war­rant in an area known as Alley Lane.

The house was searched and the ini­tial sus­pect appre­hend­ed. According to sources after the oper­a­tion was con­clud­ed the con­sta­ble was searched by a senior offi­cer and the mon­ey tak­en from his bal­lis­tic vest.
He was arrest­ed and booked on the theft, his name is being with­held pend­ing fur­ther inves­ti­ga­tions.

Side note:
This write con­tin­ues to make the point that when it comes to police recruit­ment short­cuts in back­ground checks are a sig­nif­i­cant part of why police depart­ments end up in trou­ble with their offi­cers.
The high attri­tion rate of offi­cers from the JCF has con­tin­ued to influ­ence the rush to put bod­ies on the streets.
Bad over­all poli­cies cre­ate high attri­tion rates, this forces the JCF to rush their back­ground checks which were hard­ly any­thing, to begin with.
The only thing pos­i­tive in this is that this con­sta­ble was arrest­ed by anoth­er police offi­cer.