Cop Killed In Auto Crash

Police-con­sta­ble Carl Anthony Bailey lost his life this morn­ing at around 5:15 am along the P J Patterson Highway in a fatal acci­dent east of the May Pen toll booth.

Constable Bailey

The 30-year-old con­sta­ble was dri­ving his blue Toyota motor-car along the high­way when he alleged­ly lost con­trol of the vehi­cle. The car hit the left embank­ment and over­turned.
Constable Bailey was thrown from the vehi­cle and was run over by anoth­er vehi­cle and dragged for sev­er­al meters. Reports indi­cate his head was sev­ered from his body.

Constable Bailey’s car.

Three mag­a­zines con­tain­ing 33 rounds were alleged­ly found at the scene. Up to the time of this report­ing, the police had still not recov­ered his firearm.

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