Country Scapegoats Cops/​ignore Politicians And Judges Who Enable Criminals….

A Jamaican judge recent­ly imposed a sen­tence of six years in prison at hard labor on Jeffrey Campbell, a St Catherine man who plead­ed guilty to two counts of manslaugh­ter for the stab­bing deaths of 80-year-old return­ing res­i­dent Winnifred Williams and her 58-year-old son, Michael Williams. A Jamaican judge imposed recent­ly imposed.
The Islands Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, (an advo­cate for vio­lent mur­der­ers), defend­ed the judges slap on the wrist argu­ing the fol­low­ing.
The six-year sen­tence imposed by the judge, cou­pled with the four and a half years Campbell spent in cus­tody await­ing tri­al, meant that the con­vict­ed killer will serve a total of 10 and a half years for the crimes”.
“Therefore, the sen­tence imposed is with­in the range of sen­tences that would nor­mal­ly be imposed for manslaugh­ter. This is not an unusu­al sen­tence for manslaugh­ter

Delroy Chuck’s brand of jus­tice is all about the wel­fare of crim­i­nals and feel goo num­bers on stats sheets. The lives of vic­tims are not a fac­tor in Jamaica’s jus­tice sys­tem.

Before address­ing this crim­i­nal sup­port­ing embar­rass­ment pos­ing as a min­is­ter of jus­tice, first, let me say that the gen­er­al out­cry from the pub­lic is not ridicu­lous.
What is crazy, is that the sys­tem designed by Delroy Chuck would have the pow­er to ignore the pain and grief of those who lost their loved ones, while kow­tow­ing to the nation’s most vio­lent mon­sters.
There is an old Jamaican say­ing that where there is smoke there is fire. So it is not exact­ly a mys­tery why the crim­i­nal cod­dling Delroy Chuck would rush to the defense of this pathet­ic judge.
As a mat­ter of fact, what Delroy Chuck has done is to pave the way for the most vio­lent mur­der­ers to receive a slap on the wrist, all they have to do is take respon­si­bil­i­ty for their actions.
The stark real­i­ty is that Delroy Chuck’s con­tention that quote:” There is val­ue in not “impos­ing a sen­tence that is most severe and at the harsh­est lev­el” at times, “because per­sons who plead guilty have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to reform and go straight”, is a bunch of horse manure.
These killers are not plead­ing guilty because they have any inten­tion of going straight. They are doing so because they want to take advan­tage of the 50% off the already light sen­tence they would have received on con­vic­tion.
To the crim­i­nal lov­ing Delroy Chuck, this end jus­ti­fies the means, his brand of jus­tice cares noth­ing about the vic­tims and their fam­i­lies, or the trau­ma these killers leave in the com­mu­ni­ties.
Which leaves us to ask, what is Delroy Chuck get­ting out of free­ing these mon­sters back onto the streets?

A recent report revealed that a 16-year-old boy molest­ed anoth­er boy sex­u­al­ly, he was arrest­ed by the police and was prompt­ly returned to the streets by the bro­ken sys­tem.
Last week the teen sociopath sex­u­al­ly assault­ed a four-year-old boy, then cut that babies penis off then stabbed him repeat­ed­ly and left him to die like a piece of garbage.
Had the sys­tem dealt ade­quate­ly with this mon­ster in the mak­ing, had the sicko pos­ing as a judge done the due dili­gence, that mon­ster would not have brought that pain to a lit­tle child.
What kind of soci­ety are we cre­at­ing when we allow dou­ble mur­der­ers to get out and con­tin­ue with their lives after only a few years in prison?
I’ll tell you, it is a soci­ety called Jamaica where the gov­ern­men­t’s focus is on the idea that reha­bil­i­tat­ing vio­lent mur­der­ers is a more appro­pri­ate course of action than secur­ing the soci­ety from their preda­to­ry prac­tices.
The onus is on con­vict­ed mur­der­ers to prove to soci­ety that they have changed their ways and are deserv­ing of a sec­ond chance into soci­ety.
It is not incum­bent on the soci­ety to make it easy for con­vict­ed mur­der­ers to get out of prison and then hope they will not return to killing inno­cent peo­ple.
The bro­ken sys­tem of jus­tice in Jamaica favors both the PNP and JLP which togeth­er cre­at­ed it to ensure that their mem­bers see no jail time for their own crim­i­nal activ­i­ties.
For years the jus­tice sys­tem has been left to decay under the PNP even as it’s mem­bers pil­laged the pub­lic cof­fers. The JLP is now at the tiller and they too are engaged in theft, graft, and all kinds of cor­rup­tion, even if not to the lev­els that the PNP has been.
What is rep­re­hen­si­ble is that there are moron­ic peo­ple on both sides of the polit­i­cal divide who (engage in what about-ism) on this sub­ject. Your side did, it so my side is enti­tled to do too.
Giving mur­der­ers half-off sen­tences which were way too mild, to begin with, is a real­ly bad idea. It may have some favor in Jamaica because the coun­try is fast becom­ing a hang­out for mur­der­ers and oth­er transna­tion­al crim­i­nals.
Every Jamaican who claims to love Jamaica, should be alarmed at what is hap­pen­ing in the name of jus­tice by a sin­gle indi­vid­ual, Delroy Chuck.