DCP Clifford Blake’s Talk To Cops Exposes Why Crime Has Taken Over Jamaica…


For years the Island’s traf­fic police have been accused of solic­it­ing and accept­ing bribe sul­ly­ing the name of the depart­ment and sham­ing their col­leagues in the process.
One of the many things police offi­cers are taught is that they are the very first judge of sit­u­a­tions, par­tic­u­lar­ly as it relates to traf­fic offens­es and dis­cre­tion hap­pens to be one of the tools in their tool­box.
Because of that dis­cre­tion, the road­ways have become lit­er­al dev­ils high­way of death and a chaot­ic mess of con­fu­sion and law­less­ness.

Many offi­cers have inter­pret­ed dis­cre­tion to mean that traf­fic infrac­tions are not crim­i­nal acts and so they should turn a blind eye.
Many offi­cers, as a result, have become like the three blind mice, see, hear, and do no evil on traf­fic, much to the cha­grin of many who crit­i­cise them for every­thing.
They com­plain that the police allow bus and taxi oper­a­tors as well as pri­vate motorists to do as they please on the nation’s road­ways. Others accuse them of being too harsh in hand­ing out tick­ets and seiz­ing vehi­cles.

In the end, the police on the streets are left in a no-win sit­u­a­tion in which if they enforce the laws they are wrong and when they exer­cise dis­cre­tion they are wrong.
The sad irony is that the more things change is the more they remain the same. Their very lead­er­ship tells them that enforc­ing the laws are wrong. That they should sup­plant their duty with [dis­cre­tionary guid­ance ], effec­tive­ly let­ting motorists off the hook, none of which are required of offi­cers in the exe­cu­tion of their duties.
This sup­posed dis­cre­tion in many instances leads to cor­rup­tion, fla­grant dis­re­gard of the nation’s laws and trou­ble for offi­cers.

DCP Clifford Blake, the head of the police’s Strategic Operations Portfolio, as he addressed a batch of 35 police­men and women who grad­u­at­ed from a motor­cy­cle dri­ving and main­te­nance course recent­ly.

I took the time to watch this video and I can tell you that I was gross­ly offend­ed by it. Let me be clear if the police are caus­ing peo­ple to pay exor­bi­tant wreck­er fees that is wrong and they should desist forth­with. However, Blake’s talk could be summed up as capit­u­la­tion and a ral­ly­ing cry for the con­tin­u­a­tion of the sta­tus quo in our coun­try.

Why did his Blakes friend the pas­tor call him when the offi­cers did exact­ly what the law gives them the author­i­ty to do, which was to seize the unli­censed motor vehi­cle?
What was on his mind, did­n’t Blakes friend the Pastor call him the Deputy Commissioner of Police because he believed that he could make the mat­ter go away?
I’ll tell you what, that’s exact­ly what it was.
Why was this woman dri­ving an unreg­is­tered vehi­cle regard­less of where she was going, church or no church?
What were the offi­cers to do, as far as Clifford Blake was con­cerned, were they to allow her to dri­ve the unreg­is­tered vehi­cle and kill some­one?
What would Clifford Blake say then, Wouldn’t Blake be the first to tell the media the pro­ce­dures offi­cers ought to have fol­lowed after they stopped an unli­censed oper­a­tor?

The idea of using dis­cre­tion is a long time idea of polic­ing but it fur­ther dri­ves crime, cor­rupts offi­cers and embold­ens peo­ple to con­tin­ue to break the laws.
Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake, a man many believe should have been the Commissioner of police and may yet become Commissioner has demon­strat­ed in that speech alone that he is clue­less to law enforce­ment.

Small infrac­tions metas­ta­size into larg­er crimes. Stop the small things [cor­rect­ly] and you avoid the big things.
No police offi­cer, much less a senior com­man­der [for what his posi­tion is worth] should be in the busi­ness of telling offi­cers on the ground that they should sup­plant writ­ing tick­ets and remove unli­censed vehi­cles from the streets with their dis­cre­tion.

It shows that for the few peo­ple left in Jamaica who haven’t giv­en up on a crime-free Jamaica in which cor­rup­tion is a thing of the past, they may as well throw in the tow­el.
For decades mem­bers of the JCF has done it Clifford Blake’s way and look where it has got­ten us.
It is not the fault of the police that the woman going to church was dri­ving an unreg­is­tered vehi­cle. She has a respon­si­bil­i­ty to reg­is­ter her car.
If we need to remove any­thing from the force it is the Clifford Blakes whose friends call them because of their rank with the express intent of hav­ing them over­rule the law­ful actions of offi­cers on the ground who are doing their duties in uphold­ing the laws as they are sworn to.

This must stop.
Clifford Blake has demon­strat­ed that he is unfit to be a leader of offi­cers and darn sure should nev­er be giv­en the job to lead the men and women look­ing for real lead­er­ship in the JCF.
Jamaica’s traf­fic cops should and needs to be far more deci­sive if san­i­ty is to be returned to the nation’s streets not less deci­sive and res­olute.
Blake should be ashamed of him­self, traf­fic offi­cers have a job to do. Yes the job of the police is to serve and pro­tect but it is a damn law enforce­ment agency, not a day care agency,it’s time Clifford Blake receive that memo.