Demanding That Cops Hand Over Weapons Shows High Command Has Criminal Intent

Recent media report­ing that the police high com­mand is demand­ing the names of mem­bers who report­ed sick to press home their demands for bet­ter pay is shock­ing and should be seen as anoth­er attack on the con­sti­tu­tion­al rights and free­doms of mem­bers of the rank-and-file.

Rest assured that this action if true as report­ed, is not mere­ly a func­tion of the incom­pe­tent high com­mand, it is com­ing direct­ly from Jamaica house.
What rea­son would the high com­mand of the force have for min­ing the iden­ti­ty of mem­bers who were sick unless their inten­tions are express­ly retal­ia­to­ry?

The Police high com­mand have been a tool of politi­cians for decades. This is true across admin­is­tra­tions of both polit­i­cal par­ties.
This inep­ti­tude and bla­tant yard-boy pro­cliv­i­ty on the part of the men in the high­est ech­e­lons of the force have cre­at­ed a sieve-like effect which sees almost 600 young men and women leav­ing the force each year.

The lat­est bit of under­hand­ed chi­canery by the high com­mand is just the lat­est in a series of actions tak­en against aver­age hard work­ing offi­cers in which the high com­mand has dirty hands.
The recent­ly leg­is­lat­ed ZOSO act had as a crit­i­cal part of its infra­struc­ture a com­po­nent which makes it a crime for offi­cers to leave the police depart­ment with­out first sub­mit­ting a res­ig­na­tion let­ter six months in advance.

It was under the Bruce Golding Administration that the nation was giv­en INDECOM, a bla­tant­ly divi­sive and oner­ous law to law enforce­ment, which eas­i­ly could have been draft­ed bet­ter to deal appro­pri­ate­ly with errant cops with­out the ran­cor and chill­ing effects it has had on law enforce­ment.

It is impor­tant to remem­ber that the sit­ting Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has him­self now been forced to come around to the oner­ous nature of the INDECOM law. A full 7 years after we have been ham­mer­ing home almost dai­ly, the dan­ger­ous nature of the law.

From social media accounts, there is a gen­er­al feel­ing that mem­bers of the JCF are tack­ing toward the PNP and have been for some time now.
I respect­ful­ly ask the JLP Government and those who sup­port the admin­is­tra­tion slav­ish­ly, “are you not aware that peo­ple are able to think for them­selves”?

The police have been an impor­tant vot­ing bloc in the nation for decades. In fact, the say­ing was ” As goes the police so does the nation.
There was nev­er any­thing wrong with the police vot­ing their con­science as long as they act impar­tial­ly in the dai­ly func­tions of their duties.

The vote swings of the police en-masse have always been reflec­tive of the gen­er­al mood of the nation at every giv­en time in the nation’s young his­to­ry.
It’s down­right arro­gant of any­one to believe that the actions of the Golding admin­is­tra­tion as it relates to the INDECOM act would not have lin­ger­ing bad blood.

You can­not keep pok­ing the lion and not expect a response.
The Police high com­mand in place today is a prod­uct of a high com­mand which was before it.
What that means is that the con­niv­ing, puni­tive, incom­pe­tence and the cur­ry­ing of favor with politi­cians are learned behav­ior.
That is part of the real rea­son young men and women who join are leav­ing in droves.

They can try to crim­i­nal­ize attri­tion all they want, peo­ple are going to drop every­thing and walk away as I did many years ago.
The very same tired and despi­ca­ble puni­tive com­po­nents the police high com­mand employed two and three decades ago are still the very same pathet­ic tools it has in its deplet­ed tool­box today.
Demanding that offi­cers who have just returned from duty hand over their ser­vice weapons in a coun­try which just record­ed over 1600 homi­cides in the year just con­clud­ed, is a telling tes­ti­mo­ny that the police high com­mand has crim­i­nal intent.

If the report­ing is true that they are in fact demand­ing that offi­cers hand over their ser­vice weapons leav­ing them­selves defense­less it goes to the heart of their desire to see young offi­cers killed because they took a stand for bet­ter pay.

The police high com­mand has always pros­ti­tut­ed itself to politi­cians, the nation is gripped by a seem­ing end­less mur­der rate which the high com­mand has no solu­tions to.
Clearly, in the face of its inabil­i­ty to do any­thing sub­stan­tive about crime the high com­mand is now ded­i­cat­ed to bootlick­ing only, some­thing it has done quite well for decades.
The qual­i­ty of a police depart­ment is a direct result of its lead­er­ship, it is not the bad offi­cers who are leav­ing month­ly.