Dennis Meadows Epic Fail…

Imagine Dennis Meadows tweet­ing the fol­low­ing.

The next Commissioner of Police must be a trans­for­ma­tion­al leader, tena­cious in fight­ing cor­rup­tion, incor­rupt­ible and be pre­pared to go against the grain of the squad­die cul­ture.”

There is a mis­con­cep­tion among those who nev­er served in any mil­i­tary or para­mil­i­tary force that the so-called (squad­die cul­ture) is a bad thing.
It was the same decep­tive, duplic­i­tous dis­in­for­ma­tion Carolyn Gomes (for­mer head of the dis­graced JFJ) per­pet­u­at­ed and pushed on our coun­try that the term Esprit ‑de_​Corps is some kind of secret code police uses as a means to cov­er for wrong­do­ing.

Nothing can be fur­ther from the truth, but igno­rance is bliss, where there is no knowl­edge mis­in­for­ma­tion and half-truths become real­i­ty.

The fact of the mat­ter is that Military ser­vices mem­bers and police orga­ni­za­tions the world over have their own creed of broth­er­hood which speaks to the bond and kin­dred spir­it of cama­raderie they share with each oth­er the (JCF being no excep­tion).

No one both­ered ask­ing Police Officers what it real­ly meant to them because accord­ing to pop­u­lar talk­ing points, police offi­cers were sup­posed to be just big foot idiots who could­n’t find any oth­er jobs so they chose to be police offi­cers.
Imagine lying, decep­tive, untrust­wor­thy politi­cians lec­tur­ing any­one about their creed?

When you have to depend on your broth­er or sis­ter to be the guardian of your back in hos­tile sit­u­a­tions, yes you need that esprit de corps, the much-maligned squad­die men­tal­i­ty.

Speaking about the squad­die men­tal­i­ty in pejo­ra­tive terms denotes igno­rance, which is an appro­pri­ate adjec­tive to describe Dennis Meadows.
The likes of Dennis Meadows should engage his mind assum­ing he has one and close his mouth, maybe he will learn some­thing in the process.