Even To A Casuual Observer This Story Is B******t

Amber Guyger a 30-year-old white female Dallas Police offi­cer, a five year vet­er­an of the depart­ment who shot and wound­ed a Hispanic man in May of 2017, shot and killed a man in his own home on Thursday, September 6th.
Media reports indi­cate she was in full duty dress at the time but was off duty.

Botham Shem Jean 26 year old was mur­dered by white cop Amber Guyer in his own home Thursday night September 6th.

Dead is 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean, a St Lucian native and a 2016 grad­u­ate of a pri­vate Christian school Harding University, in Arkansas. He stayed in the United States to do an intern­ship with a Dallas loca­tion of PricewaterhouseCoopers, NBC. News report­ed.

The sto­ry sur­round­ing the shoot­ing has been con­fus­ing at best. Some media hous­es have report­ed that Guyer had returned home to the apart­ment com­plex [after a full shift]where both her and Botham Shem Jean are ten­ants and mis­took his apart­ment for hers, opened his door and upon see­ing him she opened fire killing him, believ­ing he was an intrud­er.

I am unsure what the infer­ence of her work­ing a[full shift] is sup­posed to con­vey? Is it that once a police offi­cer has com­plet­ed a full shift he or she is ful­ly allowed to ille­gal­ly enter some­one else’s home and mur­der them?
Also, the media has co-opt­ed the nar­ra­tive that she entered his apart­ment, which we have learned is on anoth­er floor and entered his apart­ment believ­ing it to be hers, this could only(a) come from her or (b) could only be spec­u­la­tive at best.

The absur­di­ty of presumption(a) is too pre­pos­ter­ous to be tak­en seri­ous­ly. if she had a key or fob for her apart­ment how could she have entered anoth­er per­son­’s apart­ment with her key/​fob?
If the nar­ra­tive being pushed is to be believed, and if she tried open­ing his door and he went to the door to see who was try­ing to enter his apart­ment would­n’t she have seen that she made a mis­take once she saw the inte­ri­or of the apart­ment?

If she could not (a)differentiate what floor she was on, and if she could not (b) dif­fer­en­ti­ate that the apart­ment she was try­ing to breach was not her own what was her state of mind?
Was the men­tion of her hav­ing done a full shift and being in full duty dress designed to place her in a polic­ing role?

If she was not ine­bri­at­ed or under the influ­ence of oth­er mind-alter­ing sub­stances how could she have made such an egre­gious sequence of mis­takes result­ing in the loss of this pre­cious life?
Why was she not arrest­ed prompt­ly as any oth­er per­son who goes to some­one’s home and mur­dered them would be?

Members of Jean’s fam­i­ly ques­tioned Guyger’s expla­na­tion for the shoot­ing and claimed that the fact she had remained free days after the shoot­ing showed she was receiv­ing favor­able treat­ment. “If it was a white man, would it have been dif­fer­ent?” Jean’s moth­er Allison asked Friday. “Would she have react­ed dif­fer­ent­ly?”

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall

Of course, she has been receiv­ing favor­able treat­ment. The shock­ing fact in all of this is that the Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall who is a black woman has argued that in the inter­est of trans­paren­cy her depart­ment has turned over the inves­ti­ga­tions to the Texas Rangers.
Hall said police drew a blood sam­ple from the offi­cer to test for drugs and alco­hol. She didn’t say why the offi­cer entered the wrong apart­ment [as the sto­ry does]nor what hap­pened once she and Jean came face-to-face.

Ya, the Texas Rangers are going to be judi­cious in doing an end-to-end inves­ti­ga­tion involv­ing a white female cop who kills a black man.
As chief Hall speaks out of the side of her face I believe the deci­sion to move the inves­ti­ga­tions out of the Dallas Area was made for her and not by her.

On Sunday, September 9th Amber Guyger was for­mal­ly charged with manslaugh­ter as a result of the killing of Botham Shem Jean and bond­ed out of jail imme­di­ate­ly in the sum of $300,000
Somebody has to be crazy not to real­ize that they walked into the wrong apart­ment,” Jean’s moth­er told NBC News. “He’s a bach­e­lor. Things are dif­fer­ent inside.”
She did not real­ize that the apart­ment was not hers because the sto­ry is total­ly made up in my esti­ma­tion. none of it makes sense.
The dece­dent moth­er has already talked about for­give­ness.
Black moth­er, how can you talk about for­give­ness when there has been no con­fes­sion of guilt, no con­tri­tion, no request for for­give­ness, the pre-req­ui­sites for for­give­ness?

Maybe no one knows exact­ly what hap­pened except for two peo­ple and one of them is lying on a slab in a mor­tu­ary.
If there is a shred of truth to the sto­ry that the police offi­cer went to Botham Shem Jean’s apart­ment by acci­dent and end­ed up killing him, that truth is prob­a­bly known only to her.
Why then was she not treat­ed like any oth­er per­son by her col­leagues? And if there is one iota of cred­i­bil­i­ty to the idea that she thought he was an intrud­er why was her first option dead­ly force?

There is much more to this sto­ry than the Dallas Police chief and Department is let­ting on. This is a case in which the dece­dent is a col­lege grad­u­ate with impec­ca­ble char­ac­ter, he was in his house so they can­not smear him as a crim­i­nal wor­thy of exe­cu­tion, deserv­ing of what he got.
So it seems that the fix is in to make her an object of pity. That may not be all, it appears they do not want her to face tri­al in Dallas where she may receive a jury which includes black folks.
It is rep­re­hen­si­ble that the fam­i­ly of this young man will have to bury him under these cir­cum­stances, par­tic­u­lar­ly when we all know that had he been white he would absolute­ly be alive today.