Everald Warmington The Face Of What’s Wrong With Our Country Politically.….

One thing is sure about the 63 loud-mouthed Jackasses in Gordon House, is that what­ev­er we say about them, they are sure to prove us right.
Collectively, they are a bunch of incom­pe­tent bozos, who shout at each oth­er as they try to score cheap, inane, polit­i­cal-points against each oth­er, rather than act as dig­ni­fied stew­ards of the peo­ple’s trust.
Banging on the desks, and hurl­ing insults and deroga­to­ry remarks at each oth­er from their respec­tive sides, are the norm rather than the excep­tion.
The crit­i­cal issue of vio­lent crime in our coun­try, is inex­tri­ca­bly tied to every aspect of what occurs among this band of incom­pe­tent and cor­rupt morons.

No one among the 63, is more rep­re­hen­si­ble than the (JLP) St Catherine South West Member of Parliament Everald Warmington, by virtue of his dis­gust­ing­ly coarse and malig­nant behav­ior.
In a sub­mis­sion in the peo­ple’s house, Warmington found com­mon cause with Opposition mem­bers of the House when he berat­ed the police for clos­ing down dances and wakes with­in the pre­scribed time.
Said Warmington to much applause from the PNP members;“The only thing that the police in Old Harbour do effec­tive­ly is to shut down birth­day par­ties and set-up.
“I have been to two set-ups (wake)recently and the police arrive at 10:15 p.m. to lock down the set-up, and I made it clear that the set-up naw lock down, dem have to lock me up first.” 

We talk about the inef­fec­tive­ness of the police in this medi­um with much fre­quen­cy. We also talk about the many ways in which politi­cians have con­tributed to the state of law­less­ness in our coun­try.
Strangely, many Jamaicans fail to hold politi­cians account­able for the state of affairs in the coun­try.
Instead of hold­ing them account­able, they engage in nar­row par­ti­san (what about-isms).
Did you speak out when the oth­er par­ty was in pow­er?
Yes we did, we have over a decade of doing so, read for your­self.
Now can we talk about the issue at hand in a sub­stan­tive way?
Nah, I’m not inter­est­ed in facts, I just want to score polit­i­cal points for my par­ty.
And so despite the fact that these incom­pe­tent crime gen­er­at­ing bozos are in charge of our coun­try, many peo­ple stead­fast­ly refuse to hold them account­able as if fish does not rot from the head.
If we do not hold them account­able, who should we hold account­able?

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How do we expect mem­bers of the pub­lic to act when they see their lead­ers act­ing in this man­ner?

This brings me to the next issue which is the incom­pe­tent piss-scared key­stone cops oper­at­ing in Jamaica under the guise that they are real police offi­cers.
If you arrive at a loca­tion to car­ry out a law­ful func­tion, and some­one steps up and obstructs you in the exe­cu­tion of those func­tions, why was he not arrest­ed?
Don’t both­er to answer, you are scared shit­less of this punk.
Rather than swift­ly place him in cuffs, and haul his ass off to jail you allow him to break the law, by pre­vent­ing you from car­ry­ing out your law­ful duties, and poten­tial­ly incit­ing a riot that would have placed your lives in jeop­ardy.
And to the ever-grow­ing bunch of apol­o­gists who claim that the police did the right thing to avoid a riot, please spare me that non­sense.
Allowing that kind of behav­ior to con­tin­ue because police offi­cers are scared of reprisal is a self-ful­fill­ing endeav­or that brings more law­less­ness.
If you make the deci­sion not to arrest him on the spot, then arrest him before he gets home and place him in jail where he belongs.
This kind of [man-rule] must stop and it must stop now. Everald Warmington should have been in jail, and even if he brags about it after­ward, it should have been while he awaits his day in court.

Everald Warmington was bemoan­ing the mur­der sta­tis­tics in the peo­ple’s house, what he and the cheer­ing PNP failed to grasp as they cheered him on for their own polit­i­cal rea­sons, is that Warmington is a fire­man who uses gaso­line to put out fires. The PNP mem­bers lat­er feigned dis­gust when Warmington bragged about obstruct­ing the police but for me, their con­cerns rang hol­low.
Everald Warmington is the per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of what is wrong with pol­i­tics in Jamaica. He is the face of what is wrong with our coun­try polit­i­cal­ly.
This admin­is­tra­tion must forth­with stop its inter­fer­ence in polic­ing.
The Prime Minister pre­tends to care about the homi­cides, but it is his actions that have fur­ther ham­strung the police through his sup­port for INDECOM and his shame­ful dis­re­spect for the police, which has led us to this.
It is exact­ly Andrew Holness’ pos­ture that has embold­ened Everald Warmington. It is his pos­ture that has embold­ened INDECOM & Jamaicans For Justice(JFJ). It is his pos­ture that has fur­ther erod­ed pub­lic respect and embold­ened attacks on our police offi­cers. It is his con­tin­ued sup­port for the rights of crim­i­nals over the rights of law-abid­ing Jamaicans, that have made the police ten­ta­tive and afraid to do their jobs.
And sad to say, it is his actions cumu­la­tive­ly, that has pro­vid­ed fuel to the expand­ing infer­no of crim­i­nal­i­ty which is tak­ing over our coun­try.

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