Friends In Crucial Places, Holness Lets The Police Know “I Don’t Rate You”.

The idea that com­pe­tent lead­er­ship does not exist both at the man­age­r­i­al and oper­a­tional lev­els of the JCF are sim­ply not true.

It would be disin­gen­u­ous how­ev­er to pre­tend that brain drain has not had a sig­nif­i­cant neg­a­tive impact at all lev­els of the Jamaican work­force.

As the present Administration is forced to deal with vio­lent crimes whether it wants to or not, it’s attempt at try­ing to embar­rass and alien­at­ing the police by pit­ting the JDF against the JCF is both wrong and myopic.

Col. T.N.N. MacMillan, O.D., J.P
Commissioner from 1993 to 1996

There is an argu­ment to be made about the state of the JCF at present, much of which can eas­i­ly be traced back to the malfea­sance of the two polit­i­cal par­ties since the ear­ly 60’s.

As the debate inten­si­fies, much of which stu­pid­ly cen­ter on dis­band­ing the JCF, the admin­is­tra­tion and the oppo­si­tion par­ty must do some intro­spec­tion. If they desire to see a bet­ter Jamaica they should take respon­si­bil­i­ty for the present state of affairs.

If there was a process by which, with the stroke of a pen the JCF could be dis­band­ed and a new enti­ty formed to replace it, where would the new police offi­cers come from?

Would the shiny new offi­cers come from China like the huge influx of Chinese work­ers who have tak­en over the con­struc­tion and busi­ness indus­tries?

Where would the guar­an­tees come from as well, the sto­ries of dis­re­spect met­ed out to Jamaican labor­ers by their Chinese Overlords at work­sites are well doc­u­ment­ed.

We have also seen the way they treat our chil­dren in their stores and have been forced to apol­o­gize.
And so you ask where are you going with this?

I’ll tell you. The answers to Jamaica’s prob­lems are going to be solved by Jamaicans, just like the prob­lems the Chinese face will be solved by the Chinese and the prob­lems of the Americans will be solved by Americans.
Our peo­ple are resource­ful, tal­ent­ed and smart, what has been lack­ing in our coun­try is inspired hon­est lead­er­ship.

Commissioner from 2007 to 2009

After the 1962 Independence dec­la­ra­tion, the coun­try’s lead­er­ship in both polit­i­cal par­ties did what oth­er black and brown lead­ers in Africa and oth­er parts of the world did.
They set the stage to hold onto pow­er and enrich them­selves, per­son­al enrich­ment over coun­try.


In the his­to­ry of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, two past heads of the Island’s Defense Force have tak­en the helm of the Department, arguably with no pos­i­tive out­come.
The image of the two are here along with the dura­tion of their tenure. In the his­to­ry of the JDF, no retired Commissioner of Police has ever been cho­sen to head the Defense Force.

The his­to­ry of the JDF com­ports much more with Jamaica’s stub­born insis­tence on main­tain­ing a caste sys­tem in line with its colo­nial­ist past than does the JCF.
The his­to­ry of the JDF is replete with the sons of the well to do using the defense force to bur­nish their resumes^without the atten­dant prospect of hav­ing to face actu­al war­fare.

Once cho­sen, JDF offi­cer can­di­dates are sent to one of sev­er­al British or Canadian basic offi­cer cours­es depend­ing upon the arm of ser­vice. Additional mil­i­tary schools are avail­able for spe­cial­ty train­ing in CanadaChina, the United States, and the United Kingdom.(wiki)

The lead­er­ship of the Police depart­ment has gen­er­al­ly come from peo­ple who clawed their way out of the soil, except for the peri­od pri­or to the appoint­ment of Mister  B.L. Robinson, O.J., C.D. Q.P.M, J.P Commissioner from 1973 to 1977. Commissioner Robinson was the first native-born. 

If you are able to extrap­o­late any sense from the two briefs I just laid out between the two forces, you may have a bet­ter idea why the Police depart­ment was nev­er a dar­ling of the upper crust. Juxtapose that with the ani­mus derived from the pub­lic’s dai­ly con­tact with law enforce­ment and the army becomes a lot more attrac­tive of the two forces.

Anderson and Holness

Anthony Anderson was just con­firmed to be the next Commissioner of police, the débâ­cle of the two pre­vi­ous instances did not serve to deter the pow­ers from embark­ing on this fool’s errand again.

Anderson was appoint­ed the Nation’s first National secu­ri­ty advi­sor and spe­cial advis­er to the prime min­is­ter, he will now be tasked with reduc­ing run-away crime on the Island and find a way to keep the offi­cers he leapfrogged hap­py, that they the peas­ants are inca­pable of inspired com­pe­tent lead­er­ship.

Never mind the rank and file mem­bers of the peas­antry who now knows with­out a doubt that no mat­ter how hard they toil, no mat­ter how much degrees they earn , no mat­ter how many cours­es they attend and no mat­ter how many bul­lets they take they are not con­sid­ered good enough to do the job they are the most qual­i­fied to do.

One thought on “Friends In Crucial Places, Holness Lets The Police Know “I Don’t Rate You”.

  1. So true! It’s time for the Jamaican Constabulary Force and it’s mem­bers to resist this out­sider by unite against the elit­ists impo­si­tion of one of their friends.

    If any mem­ber of the Jamaican pop­u­la­tion wants to be the Jamaican Constabulary Force Commissioner of Police. He/​she MUST go through basic train­ing and work in the deplorable con­di­tions, expe­ri­enced the dis­re­spect from these uncon­scionable, depraved mind­ed elit­ists, and pro-crim­i­nals politi­cians.

    I’d nev­er seen a car­pen­ter or mechan­ic get­ting the job of a pilot to fly an air­craft because the Chief Executive Officer of the busi­ness for cor­po­ra­tion is a friend of the leader. It’s all boils down to qual­i­fi­ca­tion by expe­ri­ence in that field.

    Where are Anderson’s expe­ri­ence in law enforce­ment? He is not qual­i­fied to lead the Jamaican Constabulary Force and it’s mem­bers, there­fore they must unite against his appoint­ment and make sure that it echoes through Blue Mountain Peak.

    As a for­mer Detective Constable of the Jamaican Constabulary Force and sta­tioned at Hunts Bay Police Station and a police cadet. I am call­ing upon every men and women of the Jamaican Constabulary Force to resist this out­sider by unite against the elit­ists impo­si­tion of one of their friends to lead the Jamaican Constabulary Force.


    SIGNED BY: #2478 Ex-Detective Constable of the Jamaican Constabulary Force, St. Andrew South.

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