From us to you at Christmas

The Eagle builds her nest high at the top of a mountain or in a very tall tree she does so using sticks then she cushions it with straw so it can be comfortable but she places it up and away so that her young can be protected from predators.
She lays her eggs then sits on them until they hatch.
She goes out and she brings back food, she feeds the young hatchlings until they are all grown up.
Then one morning she sits on the side of the nest and flaps her giant wings until all the straw is gone.
She effectively removes the comfort that the straw provides, then she flies a little way off and watches.
One by one the young Eagles try to emulate their mom, sometimes they fall, when they do she swoops down to pick up the young one and places it back into the nest.
The young Eagle repeats the process until the art of flying becomes natural and they fly off into the skies on their own.

My wish this Christmas is that mothers, particularly Black mothers, stop hurting young black men by enabling them.
Sure you love them.
If you love them, teach them how to be men and let them fly away.
Stop referring to them as your baby.
Do you see why they refer to your home as their Crib?
Teach them how to be men and let them go so they can be good fathers to their children and good husbands to their wives.
That is my wish, it’s a good place to start if we want to fix us.
Merry Christmas to all….