“Glorified security guards,” what?

Horace Chang Minister of National Security

Several years ago former Senior Superintendent of Police Renetto Adams called for the disbandment of the Jamaica Constabulary Force( JCF).
At the time I found the arguments of Adams curious given that he never called for its disbandment throughout his rather lengthy service.

I doubt there is a single Jamaican who has passed through the JCF who doesn’t believe that there are serious structural flaws within the Agency, as is the case with all of Jamaica’s public bodies.
Nevertheless, the work put in by police officers is second to none, the risks are exponentially greater than that to which other categories of workers are exposed and the hours are far more than required of other workers.

Over the years there have been far too many fuck-ups by some people wearing police uniforms, operating under the umbrella of police officers but are worse than those who never took an oath to protect and serve.
As a consequence, even the worst lowlives who should be locked away and the keys discarded have had negative things to say about the force.
Despite this, however, a larger majority have done tremendous work, sometimes separate and apart from the call of duty to ensure that we still have a place we can call a country.
No one else, no other category of workers have contributed more, bar none.

No real dedicated police officer gets up and goes to work believing they are security guards.
Despite poor pay, abject working conditions and the disgraceful lack of resources and support, they soldier on and produce the best results they can, given the circumstances.
They do so while exposing themselves and their families to retribution, something the Island’s politicians could never understand as they are in public service only to serve themselves and the interest of their families.

That is the reason that the comments of Minister of National Security Horace Chang have stuck in my throat like a chicken bone.
In seeking to make the case for the disbandment of the Police force as it is constituted, Chang stated that they inherited a glorified security guard company, speaking of the JCF. 

For the record, I do not care to hear any responses about context.
Sure the PNP has held office for longer periods of time than the governing JLP, but that does not excuse the JLP of any of the problems plaguing the country or the police force.
Both political parties are equally as guilty in advancing the breakdown of the rule of law.
Contrary to their twisted perceptions, disbanding the force or creating quote: Jamaica’s own police force” is a stupid idea bourne out of not knowing their asses from their heads.

Changing the designation of the police force to “police service” will certainly stop the killings in the country. (sarcasm dripping here).
As I have stated for many years, this peripheral stuff is not going to fix anything.
Jamaican police officers are going to have to come from Jamaica,  a country of imperfect people like everywhere else in the world.
Fix the Government, train equip and compensate the officers, hold them accountable, educate the public on the benefits of obeying the nation’s laws, create the necessary legislative framework and get the fuck out of the way.
It is not rocket science.

There is no redemptive context in which the Minister of National Security can refer to the JCF as a glorified security guard company in a non-pejorative way.
The sacrifices and the efforts made daily, their shed blood and the dedication of police officers ultimately disqualify politicians, least of all Horace Chang from speaking about them in the negative.

Any incompetence in the JCF must be laid at the feet of incompetent, criminal supporting politicians and their criminal supporters.
If Horace Chang wants to change the training regimen of the police force, “I say go ahead this is long overdue,” source modern policing techniques from countries which have good police departments.
Ridiculing the men and women of the force is not smart, it is imbecilic.

My spilled blood in 1988 was not as a security guard, glorified or otherwise.
I was a police officer working to uphold the laws and securing the peace and security of Jamaicans.
The men and women of the JCF deserve more respect from the population and they damn sure deserve more respect than they are receiving from piss -ass low-life politicians like Horace Chang.