Government Does Not Do It’s Job Yet Expect Police To Work Miracles With Nothing…

I am so tired of the sense of enti­tle­ment Jamaicans have when it comes to sub­ject­ing them­selves to the author­i­ty of law enforce­ment.
We can talk all day about the fact that the coun­try is law­less, we can talk about cor­rup­tion in some police offi­cers as cor­rup­tion exists in Parliament, the judi­cia­ry and every cor­ner of nation­al life.
We can talk until we are blue in the face about cau­sa­tion and we still won’t solve this prob­lem of a peo­ple who think that they should obey no laws.

On the occa­sion that the Bruce Golding’s admin­is­tra­tion intro­duced leg­is­la­tion which we now know as the INDECOM (act), I argued that there were already lay­ers of police over­sight. Adding a sixth over­sight agency would crip­ple the abil­i­ty of the police to do their jobs on the one hand, and on the oth­er, there would be mas­sive increas­es in attacks and assaults on police and an inex­orable upward trend in vio­lent crimes as police offi­cers would drop their hands.

Bruce Golding gave the nation INDECOM and all its side effects, as well as the Tivoli affair and God, know what else?

No one lis­tened, you see in Jamaican there are two polar oppo­sites and a thin line of peo­ple in the mid­dle, [deep rur­al folks] who pro­vide the bod­ies, the sac­ri­fice who join the police depart­ment.
The two polar points are of the same mind­set ulti­mate­ly they just have dif­fer­ent perch­es and pow­er.


(1) A vast major­i­ty of illit­er­ates, high­ly opin­ion­at­ed, they can­not be edu­cat­ed out­side of their core beliefs.
(2) A small edu­cat­ed cadre who appoint them­selves the [elites], these are the new bour­geoisie, a lit­tle edu­ca­tion does that to them. Heads so far up their ass­es they would need a fire hose to clean the shit from their faces in order for them to appre­ci­ate their own stu­pid­i­ty.

In fair­ness to the bour­geoisie, I can­not blame them for plac­ing them­selves above the laws when the process they have used to make them­selves untouch­able have worked for decades.
The blame rests square­ly on the doorsteps of the lap­dog police high com­mand. This body, save for a few excep­tions, absolute­ly makes me nau­seous when I think about its cow­ardice and lack of back­bone.

James Forbes allowed him­self to be used by Bruce Bicknell and lost every­thing.

Years of being yard-boys to politi­cians and oth­ers in the upper crust, not to men­tion the low-lives from the low­er caste with some mon­ey to throw around have effec­tive­ly removed the lus­ter and shine which befits the office of senior police com­man­ders.
No case more sums up that [lap­dog-ism] sic than that of James Forbes who threw away his career, his hon­or and dig­ni­ty not to men­tion his pen­sion. Forbes was fined $800’000 or six months impris­on­ment when all he had to do is tell his so-called friend “go pay for the fuck­ing tick­et.
In case you are won­der­ing about the mas­sive fine, those are reserved for Police officers.[sic] Found guilty of per­vert­ing the course of jus­tice they showed Forbes no mer­cy.

Forbes and far too many in the upper ech­e­lons of the force still do not under­stand that the only rea­son some with­in the soci­ety crave asso­ci­a­tions with them is to use them when they get them­selves in scrapes such as a speed­ing tick­et. These elit­ists have no expec­ta­tion that they should be sub­ject to the courts like com­mon serfs. Once that police pow­er is gone so too are the fair­weath­er friends.

PM Andrew Holness

There are two sets of stan­dards one for the old mon­ey peo­ple and those who passed through the doors of the UWI (police exclud­ed) and then a set of rules for every­one else.
The cri­te­ria which sep­a­rat­ed the soci­ety into castes are blood-line, and mon­ey. Education has emerged as anoth­er com­po­nent which pro­pels some, once on the out­side front and cen­ter into the upper caste.
That of course if one nev­er made the mis­take of get­ting stained with the stink of being a police offi­cer.

Some argue point­ed­ly that the Gleaner Article titled “JCF needs shock treatment“l writ­ten last week by (Keith trin­i­ty Gardner) was a weak attempt at being accept­ed into the upper crust club, now that he has a law degree and is work­ing on a Ph.D. http://​jamaica​-glean​er​.com/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​/​c​o​m​m​e​n​t​a​r​y​/​2​0​1​8​0​2​1​1​/​k​e​i​t​h​-​g​a​r​d​n​e​r​-​j​c​f​-​n​e​e​d​s​-​s​h​o​c​k​-​t​r​e​a​t​m​ent

The event of over a hun­dred judges walk­ing off their jobs to make a state­ment in a clear pow­er play against the Prime Minister is a tes­ta­ment that the rules do not apply to them. The events trig­ger­ing the judge’s actions did not affect a sin­gle judge in that group. Clearly, their actions were one of pow­er and stand­ing.

Generally, Police offi­cers, teach­ers, nurs­es and oth­er pub­lic sec­tor work­ers are penal­ized by their supe­ri­ors for dar­ing to stand up for their right to bet­ter wages and work­ing con­di­tions. Gums of all and sundry flap inces­sant­ly, each with their own opin­ions on the actions of those work­ers, very few with words of empa­thy and or sup­port.
Judges walk off the job and no one utters a word of con­dem­na­tion at their pow­er play against the duly elect­ed Prime Minister.

There will not be any less­en­ing of vio­lent crimes by chang­ing who the com­mis­sion­er is, in the same way blam­ing the com­mis­sion­er for the state of affairs is n’t help­ful. We must begin to face some facts if ever we are going to begin the process of turn­ing back the epi­dem­ic of gun crimes.
There has to be an under­stand­ing that there are more peo­ple return­ing as depor­tees than as reg­u­lar return­ing res­i­dents.

Whose idea is it that lay­ers and lay­ers of over­sight and harass­ment with­out even decent uni­forms for our police offi­cers add up to a good law enforce­ment agency? These non­sen­si­cal stud­ies com­ing out of the UWI has no basis in real­i­ty but they are heavy on grandios­i­ty.
Security guards have bet­ter uni­forms, bet­ter weapons, bet­ter vehi­cles, work in bet­ter build­ings and are bet­ter paid than our police offi­cers yet there are efforts afoot to change the des­ig­na­tion of the JCF from a police force to a police ser­vice. What utter and unadul­ter­at­ed bull­shit.

The force cur­rent­ly stands at less than full strength, it is short approx­i­mate­ly 2’000 offi­cers. According to International stan­dards of police to cit­i­zen ratio, Jamaica is woe­ful­ly short of offi­cers.
The JCF has approx­i­mate­ly 12000 mem­bers at present it is unable to meet recruit­ment goals and on the back end, offi­cers are leav­ing the depart­ment at a clip of over 50 each month. That num­ber does not include deaths, dis­missals, and retire­ments.

Recent attempts by the Government as part of its ZOSO leg­is­la­tion to hold cops against their will and crim­i­nal­ize them if the leave with­out first giv­ing 6 months advanced notice will not help.
As a con­se­quence poten­tial recruits will cer­tain­ly have sec­ond thoughts about join­ing up all things con­sid­ered.

The stress derived from over­work, low pay and no appre­ci­a­tion will fur­ther erode the morale of offi­cers on the streets.
Crime will inex­orably increase giv­en that those with the pow­er con­tin­ue to blame and mis­char­ac­ter­ize the nation’s crime prob­lem as a func­tion of the police as against their own dis­mal fail­ings.

Officers on the scene where their col­league Constable Leighton Hanson was mur­dered by an assailant who grabbed his weapon and took his life.

The sim­ple solu­tions of mod­ern­iz­ing the force by treat­ing offi­cers bet­ter and with respect are ignored. As the Government aid­ed by the oppo­si­tion chas­es down hifa­lutin alien con­cepts cooked up in the (intel­lec­tu­al ghet­to).
Providing police offi­cers decent places in which to work, basics accou­ter­ments like uni­forms and com­put­ers would help as against expan­sive stud­ies and con­vo­lut­ed strate­gies anti­thet­i­cal to our unique cir­cum­stances.

Better pay and remu­ner­a­tions for over­time hours are help­ful when offi­cers are called on to pro­duce while simul­ta­ne­ous­ly weed­ing out dead-woods cops is rec​om​mend​ed​.How about leg­is­la­tion which removes from the hands of the nations [recent­ly declared Gods] hands, the abil­i­ty to release mur­der­ers back onto the streets regard­less of the num­ber of times they kill.

Truth in sen­tenc­ing and manda­to­ry min­i­mum sen­tenc­ing for vio­lent crimes com­mit­ted with the use of guns goes a long way in aid­ing law enforce­ment in doing what soci­eties expect from them​.How about show­ing some damn respect to these men and women who risk their lives for the sor­ry ass­es of those who sit and crit­i­cize. Why would I risk my life for a nation of peo­ple like that which exist in our nation today?

The answers are right there, the admin­is­tra­tion can apply sim­ple com­mon sense approach­es as I out­lined above, or it can con­tin­ue on this fool’s errand it is on devised by their idi­ot­ic left­ist friends up at Mona.

Instead of hon­or­ing the secu­ri­ty forces Portia Simpson Miller com­mis­sioned a kan­ga­roo inquiry for the sole pur­pose of scor­ing polit­i­cal points.

Jamaica is well on it’s way to becom­ing what Colombia was before and through the 80’s and 90’s. Events of 2010 ought to have been a clar­i­on call to make the nec­es­sary changes. The moron­ic lead­ers opt­ed instead to blame the last set of peo­ple who had cul­pa­bil­i­ty, (the secu­ri­ty forces), and the sheeple[sic] went along with the ridicu­lous­ness.
This coun­try is pay­ing dear­ly for that betray­al and will con­tin­ue to do so until some­one has the vision to do what is right.