Harriott’s Hypocrisy

Contributor Richard Porter.

Criminology is an area of Sociology that focus­es on the study of crimes and their caus­es, effects, and social impact. A crim­i­nol­o­gist’s job respon­si­bil­i­ties involve ana­lyz­ing data to deter­mine why the crime was com­mit­ted and to find ways to pre­dict, deter, and pre­vent fur­ther crim­i­nal behav­ior.

With regards to Professor Anthony Harriott’s com­ments about the Jamaica Constabulary Force being tox­ic, my views are as fol­lows.

If the Professor is what the paper says he is and I have stat­ed clear­ly & con­cise­ly what he does then he being head of the Police Civilian Oversight Authority then it is fair to say then that has­n’t done his civic duty.

The so-called “Toxic cul­ture” does­n’t exist only in the Jamaica Constabulary Force but much of our cit­i­zen­ry as well.The soci­ety at large has been the bedrock, pil­lars, and cor­ner­stone of cor­rup­tion.
I would nev­er argue that there aren’t cor­rupt police offi­cers. They do exist and they must be iden­ti­fied, alle­ga­tions against them proven upon which they are either sent to prison or dis­missed.

A soci­ety can nev­er be seen as tak­ing crime and cor­rup­tion seri­ous­ly when peo­ple point fin­gers at one orga­ni­za­tion and turn a blind eye to the cor­rup­tion in oth­er seg­ments of the society.…corruption comes in many forms but the Professor either refused to accept that fact. or is sim­ply disin­gen­u­ous

The peo­ple of this coun­try should also demand that the Minister of National Security also be sent pack­ing. We won’t hold our breaths though because crony­ism and nepo­tism are the order of the day.

This Professor won’t talk about that because it is eas­i­er for him to blame oth­ers and not his friends. Sir there are near­ly (3) mil­lion peo­ple liv­ing on this rock [and give or take a few ]about twelve thou­sand 12,000 police offi­cers.
Do you real­ly believe that they can be every where at the same time!

So even if one idler decides to go against force pol­i­cy and stop for a drink how is he to blame for a mur­der com­mit­ted 80 miles away?
It seems to me that your anti police stance /​rhetoric is seep­ing through your pores and your think it is civil­i­ty.

It is your fail­ure to real­ize that you are also a part of the prob­lem con­ve­nient­ly for­get­ting facts. I hate crim­i­nals, I hate cor­rupt politi­cians, I hate cor­rupt cops. I also hate those that poss­es the know how to help to make this bet­ter but choose to find a media house to high­light the fault in oth­ers.

Pointing fin­gers, solves noth­ing, We have a prob­lem sir and we need to rid the coun­try of this scourge, the police aren’t the ones killing peo­ple.

Encourage your fam­i­ly and friends to tell what they know. Encourage your friends to speak with their con­stituents to give infor­ma­tion on who the crim­i­nals are. The police need the resources to fight this mon­ster.

Police offi­cers fight each day to uphold the image and poli­cies of the JCF. Most are hon­est peo­ple who sac­ri­fice their time, fam­i­ly and them­selves to fight crime and to pre­vent it…they need all the help they can get. Richard Porter

2 thoughts on “Harriott’s Hypocrisy

  1. Well said Richard Porter, you could­n’t have said it any bet­ter. Thesr moral­ly indebt­ed and bank­rupt edu­ca­tors are the main rea­son why they are so many mur­der­ers in Jamaica.

    The Jamaican Constabulary Force and it’s mem­bers are always under attack from every­where by the elit­ists in Jamaica because they hate the fact that poor peo­ple’s chil­dren have so much pow­ers. So to dis­cred­it the police force is to go on your pro­pa­gan­da war against them and because the peo­ple are indis­ci­pline they are going to side with their ene­mies.

    Mr. Harriet is an edu­cat­ed idiot! The Jamaican Constabulary Force and it’s mem­bers need to be free of polit­i­cal inter­fer­ence from the polit­i­cal par­ties. Once politi­cians keep their hands off the Jamaican Constabulary Force and it’s mem­bers, things will get much bet­ter.

  2. Dome truth Mr .Porter
    But with a badge, gun and arrest­ing pow­ers of the law , a cor­rupt police should­n’t be com­pared to an ordi­nary cit­i­zen.
    They are there, with pow­ers to uphold the law!!

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