As the dis­cus­sion regard­ing the Darren Wilson Killing of Michael Brown con­tin­ues it gets tir­ing lis­ten­ing to the talk­ing heads in the Media. It’s déjà vu all over again– we have heard it all before. One must under­stand that Cable Television is in it for the mon­ey only. As for the Networks; they could­n’t care, they are too busy with their cook­ing and real­i­ty shows.

It is rea­son­able for dif­fer­ent peo­ple to have dif­fer­ing views on a sin­gu­lar issue. People see things dif­fer­ent­ly based on their expo­sure and upbring­ing.

However, we are forced to ask rea­son­able peo­ple this ques­tion:


The right has adopt­ed a pos­ture of ‘the ene­my of my ene­my is my friend’ against black Americans. But just what is the rea­son behind the overt hatred the right has for African-Americans?

What exact­ly does the Right-wing in America have against African Americans? We know they hate Barack Obama-he is the antithe­sis of every lie they ever told since Blacks were kid­napped from Africa and brought here against their will. Obama shat­tered the Glass ceil­ing they cre­at­ed as the zenith of white pow­er and supe­ri­or­i­ty. He did so by being elect­ed President of the United States, not once but twice.

We under­stand their hatred of Eric Holder , he too has over-achieved, becom­ing the first African America Attorney General of the United States. We under­stand the con­tempt of Congress cita­tion. Holder, the Nation’s top law enforce­ment offi­cial has being a pit­bull in ensur­ing that Republicans do not take African Americans back to Slavery.

What is it about the Police killing of unarmed peo­ple the Right through FOX and oth­ers find defen­si­ble? Why does the Right cir­cle wag­ons around any­one who abus­es blacks?

What is the rea­son for that ven­omous hatredWe can’t argue the rea­son they do is out of respect for the rule of law! No sir, two Republican Governors are present­ly fac­ing the courts on felony charges. Virginia’s Bob McDonald and Texas’ Rick Perry on cor­rup­tion and abuse of pow­er charges. Serious charges, so that’s not it.

George Zimmerman was not a cop. They made Zimmerman white and defend­ed him with all they had. Zimmerman had no vis­i­ble redeem­ing iden­ti­fy­ing char­ac­ter­is­tic beyond that he was .…

Well he was­n’t black!

The answer is Blacks vote over­whelm­ing­ly for the Democratic Party, or what they child­ish­ly and con­temp­tu­ous­ly refer to as the Democrat Party.

As such blacks have earned the ire of the Right. In the last National elec­tions Mitt Romney won less than one per­cent of the black vote that is more than enough to earn blacks the ire of the right. Now blacks have vot­ed against the repub­li­cans since Richard Nixon so it should come as no sur­prise to them .When you put the hat­ed Obama into the mix the hatred becomes more under­stand­able.

By their con­tempt they have out­ed them­selves. The right through it’s sur­ro­gates at FOX and the bot­tom feed­ers in talk radio have trans­ferred their hatred of Obama to each and every black per­son on the streets. They can­not get to Obama but they can sure­ly get to you , and you and you , and me.

This made pos­si­ble because blacks in America haven’t heed­ed any warn­ing to come togeth­er. They kill each oth­er as a mat­ter of course. This allows the ene­my to come in a kill at will under the guise we are vio­lent thugs. We fail to heed the warn­ings to our per­il.


  1. Hate as noth­ing to do with “Right Wing” as you call the Republicans..It has to do with Blacks in America that will not over­come their hatred of themselves..Wy do they have to dress and behav­ior like hood­lums and thugs, loot­ing and killing one anoth­er, that is not the way to behave. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not advo­cate that kind of behavior..He was a man of non-vio­lence and peace­ful demonstration..Those who are demon­strat­ing now are a bunch of lunatics. Most are strung out on drugs..My son is a teacher and can tell you and any­one else it is not for the lack of dis­ci­pline and moti­va­tion, but it comes right out of the many homes and sin­gle par­ent rais­ing chil­dren in a hos­tile environment..If they pay atten­tion to their chil­dren’s upbring­ing and focus on edu­ca­tion instead of com­plain­ing about white peo­ple, they would be much bet­ter off..They have become men­tal slaves to their own demise..That’s all..

    • My friend I want to be ratio­nal and rea­son­able with you , even though you make it dif­fi­cult because of what you wrote. I will do a line by line rebut­tal with all respect to you. I did say we are shaped by our upbring­ing and expo­sure. If you source your infor­ma­tion from the sources I named in the arti­cle ‚then it is under­stand­able why you think the way you do.
      1] dress­ing a cer­tain way does not speak to one’s char­ac­ter. In fact white teens and young adults look to the urban hip hop com­mu­ni­ty for their fash­ion direc­tion.
      2]True Dr. King did not advo­cate vio­lence , nei­ther do the major­i­ty of the oppressed peo­ple from Ferguson.
      3]Whites use more drugs than any oth­er eth­nic group on a per capi­ta basis.
      4] The sup­posed sin­gle fam­i­ly phe­nom­e­non of which you speak is a trend that is emerg­ing in every eth­nic group , on this, blacks are in the fore­front unde­ni­ably. Single fam­i­ly house­holds are not nec­es­sar­i­ly an iso­lat­ed occur­rence which can be con­sid­ered sin­gu­lar­ly, Divorce is an inte­gral part of that. Divorce is a large par­ty of the African-Americans expe­ri­ence because of entrenched and sys­tem­at­ic racist poli­cies by the United States , vis a vis undue police harass­ment and in many cas­es the incar­cer­a­tion of inno­cent black men.
      5]When Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich came togeth­er in what they saw as an assault on the recip­i­ents of wel­fare, they were stunned when it was dis­cov­ered that mid­dle aged white women were the largest recip­i­ent of wel­fare.
      I am hap­py to address some oth­er issues on a cor­dial and respect­ful basis.

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