Help The Police Find This Murdering Scumbag

The mind­less thug who sum­mar­i­ly mur­dered a secu­ri­ty offi­cer 
Lincoln Graham is still out on the streets going about his busi­ness as if killing some­one is no big deal.
Unfortunately, Jamaicans are so desen­si­tized to these hor­rif­ic mur­ders that they split hairs about mur­ders being com­mit­ted in oth­er coun­tries rather than agree that one mur­der of our fel­low coun­try­men is one too many.

This is the lowlife piece of garbage who mur­dered Lincoln Graham, hope­ful­ly the police will find him and bring jus­tice to him for the fam­i­ly of that secu­ri­ty offi­cer who went out to earn a liv­ing the right way for him­self and his fam­i­ly and had his life tak­en from him by a piece of use­less garbage.