His End Will Not Stop Crime:it Will Stop Crime From Him

We learned today that almost two years after tak­ing the lives of two police offi­cers this men­ace to soci­ety had jus­tice met­ed out to him.
This ought to serve as a reminder to those who would choose a life of crime which involve rap­ing and tak­ing the lives of oth­ers.
But it won’t, that is the rea­son I sub­scribe to a strat­e­gy of method­i­cal­ly and sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly stalk­ing and find­ing these ter­ror­ists and remov­ing them from the equa­tion.

There is no short­age of peo­ple who make all kinds of excus­es for these demons who decide to take life and kick against soci­etal norms, those excus­es range from we should be kind to them to pover­ty made them do it.
There are those who say the death penal­ty does not solve the prob­lems these mis­cre­ants cause.
The demise of this cold blood­ed killer who we learned was dressed for war hav­ing an assault rifle and two hand­guns, will not stop crime.
One thing is sure is that it will stop crime from him.

What I do know is that whether the death penal­ty or the brand of jus­tice met­ed out to this mur­der­ous mon­ster today, one thing is sure, he will nev­er kill any­one again.
This brand of jus­tice works for those who would take the lives of the inno­cent.
Every rope has an end.
This thing reached the end of his rope today.

As the brave offi­cers final­ly put down this crea­ture today there are those who are cer­tain to sec­ond guess their actions.
Others will lump his killing into nation­al police killing sta­tis­tics as they dem­a­gogue our police offi­cers.

We will con­tin­ue to stand with all of you brave offi­cers who do whats right and noble in this noble pro­fes­sion you chose.
Thank you for your ser­vice.

One thought on “His End Will Not Stop Crime:it Will Stop Crime From Him

  1. Duppy Film, final­ly met his demise, which came too late, almost two years after he had killed two police offi­cers in uni­form and he was in the same parish.
    With the killing of this mis­cre­ant, par­a­site, and human waste, this is a sad day, and the future for Jamaica is bleak, dull, and hope­less!
    I remem­bered grow­ing up in Jamaica if a crim­i­nal killed a police offi­cer his days would be num­bered, and In less than twen­ty-four hours, the com­mu­ni­ty would work with the police and give up the where­abouts of the killer. Because it was the worst crime, a crim­i­nal could ever com­mit dur­ing his life as a crim­i­nal. The com­mu­ni­ty would not want the police to be harass­ing them and giv­ing their com­mu­ni­ty a bad name. And if the killer goes to anoth­er com­mu­ni­ty they will give him up easy as “A, B, C,” and if the crim­i­nal attack the police, they will use the nec­es­sary force to pre­vent the sus­pect from car­ry­ing out their actions.
    In 2017, Jamaica it is the oppo­site. A mur­der­er is treat­ed as a hero, and the police are the ene­mies in Jamaica. And those who are elect­ed to take charge of the nation’s affairs, are tak­ing care of the crim­i­nals affairs in Jamaica.
    Jamaica is OFFICIALLYCRIMINAL’S PARADISE IN THE CARIBBEAN SEA, and all the acco­lades, prais­es, and plau­dits must go to the Jamaican Labor Party gov­ern­ment for their incep­tion, birth, and for­ma­tion of “Indecom!” A job well was done!
    The sad thing is that the police are so demor­al­ized that they are not up to the task to do their jobs because they are so afraid of the reper­cus­sions of the gov­ern­ment agency that is there wait­ing in the wings, like a thief in the night to cast judg­ment and guilt before prov­ing their inno­cence.
    Hopefully, that the two per­sons that were in his com­pa­ny giv­ing him com­fort, aid, and sup­port. Will get what they deserve. Whatever crimes that Duppy Film com­mit­ted and the police know and have evi­dence of him want­ed for com­mit­ted against the states dur­ing his reign of ter­ror. The charges they would pre­fer against “Duppy Film” due to the nature of his crimes. His com­pan­ions, who were in his com­pa­ny dur­ing his attacks on the police would be arrest­ed and charged.
    Since he is dead and at the morgue wait­ing to be claimed by his uncon­scionable, crim­i­nal mind­ed, and repro­bate fam­i­ly member(s)! And not here to face the charges of Murders et al…the entire Jamaican pop­u­lace know that he was want­ed for mur­ders and oth­er crimes.
    So they (the friends) should be arrest­ed and charged for mur­ders et al. as “after the fact” and con­vict­ed in a court of law. And the con­vic­tion would send a strong mes­sage to those who want to sup­ports want­ed men and crim­i­nals in Jamaica.
    The police have to be resource­ful by using the laws that are there to help them fight the ter­ror­ists in Jamaica.
    As a for­mer mem­ber of the Jamaican Constabulary Force and a Detective Constable, today is a day that I cel­e­brate.
    I am a very strong sup­port­er the men and women of the Jamaican Constabulary Force. But for them to stay and fight crim­i­nals, is a los­ing bat­tle ahead and they will not win. I was one of them who have spent my ear­ly years as a teenag­er until I was in my ear­ly thir­ties and I had to leave it alone.
    The love that I have for the men and women of the Jamaican Constabulary Force. Is to advise them not to get com­pla­cent because “Duppy Film” is dead! Who can migrate, do so espe­cial­ly the young ones, because you do not want to give your life for a sys­tem that is designed for the crim­i­nals, Dr. Caroline Gomes, Terrence Willimas, St. Andrew Holiness, and the oth­er crim­i­nal sup­port­ing politi­cians in Jamaica.
    Finally, I am hap­py that he is dead and that not a sin­gle police offi­cer was injured. Today is one of the best days of 2017 for the Jamaican Constabulary Force and the law-abid­ing Jamaicans. When he real­ized that it was his last day on earth, he must have shit his pants, (as most of these cow­ards do before they died) know­ing he is going to a place reserved for peo­ple like him: Hell. Happy rid­dance! Adiós Duppy Film!

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