Horace Chang’s Epiphany Nine Years Late/​disingenuous

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When you keep doing the same old thing you end up with the same old result. They say to keep doing that is the def­i­n­i­tion of being a “fool”.
I’m not about to refer to any­one or any orga­ni­za­tion as fools, I will let their actions speak for them.
The mur­der rate is up to five per day accord­ing to police. Now bear this in mind, (a)not every time that the killers pull the trig­ger some­one dies, (b) when a shot per­son dies days lat­er, that unfor­tu­nate­ly does not get count­ed in the mur­der sta­tis­tics.
Usually, when we report on these things, there are those who accuse us of being alarmist. They nev­er accuse us of lying, the facts are irrefutable.

Jamaica can­not afford to have this lev­el of vio­lent crimes, it is way too small for that lev­el of vio­lence.
We have long con­clud­ed that though we are eter­nal opti­mists in believ­ing that the major­i­ty of the Jamaican peo­ple are law-abid­ing, that per­cep­tion may be shift­ing to the reverse.
The coun­try is caught between the prover­bial rock and a hard place. As the two polit­i­cal par­ties fight for the affec­tion of the vot­ing pub­lic, each par­ty is more than hap­py to demon­strate to the loud­est most unsa­vory ele­ments with­in the soci­ety that they will allow them carte blanche to do as they please.
The casu­al­ty in all of this is the rule of law. Those who suf­fer are law enforce­ment offi­cers and law-abid­ing cit­i­zens.

No polit­i­cal leader, except (Damion Crawford) of the PNP, has demon­strat­ed the slight­est under­stand­ing of the role the rule of law plays in demo­c­ra­t­ic soci­eties.
Even those with P.hD’s, demon­strate the same crass and abra­sive ghet­to men­tal­i­ty. They do their darn­d­est to con­vince the coun­ty it is some­thing to be proud of.
I have always believed and main­tained that [“garbage in garbage out”].
Because there are no balls, in the lead­er­ship of a sin­gle one of the 63 who occu­pies the low­er cham­ber of the leg­is­la­ture, the coun­try can expect no change in the cul­ture of crim­i­nal­i­ty which has tak­en over the entire Island.

As I have writ­ten repeat­ed­ly, it is impos­si­ble for me to rec­on­cile that there is no one capa­ble of under­stand­ing that what is being done about crime will not work.
In the 1980s the mur­der sta­tis­tics hov­ered around 500 to 600. The police were able to do their jobs and though the JCF was far from per­fect, it was not dif­fi­cult to live in Jamaica and feel rel­a­tive­ly safe despite those homi­cide num­bers.
Today some of the very same tac­tics are being applied to crime, SOEs ZOSOs(new), the dif­fer­ence, how­ev­er, is that the crim­i­nal under­world has been vast­ly updat­ed. INDECOM, Mass American and British depor­ta­tions, new high­ways have been cre­at­ed, new ways to com­mu­ni­cate, social media crim­i­nals have mass mobil­i­ty, new and pow­er­ful auto­mo­biles, and motor­cy­cles. A vast armory of guns and an end­less sup­ply of ammu­ni­tion. An end­less sup­ply of cash from lot­to scam­ming, drug deal­ing, extor­tion, human traf­fick­ing, rob­beries, mur­der for hire, gun-run­ning, and the coun­try is a ver­i­ta­ble gang­ster’s par­adise.

As the coun­try slides fur­ther and fur­ther into the abyss, inter­est groups gath­er like the “mice coun­cil” of the medieval fable “the cat and the mice”.
Sure, those cow­ard­ly rodents knew that belling the cat was what they need­ed to do. But not a sin­gle one had the balls to vol­un­teer to do it.
Neither has the human rodents man­aged to sum­mon the balls to address in a seri­ous way, the crime scourge in our coun­try and stop with the straw­man argu­ments about human rights.
The Island’s crime rate is what it is because the crim­i­nals know that nei­ther of the two polit­i­cal par­ties will allow the police to do its job.
They under­stand also that there is a group of fraud­u­lent self-pro­claimed intel­li­gent peo­ple, (smart ‑ass­es) if you ask me, who will argue for the rights of crim­i­nals, (because it’s fash­ion­able), even if they are liv­ing scared shit­less.
It is the most incom­pre­hen­si­ble exam­ple of fak­ery I have ever seen.

If you thought that the gravest dan­ger to the coun­try is the ram­pant and uncon­trolled crim­i­nal­i­ty you may actu­al­ly be wrong.
It is becom­ing clear­er by the day that the entire cul­ture of the once par­adise Island, may be chang­ing for the worse. The aver­age man on the street now sees the laws as a nui­sance and those why try to enforce them as an even greater nui­sance.
The poor­ly trained, poor­ly paid, poor­ly super­vised, poor­ly sup­port­ed police spend their time fend­ing off attacks for doing the sim­plest task they are sworn to do.
Set aside the poor train­ing and the heart­burn induc­ing dis­plays we have seen in the social media videos of police offi­cers being set upon for doing their jobs, the Holness admin­is­tra­tion has made it impos­si­ble for offi­cers to car­ry out their duties.
I have per­son­al­ly called for the repeal of the INDECOM Act. I have said from its incep­tion that it would increase crime. That it would sig­nal that it is a‑okay to attack police offi­cers. And that it would ush­er in a lev­el of dis­re­spect for tra­di­tion­al norms unprece­dent­ed in our nation’s his­to­ry.
I am not sor­ry to say I told you so.
Unfortunately for Jamaica, Bruce Golding gave the coun­try INDECOM with the full back­ing of the PNP. Not often do the two par­ties agree on any­thing, but on cre­at­ing this crime enhance­ment tool they were in lock­step.

No one won­dered why the Americans, British, and Canadians would have jumped to the oppor­tu­ni­ty to help fund this Trojan-horse. Damion Crawford agrees it is oner­ous, and maybe one or two oth­ers from either side as well.
However, as I have argued from its incep­tion, the law is oner­ous and unac­cept­able but the Commissioner of the agency is the worst thing that could hap­pen to the JCF and crime-fight­ing in our coun­try.
Placing a mega­lo­ma­ni­ac in charge of an over­sight agency was as bad an idea as it could get. Terrence Williams is a mega­lo­ma­ni­ac and a nar­cis­sist, he is also a media whore, those traits made him not just dan­ger­ous he is destruc­tive.
The trou­ble now is that those who cre­at­ed this mon­ster has no damn idea how to con­trol it.
Which brings me to the hypocrisy of the so-called min­is­ter of nation­al secu­ri­ty Horace Chang, in com­ments recent­ly.

Said Horace Chang:
There is a feel­ing out there that because of INDECOM, they (unlaw­ful cit­i­zens) can abuse the police and get away with it, that is what is caus­ing the prob­lems.”
It’s an opin­ion of ele­ments of the police force, and it may have some basis in terms of prac­tice, because INDECOM was designed to deal with com­plaints against the police at a time when it was felt that there were too many extra­ju­di­cial activ­i­ties by the police.” 
There is a strong school of thought that INDECOM is over-exu­ber­ant in apply­ing the law, or is per­haps exces­sive in apply­ing the law, and there may be a need for some inter­ven­tion.”
INDECOM was cre­at­ed to con­trol police excess­es, and I think the police are say­ing INDECOM has become exces­sive at this point in time.
I don’t want to make a judge­ment call, but there are cer­tain­ly some con­cerns by the offi­cers of the force; it is almost a rever­sal on the pur­pose for which INDECOM was found­ed.
We will be seek­ing to con­vene a meet­ing with the lead­er­ship of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, their union and the direc­tors of INDECOM.
It is some­thing we have to look at and see to what extent it’s becom­ing the real prob­lem, and to what extent we can work with INDECOM to ensure pro­fes­sion­al stan­dards are main­tained, but at the same time, police­men [can] feel com­fort­able doing their job.” 
It is felt at this point that the direc­tors of INDECOM have gone the oth­er route now, where they are being exces­sive in apply­ing the reg­u­la­tions of the law to the police offi­cers.”
It’s an insti­tu­tion that is evolv­ing and I expect there can be dis­cus­sions held to look at how it’s oper­at­ing, but the increased attack on the police by cer­tain ele­ments is of con­cern to me as the min­is­ter.” 

No fuck­ing shit, it took these brain-dead morons this long to fig­ure this shit out? I said that this would have been the result on day one. How is it pos­si­ble that these sup­pos­ed­ly smart peo­ple could not have fore­seen this com­ing?
To make mat­ters worse, Chang’s belat­ed epiphany may not even have got­ten through to the oth­er geniuses(*sarcasm*) in the cab­i­net, much less the oth­er morons in the full house.
There have been more than enough red flags that INDECOM, as con­sti­tut­ed, would be a prob­lem.
You know, the court chal­lenges Terrence Williams filed in pur­suit of more pow­er. Terrence Williams beg­ging for more pow­er. Terrence Williams berat­ing the DPP in the press. Terrence Williams dem­a­gogu­ing the entire secu­ri­ty forces in the media. Terrence Williams nar­cis­sism. Terrence William’s mega­lo­ma­nia. Terrence Willimas media whor­ing. Terrence Willims using INDECOM as his per­son­al blud­geon­ing tool. Terrence Williams at the start hold­ing press con­fer­ences with JFJ.
I could go on and on, but the real threat to our coun­try today from INDECOM, is that Williams believes that the Government does not have the author­i­ty to dic­tate to him how to con­duct the affairs of INDECOM.
More than half of the INDECOM bud­get comes from for­eign fun­ders.
I have writ­ten about this as well, no one gives any­thing away for free.
A crime-rid­den Jamaica is a Jamaica in which the mass­es are stuck in pover­ty and crime.
A nation stuck in pover­ty and crime is a nation per­pet­u­al­ly a beggar/​borrower nation. If Canada, the UK, and the United States (all nations to which Jamaica is indebt­ed) real­ly want­ed to help Jamaica to ease its way out of pover­ty their con­tri­bu­tions would be to the law enforce­ment enti­ties in Jamaica.
Support for INDECOM means that the coun­try will con­tin­ue to be mired in vio­lent crime and as a con­se­quence will for­ev­er be a slave to the lend­ing insti­tu­tions in Canada, the UK, and the US.

If the mass­es are unable to make these con­nec­tions it falls to the lead­er­ship of the coun­try to under­stand these pow­er plays and find ways to avoid them.
The myopia and igno­rance on the streets are to be found in Gordon House as well.
Jamaica needs a new leg­isla­tive approach to vio­lent crime. It needs a new, no-non­sense approach to enforc­ing the nation’s laws. And yes that includes remov­ing from the purview of judges the option to grant bail for cer­tain vio­lent offens­es. New leg­is­la­tion should also remove form their dis­cre­tion, the sen­tence imposed for cer­tain vio­lent offens­es.
Those steps are not a panacea, they are the cor­rect first steps to retak­ing the streets. Retraining the police and get­ting rid of most of the senior lead­er­ship is ger­mane to the suc­cess of this approach.

Mike Beckles is a for­mer Jamaican police Detective cor­po­ral, a busi­ness own­er, avid researcher, and blog­ger. 
He is a black achiev­er hon­oree, and pub­lish­er of the blog chatt​-​a​-box​.com. 
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