How American Policing Has Been Transformed Into Race Soldiering

If you have ever donned the uni­form of a police offi­cer, a real offi­cer who enlist­ed for the right rea­sons because you want­ed to pro­tect and serve, you under­stand full well, that what American police are doing to peo­ple in minor­i­ty com­mu­ni­ties is not polic­ing.

If the stan­dard prin­ci­ples are to serve and pro­tect, to save lives and pro­tect prop­er­ty, then there is no way that any rea­son­able per­son can pre­tend that what we see hap­pen­ing on video after video is rep­re­sen­ta­tive of what we expect from police offi­cers.

When the same laws which are sup­posed to pro­tect cit­i­zens and police alike are stretched to the lim­its and dis­tort­ed to jus­ti­fy unjust police use of dead­ly force, while at the same time the reverse of those same prin­ci­ples is used to con­demn cer­tain seg­ments of the soci­ety, the sys­tem is bro­ken.

Any grainy black and white video may be used to con­demn a black man of any crime in any court. Nevertheless, a crys­tal clear high def­i­n­i­tion col­or video of police offi­cers com­mit­ting cap­i­tal mur­der, even after stat­ing clear­ly that ‑that was their intent, we are told that we can­not believe what we have seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears.

Many years ago a friend with whom I went to the Jamaica Police Academy asked me, how come I could be so crit­i­cal of police offi­cers? I asked him to take a look at what is hap­pen­ing to American polic­ing and tell me whether that was what he did as a police offi­cer in Jamaica?
His cheek dropped to his chest, that was the end of that con­ver­sa­tion.

Those who tell you there are only a few bad apples, you must call *BS * to them, where are the good offi­cers, sworn to uphold the law with­out fear or favor who are step­ping for­ward to say “here is what hap­pened”?
During my time of ser­vice, I received some push­back and unfa­vor­able com­ments from a few co-work­ers who accused me of pre­fer­ring civil­ians over them.
My response then was, if doing the right thing, not allow­ing the bru­tal assault of inno­cent peo­ple, is [prefer­ng civillians][sic] then count me in.

How is it sus­tain­able when the pub­lic who pays police offi­cers salaries are ter­ri­fied of police killing them when­ev­er they come across police offi­cers? In many instances, cops dress and behave like sol­diers on a bat­tle­field but are less care­ful, less account­able than sol­diers con­strained by the rules of mod­ern-day war­fare and the Geneva Convention.

Prosecutors, Judges, and Juries stretch the bound­aries of the law in order to pro­tect errant cops, this, in turn, results in a metas­ta­siz­ing effect, breed­ing more abuse of cit­i­zens rights in the process.


The whole con­cept of police as peace offi­cers has been cast aside in America, replaced with a mil­i­taris­tic macho-man men­tal­i­ty which is char­ac­ter­ized by the itchy trig­ger fin­ger. With the female cops doing their lev­el best to demon­strate that they have the same lev­el of balls or more as their male coun­ter­parts. This gen­er­al­ly ends in the death of unarmed men of col­or, their only crime, the col­or of their skin.
Rather minor infrac­tions which ought to be ignored, or at worse, result in a mild warn­ing, are sought out heav­i­ly uti­lized vehi­cles used as the rea­son for inter­ac­tions. These inter­ac­tions usu­al­ly cul­mi­nate in the use of lethal force on peo­ple of col­or after the police them­selves mas­sive­ly esca­late events.

Terrence Crutcher was gunned down, by wannabe tough guy cop Betty Shelby who mur­dered him. Mister Crutcher was gunned down and struck with tasers despite hav­ing his hands in the air, not hav­ing any weapon on him, nor in his vehi­cle. (Even if mis­ter Crutcher had a weapon on him, or in his vehi­cle, he could not have been law­ful­ly or legal­ly exe­cut­ed because he had his hands in the air.)
Despite this Betty Shelby was charged and exon­er­at­ed because a black man had no rights a white woman, much less a cop had to respect, not even the right to life.

Shelby and hus­band (also a cop) leave the court after her acquit­tal.

Betty Shelby was acquit­ted by a cor­rupt Tulsa Oklahoma jury on May 17th, 2017. Despite hav­ing his hands up, hav­ing no weapon and walk­ing away from police, Betty Shelby gunned Terrence Crutcher down in cold blood.
She told the court. “I did every­thing I could to stop this,” she added. “Crutcher’s death is his fault.”
Betty Shelby is a free woman, free to live her life.
Terrence Crutcher is still dead?

So too are all of the oth­er count­less black men and women who had their lives tak­en by unac­count­able cops who know that the sys­tem will not hold them account­able.

Alton Sterling sub­dued by two Baton Rogue cops just before they decid­ed to kill him.


Philando Castile killed by a cop who pulled him over for an alleged bro­ken tail-light.

So too has count­less oth­ers.….…..