How Henry County police abused African-American former NFL player then tried to cover it up


The following is a statement for former NFL player and African-American male Desmond Marrow:

“I was falsely arrested & taken into custody in Atlanta by the Henry County Police. I only had my cell phone in my possession and they claimed to be scared for their lives. I had no type of weapon in my possession. I was arrested for having a gun that turned out to be my cell phone. During the arrest, the police knocked my teeth out, slammed me on my head and choked me out until I was unconscious. In addition, I suffered a shoulder strain and a concussion. They threw me into isolation and labeled me a gang member because of my tattoos. I was fully cooperating with the officers with ZERO resistance.

I thought I was going to die. Henry County police dept was trying to keep me quiet, but once they found out I was a former NFL player & there was a video of the incident did they then try to drop my charges. They were basically trying to get me to sell my soul in exchange for the video not being posted and they would drop all the felonies and clear my record. They said I was resisting arrest, being out of control, spitting and assaulting the Officers by headbutting them.

But GOD recorded it and I have PROOF!”