I Am Not Going To Stop In Traffic For Two Black People’: White Man Pulled Gun On Two Black Women And 1‑Year-Old After Car Accident

Every day peo­ple of the col­or redact­ed per­sua­sion argue that racism in America is a thing of the past or, at the very least, a thing large­ly exag­ger­at­ed by the media and by us dis­grun­tled blacks. Yet every oth­er day it seems we see record­ed reports of unsus­pect­ing black peo­ple walk­ing into instances of bla­tant racism while in the process of mind­ing our own damn busi­ness.

WSB-TV report­ed that in Cobb County, Ga., last Monday, a white man pulled a gun on two black women and their 1‑year-old god­son after caus­ing a minor acci­dent and being asked by the women to pull over and deal with what he had done.

It all start­ed when 59-year-old Stephen Abbot report­ed­ly clipped the side mir­ror of Asia Lewis and Kimberly Carter’s car as they were rid­ing with their god­son. After Abbot didn’t imme­di­ate­ly pull over, the women caught up with him and called out for him to do so, at which point he reached for his gun, the women told offi­cers.

He grabbed his gun and just put it on his dash like he was try­ing to scare us or some­thing,” said Lewis.

According to Carter, the two of them made an attempt at de-esca­lat­ing the sit­u­a­tion telling offi­cers, “I yelled out, ‘You don’t have to do all that, we’re not point­ing a gun at you, or doing any­thing to you, we’re just try­ing to let you know that you hit my car.’”

And just in case any of our melanin defi­cient read­ers were think­ing, “Oh come on, the guy was prob­a­bly just real­ly in a hur­ry. I’m sure it was an emer­gency. You’ve seen the movie Changing Lanes, peo­ple get car­ried away some­timesHow do we know this had any­thing to do with race at all?” WSB-TV got ahold of a 911 record­ing from a call made by Abbot prov­ing that the only emer­gency he faced was fear of black peo­ple in traf­fic.

I don’t know who these peo­ple are. I have no idea what they’re doing, but I am not going to stop in traf­fic for two black peo­ple in a beat-up old car,” Abbot told 911 dis­patch.

Later on in the record­ing, Abbot can report­ed­ly be heard say­ing the two women insult­ed his “fam­i­ly her­itage.” (Likely trans­la­tion: “Those dark­ies want­ed me to pull over my car like their ances­tors want­ed mine to pull over white pow­er!”)

Abbot was arrest­ed about nine miles from the scene and charged with mis­de­meanor hit-and-run and point­ing a gun, accord­ing to WSB-TV.

Abbot will like­ly not be charged with any hate crimes, but Lewis and Carter know that hate is what informed Abbot’s every action that day.

We shouldn’t be treat­ed dif­fer­ent­ly because we’re black,” Lewis said.

Both women say they nev­er men­tioned race (because, hon­est­ly, we nev­er have to), all they spoke of was the dam­age to their car which they’re still hop­ing to have repaired. Abbot is now out on bond. Originated @the rt​.com