If Only I Could Hire Away The Good Police And Leave Them To The Criminals..

My great­est wish is that I could hire the entire police depart­ment, [save for some of course] and give them jobs they love and pay them what they are worth. I would hire them so that Jamaicans may have their wish to have the crim­i­nal par­adise they want with­out any­one or any­thing stand­ing in the way.
I was raised believ­ing famil­iar­i­ty breeds con­tempt, at least that’s one of the things my elders taught me. The police depart­ment is expe­ri­enc­ing this famil­iar­i­ty first hand.


I would hire them away so these fool­ish Israelites could have their king Saul.
And for the record, I would move them and their fam­i­lies out of the coun­try.
Sure I know this is a pipe dream, a sil­ly unat­tain­able dream, but I am enti­tled to have my own utopi­an escape. A moment of bliss at the prospect of such a pos­si­bil­i­ty, and it’s real time con­se­quences on these fool­ish deceit­ful peo­ple called Jamaicans.

Illegal guns flood­ing into Jamaica report­ed­ly being paid for with lot­to scam­ming mone

On a bat­tle­field, if you are sus­tain­ing heavy loss­es the thing to do is to change strat­e­gy. Throwing large amounts of man­pow­er at the ene­my does not com­pen­sate for poor strate­giz­ing.
Jamaica is at war with the heav­i­ly armed gangs which have been empow­ered since the police have been pre­vent­ed from going after them. The Islands bor­ders have become gap­ing gate­ways for the pour­ing in of weapon­ry and ammu­ni­tion of all kinds.

Police in the Parish of Saint Ann had grenades lobbed at them last year, for­tu­nate­ly for those offi­cers only one mem­ber of the par­ty sus­tained minor injuries. On a dai­ly basis, the police all across the Island remove weapons and ammu­ni­tion of all kinds from the streets. Yet the num­ber of ille­gal weapons in the hands of gang­sters seem num­ber­less.
I can­not recall a cir­cum­stance in which grenades have been used against law-enforce­ment in any west­ern coun­try so I stand to be cor­rect­ed on that.
The point of the mat­ter how­ev­er, is that the coun­try is engaged in a war that the Government is unwill­ing to acknowl­edge and the Opposition par­ty is all too will­ing to see con­tin­ue.

How can the lead­ers fix a prob­lem they are wont to admit exist. Does any­one believe 10 peo­ple mur­dered over a 12 hour peri­od is just crime?
In what nor­mal soci­ety of 2.8 mil­lion would 1616 mur­dered peo­ple over the course of a sin­gle year be accept­able?
The very peo­ple who are respon­si­ble for the predica­ment in which the nation finds itself are the very peo­ple point­ing fin­gers at the peo­ple with the least to do with those prob­lems.

Guns seem to come into the coun­try with­out much effort.

Police offi­cers do not make pol­i­cy.
In some devel­oped coun­tries which respect their law enforce­ment offi­cials their laws are draft­ed with detailed input from their law enforce­ment offi­cers.
The crime sit­u­a­tion in a country[any coun­try] is hard­ly ever whol­ly the fault of the police. Whether or not some mem­bers of the police department[any depart­ment are cor­rupt] is nei­ther here nor there.

If there is cor­rup­tion in the[a] police depart­ment it is up to the polit­i­cal lead­er­ship to fix it. The con­cept of fir­ing the team is only a thing in a coun­try like Jamaica. In oth­er coun­tries polit­i­cal lead­er­ship iron out prob­lems in Government agen­cies police depart­ments being no excep­tion.
When the rub­ber meets the road I don’t see any [hifa­lutin bull­shit-talk­ing, non-facts-get­ting, elit­ist] chas­ing down a sin­gle lit­tle boy with a sling-shot, much less remov­ing one gun from the streets.

Two AK 47 rifles, 15 oth­er guns, ammo found in car­go .

At the end of the day, none of the gob­bly­gook writ­ten on paper pur­port­ing to know how to deal with Jamaican crim­i­nals from the rel­a­tive safe­ty of ivory tow­ers can com­pen­sate for good intel­li­gence-based polic­ing.
Let me go a lit­tle fur­ther by say­ing we need ana­lysts for ana­lyz­ing sci­en­tif­ic sam­ples, we need pro­fil­ers, we need peo­ple who are super edu­cat­ed to for­mu­late for­ward-lean­ing poli­cies, we even need psy­chol­o­gists to help us to under­stand why peo­ple some­times do the things they do.
But all of that must be done as part of a com­pre­hen­sive strat­e­gy geared toward effec­tive­ly deal­ing with crime which is an ever-chang­ing phe­nom­e­non.

Just some of the weapon­ry which have flood­ed the Island and are in the hands of gang­sters.

None of those oth­er dis­ci­plines com­pen­sate or replaces policing.[Do you hear me, Professor Harriot and the brain­dead PSOJ].
The sad con­clu­sion is that the Jamaican pub­lic rich and poor and in between does not under­stand the val­ue of polic­ing to their lives.
Not kid gloves, not beg­ging crim­i­nals to behave, not wor­ried about how many of them end up dead if they refuse to hand over the guns, or worse yet, shoot at our police offi­cers.

Brazen images many Jamaicans do not see.

It will be accom­plished by the same old strate­gies being employed in every oth­er coun­try in which some quar­ters decide that they are above the laws.
You go after them with over­whelm­ing force and squish them like bugs.
A peo­ple too stu­pid, too crim­i­nal­ly com­plic­it or too damn pre­ten­tious to under­stand that con­cept deserves what it get­ting.

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  1. The gov­ern­ment real­ly need to wake up before the whole Island mash up.

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