If Warranted Officers Should Not Hesitate To Use Lethal Force To Protect Themselves When They Are Being Hampered During Arrests

The Police high com­mand which includes the Inspectorate Branch seems ded­i­cat­ed to one pur­pose only, that is to assist the work of the crim­i­nal sup­port­ing law INDECOM to fur­ther cre­ate hes­i­tan­cy with­in the rank and file of the police depart­ment dri­ving crime even high­er in the process.

I have writ­ten exten­sive­ly about the lack of clar­i­ty com­ing from the police high com­mand as it relates to cit­i­zens respon­si­bil­i­ty to stay away from inter­fer­ing in arrests.
Despite the many arti­cles I have writ­ten bemoan­ing the of lack lead­er­ship on this, the hier­ar­chy of the incom­pe­tent polit­i­cal­ly slav­ish police force has not lift­ed a fin­ger to give guid­ance to young offi­cers left out to dry. It has done noth­ing to edu­cate the pub­lic that they place them­selves at risk when they inter­fere with arrests.
Most impor­tant­ly it has done noth­ing to lob­by for tougher penal­ties for those who inter­fere with arrests.

A recent pic­ture of a young woman with a lethal weapon.

For all intents and pur­pos­es, the police high com­mand is demon­stra­bly a use­less lap dog to the gov­ern­ment and spe­cial inter­ests to the dis­tinct per­il of the young offi­cers who are giv­en bas­kets to car­ry water.
I am at the point now where I would not be mad to see the entire bas­ket of deplorable incom­pe­tents from the gazetted Ranks fired, with the excep­tion of a few.

An offi­cer mak­ing an arrest have every right to ensure that his per­son is secure. There are count­less videos which show peo­ple active­ly inter­fer­ing in arrests, in many cas­es caus­ing the escape of the pri­ma­ry offend­er.
These videos depict­ing these events does not begin to scratch the sur­face of this real and present dan­ger offi­cers face when they make arrests.

The Inspectorate and the oth­ers with­in the high com­mand are gen­er­al­ly polit­i­cal hacks, oth­ers who could­n’t find employ­ment else­where so they park their behinds in the force because they attained a degree.
Many nev­er made an arrest, nev­er wrote up a charg­ing doc­u­ment, nev­er pre­sent­ed a sworn affi­davit to a pros­e­cu­tor to remove a sin­gle crim­i­nal from soci­ety.
Yet these frauds sit in judg­ment of the actions real cops take as they deal with the ani­mals who refuse to sub­mit to arrests.

This is what offi­cers face when they go out to make arrests they do need sup­port.

The Inspectorate and the remain­der of the high com­mand only claim to fame is to issue press releas­es about dis­ci­plin­ing hard work­ing cops.
I call on Commissioner George Quallo to forth­with cause all gazetted offi­cers who sit behind desks to go out on foot patrol in the urban cen­ters.
There is no such thing as SSP or ACP, in real­i­ty, all are con­sta­bles.
It is uncon­scionable for these dead weights to con­tin­ue to sit and pon­tif­i­cate to the press with­out hav­ing to face the vile crea­tures who break the laws and the illit­er­ate punks who mil­i­tate on their behalf.

As I have said many times offi­cers have a right to expect a wide arc around them for their safe­ty when­ev­er they are mak­ing an arrest, their very lives depend on it.
They should nev­er sur­ren­der that safe­ty to the throngs of ani­mals who get involved when they make arrests, they should nev­er sur­ren­der it for INDECOM, not for the Inspectorate Branch and damn sure not for any politi­cian.
Officers should ensure that if they feel threat­ened that they use appro­pri­ate force to secure their safe­ty, that includes lethal force if it is war­rant­ed.
When I was a serv­ing offi­cer if you inter­fered with me when I was mak­ing an arrest you would cer­tain­ly regret ever doing so.
But then again we had an air of author­i­ty which made this kind of non­sense lit­er­al­ly impos­si­ble.
You put your hands on me and shit just got real­ly seri­ous. Our coun­try needs to stop with this col­lud­ing with crim­i­nal and law­less behav­ior and throw down the gaunt­let.
This shit must stop now.

The coun­try is gone to the dogs or more appro­pri­ate­ly the dogs are run­ning the streets. The Police force is incred­i­bly inept and cor­rupt.
The young offi­cers are out on the streets on their own. The lead­er­ship of the force is inca­pable of lead­ing the force and are inca­pable of pro­vid­ing the secu­ri­ty the nation needs.
It is high time I believe to start over. The force needs an infu­sion of police offi­cers, not grand­standers, posers and Media whores.
Over to you Commissioner Quallo and Andrew Holness.