If You Believe The ZOSO Will Have An Impact On Murders You Deserve To Be Conned .…

It’s impor­tant to be on record telling the Jamaican peo­ple why the spe­cial zones law will not work.
With that said the mil­lion dol­lar ques­tion is real­ly this, of the 2.8 mil­lion peo­ple liv­ing on the Island how many real­ly want a dif­fer­ent way of life?
Let me be clear I am not par­tic­u­lar­ly wor­ried about the peo­ple who accuse me dai­ly of being neg­a­tive regard­ing the way crime is being han­dled.
Hope is not a strat­e­gy, throw­ing some­thing togeth­er and hop­ing that it works is not exact­ly the way things get done in the 21st cen­tu­ry.

Terrence Williams

I believe facts and his­to­ry are on my side.
If crime con­tin­ues to trend upward it’s dif­fi­cult or near impos­si­ble to con­tin­ue to accuse me of not giv­ing things time to work.
In the almost one year that I called on the Jamaican Prime Minister to take the nec­es­sary steps to fire Terrence Williams from INDECOM, more than a thou­sand Jamaicans have lost their lives.

In an Article I wrote then I warned the Prime Minister that he would be respon­si­ble for the dead Jamaicans if he refus­es to fire Willams and make INDECOM a less con­fronta­tion­al agency.
In the mean­time, I real­ized that the prob­lem of this Government are far deep­er than it’s refusal to fire Williams.

Harrison Henry

There is also the issue of the Office of Public Defender a tax-pay­er fund­ed enti­ty which has mor­phed into anoth­er antag­o­nist group which mil­i­tates against the police.
Additionally, the Andrew Holness led Jamaica Labor Party Administration and the Prime Minister him­self seem to have an unhealthy dose of dis­dain and dis­like for the Constabulary.

In all of the for­gone noth­ing sticks out like a sore thumb than the fact that Delroy Chuck heads the Justice Ministry.
Delroy Chuck should nev­er ever be allowed to be any­where near National Security much less to head the Justice Ministry or have any­thing t do with craft­ing leg­is­la­tion.

It was Delroy Chuck who had a trib­ute read on his behalf at the funer­al of Andrew Phang Stephens of North East Saint Andrew con­stituen­cy .
Shot by Police no less.
Is that the rea­son Chuck is so vis­cer­al­ly opposed to police doing their jobs?
Chuck should not have clear­ance to enter a pub­lic library, much less being the min­is­ter of jus­tice.

Will these mer­ce­nar­ies be sit­ting in the ZOSO’s wait­ing for the police and mil­i­tary or will they sim­ply slith­er away to safe areas?

Look, Chuck is not the only mem­ber of the Ali Baba and the six­ty-two thieves crew on Duke Street to have paid trib­ute to gang­land fig­ures and in some cas­es have attend­ed gang­land funer­als but he is the one speak­ing out of his face about police and act­ing like he is a paragon of virtue.
It is now Delroy Chuch who is run­ning around the coun­try talk­ing about the rights of cit­i­zens and the need to improve the jus­tice sys­tem.
It’s baloney, it’s tan­ta­mount to the arson­ist lec­tur­ing peo­ple about hav­ing fire insur­ance.

The ZOSO can­not work because the sys­tems they are putting in place are the sys­tems which should have been on the chop­ping blocks to be dis­card­ed.
Chuck and Holness are run­ning around talk­ing about their expan­sion of the( Lay Magistrate pro­gram ) a hifa­lutin term they use nowa­days for JP’s.
Every Jamaican knows that for decades a large per­cent­age of peo­ple who were appoint­ed Justices of the peace were polit­i­cal activists and peo­ple with rather ques­tion­able char­ac­ters.

One has to be real­ly stu­pid to believe that appoint­ing more JP ‘s will make a dif­fer­ence.
And while we are on the sub­ject there is a lit­tle fact which is becom­ing more and more obvi­ous with each pass­ing day.
The polit­i­cal lead­er­ship is strip­ping away police func­tions from the peo­ple who are trained and sworn to do polic­ing and plac­ing untrained polit­i­cal hacks over the police to make deci­sions on who should get arrest­ed.
Delroy Chuck is the chief loud­mouth on this.

If a per­son is to be detained, the police will have to con­vince the JPs that this per­son is sus­pect­ed (of com­mit­ting a crime), and if the JPs dis­agree, the man must be released. If the JPs agree, with­in 24 hours that per­son must be tak­en before a parish judge.”

The non­sen­si­cal notion that police offi­cers whose jobs it is to arrest crim­i­nals will be forced to cede their pro­fes­sion­al author­i­ty and judg­ment to untrained polit­i­cal hacks who are now bear­ing the fan­cy name lay mag­is­trates is stun­ning­ly ret­ro­grade.
There is no prece­dent for any­thing like this in any west­ern democ­ra­cy.

But it gets more laugh­able, addi­tion­al­ly, Chuck not­ed that the Mobile Justice Unit, will be sta­tioned in the zones to fur­ther guar­an­tee the pro­tec­tion of cit­i­zens’ rights and free­doms.

So, if cit­i­zens feel that their rights are being infringed they can go into the Unit and explain the issue, and if prop­er­ty is dam­aged or rights are infringed, and it can be proven, then they will get com­pen­sa­tion. This Government believes that the rights of the cit­i­zen and their dig­ni­ty must be upheld.” Said Chuck.

Ah so now we get to the truth of the mat­ter. As a cop I believed in let­ting peo­ple talk, I always said stop talk­ing and allow a per­son to talk and even­tu­al­ly they will tell you who they are and what they are about.
So this is just anoth­er scheme designed to bring in lying ghet­to hoodrats to show up and lie that police broke their 8o inch flat screen tele­vi­sions which of course is in the card­board and zinc shack in which they live.
Better yet the police stole them.
Another way to bilk the few hard work­ing law abid­ing peo­ple who actu­al­ly do pay tax­es and in a mas­sive redis­tri­b­u­tion of wealth pay peo­ple who would rather sup­port crim­i­nals.
Where have we seen this script before?

And while all of this activ­i­ty is hap­pen­ing in the so called zones, all of this social inter­ven­tion, where will the mur­der­ers be?
Will they be sit­ting around wait­ing for their redoubts to be searched and their weapons tak­en from them?
If you believe this smoke screen you are quite wel­come to the mas­sive con which is been per­pet­u­at­ed on you in the absence of real and mean­ing­ful law enforce­ment.

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