INDECOM Conference On Police Use Of Force Had No Police Perspective: A Farcical Shell Game

So INDECOM con­vened a fan­cy con­fer­ence at the Jamaica Conference cen­ter down­town Kingston to address use of force in law enforce­ment.
The con­fer­ence was under­tak­en with sup­port from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, the United States Embassy and the United Nations office in Jamaica.

National Security Minister Robert Montague (right) accepts a gift pre­sent­ed by attor­ney-at-law at the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), Courtney Foster, on the final day of the agency’s three-day ‘Use of Force in Law Enforcement’ Conference on June 2. The three-day forum was held at the Jamaica Conference Centre, down­town Kingston. Looking on is INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams.
Gleaner pho­to.

Absent from the con­ver­sa­tion on police use of force was you guessed it , the Jamaican Police !!!
After the speech­es by Minister of National Security Robert Montague, Andrew Holness and oth­ers , laugh­ter , back slap­ping for their accom­plish­ments and the hand­ing out of gifts the proud spon­sors and the stu­pid Jamaicans went on their way.

So lets peel back a lit­tle, the lay­ers of hyp­o­crit­i­cal bull­shit about this con­fer­ence.
Lets look at the Americans present, need I remind any­one about the lethal­i­ty of American police par­tic­u­lar­ly as it relates to threats to offi­cers?
I don’t think so .

It can­not be over empha­sized that American Police kill more peo­ple under dubi­ous cir­cum­stances than Jamaican police could ever get away with .
That fact alone removes the Americans from the equa­tion. The British are just as bad , they cer­tain­ly do not tol­er­ate much in the way of crime in England , and cer­tain­ly even demon­stra­tions have to be done with per­mits under the watch­ful eyes of cops and CCTV cam­eras on every square yard of space on which those protest occur.
The lev­els of crime and law­less­ness in Jamaica would absolute­ly not be tol­er­at­ed for a sin­gle hour in either England or the United States.

So this leaves Jamaica and INDECOM.
INDECOM revealed sta­tis­tics which shows that they charged 3 police offi­cers with mur­der as a result of actions they took while on duty over the last five months.
I need remind no one of the con­fronta­tion­al aggres­sive nature of INDECOM toward prov­ing it’s legit­i­ma­cy.
Yet in all of the shoot­ings there are only three accu­sa­tions, nev­er mind the sev­er­al dead cops over the last sev­er­al months .
Never mind that Jamaica is one of the most vio­lent nations with one of the high­est mur­der rate.

No one at the con­fer­ence spoke about con­sta­ble Leighton Hanson get­ting killed by a scum­bag in broad day­light or the oth­er offi­cers who died after being shot ear­li­er.
For the fam­i­lies of these dead cops it’s “fuck you and your son”.
What is impor­tant to them is that police stop shoot­ing the mind­less demons who kill mul­ti­ple peo­ple dai­ly or as they say mek dup­py.

Despite that there have only been three offi­cers charged, in a coun­try in which the Government is part­ly crim­i­nal and pret­ty much has no real inter­est in seri­ous law enforce­ment.
Might I remind you also that being charged with a crime does not mean guilty of a crime , par­tic­u­lar­ly when you con­sid­er the men­tal­i­ty of Terrence Williams and INDECOM’s toward the police.

The shell game Terrence Williams is sell­ing to the dumb , blind and deaf mon­keys is that over the last sev­er­al years police shoot­ings have dropped dra­mat­i­cal­ly.
Well of course , police shoot­ings have dropped , why do you think the voice of the police was not rep­re­sent­ed at the con­fer­ence?
What was not men­tioned while they slapped each oth­er on the back and con­grat­u­lat­ed each oth­er, was that less and less mur­der­ers are being giv­en a quick send­off .
Murders rapes , and oth­er vio­lent crimes con­tin­ue to rise steeply, because police have dis­en­gaged.

If how­ev­er you find the fact that less crim­i­nals are get­ting shot, and that’s accept­able to you, then by default you have accept­ed that the goal is to have less mur­der­ers get their just desserts and more inno­cents should con­tin­ue to be killed.
Unless you have got­ten to a place where you have begun to won­der if there are any inno­cents in all of this.

Terrence Williams is coy , he is absolute­ly not a fool ‚he wants to con­trol how the pub­lic views this nar­ra­tive. 
He is also ful­ly con­ver­sant that pub­lic per­cep­tions of INDECOM is begin­ning to soft­en .
He knows that despite hav­ing peo­ple eat­ing out of his hands, he needs to ensure that he does not lose con­trol of the nar­ra­tive in the court of pub­lic opin­ion.
But he need not wor­ry too much , Jamaicans are very sup­port­ive of crim­i­nals and politi­cians.
Between their love for politi­cians and crime Williams need not wor­ry that they will wise up remove their heads from their col­lec­tive ass­es and rec­og­nize the con game he has going for the upper Saint Andrew crowd.
The tragedy for the police is that the peas­antry has bought into INDECOM as well.

The Police do not speak for them­selves , they are too afraid of not cur­ry­ing favor .
Williams knows that if a cost ben­e­fit analy­sis is done it would show that INDEDOM is not doing any­thing dif­fer­ent than what the CCRB was doing.

In fact the CCRB was far more effec­tive in remov­ing the crim­i­nals from the depart­ment because it was doing it with­out acri­mo­ny.

The Police for it’s part would rather stay on a sink­ing ship as long as they can get pro­mo­tion, than stand up for them­selves .
In fact the police have become so brain­washed and neu­tral­ized that it’s hard to fig­ure out what the police think any­more as a col­lec­tive unit.

Not all Jamaicans are blind to this far­ci­cal shell game being per­pet­u­at­ed on the coun­try by the JLP and PNP Elites. In fact sev­er­al per­sons includ­ing a few with­in the JLP as well as Damion Crawford of the PNP have come around to rec­og­niz­ing that this is a fraud being per­pet­u­at­ed on the coun­try.
The minute you begin a fac­tu­al con­ver­sa­tion about the far­ci­cal nature behind the INDECOM shell game the trolls and bots come out with the tired worn out argu­ments about police abuse.

As long as they can keep the con­ver­sa­tion on alleged police abus­es they are win­ning the con­ver­sa­tion about the rel­e­vance of INDECOM.
Unfortunately for the decent law abid­ing peo­ple in the coun­try who are forced to hide in their homes from 6 : 00 pm their views do not mat­ter.
It’s about the mili­tias which roam around with their high-pow­ered weapons , unafraid of the police.

No oth­er police depart­ment in the world is more scru­ti­nized and to some degree the JCF has brought it onto itself through it’s own actions.
But ratio­nal intel­li­gent peo­ple under­stand that with­out police there is no us.
There are peo­ple who say they will be just fine with­out the police , we must con­clude we are talk­ing about them, they are the ones pulling the trig­ger. They are the ones order­ing the mur­ders

A coun­try can­not begin to chas­tise it’s law enforce­ment agen­cies about their use of force lev­els while doing noth­ing about the brazen bru­tal­i­ty of the crim­i­nals who kill with­out fear of appre­hen­sion.
Unless of course the objec­tive is to pla­cate the crim­i­nals .
The Jamaican Government has essen­tial­ly become a lob­by for the crim­i­nal under­world.
INDECOM is the gov­ern­men­t’s lob­by­ing arm for non-action against crim­i­nals.