INDECOM​.FAST. JFJ, IACHR. PMI. OPD. Silent On Murders Of Over 1600 Murdered Jamaicans In 2017…

Regardless of what you think about slain police offi­cer Constable Courtney Linton, who was shot dead by gun­men in Orangefield on October 31, last year, what do you say about the killing of his girl­friend 40-year-old Zoe King who was nine months preg­nant?

Terrence Williams INDECOM.

Ms. King was killed at her home in Orange field St Catherine, a once peace­ful rur­al com­mu­ni­ty of law-abid­ing fam­i­lies.
She was sched­uled to have her baby next week accord­ing to pub­lished reports.

The police say she was at home when 4 armed men invad­ed her home, the preg­nant Ms.King was chased by the men and sum­mar­i­ly slaugh­tered.

Let me be clear about this, I believe that the peo­ple who sit in their offices in Kingston and pon­tif­i­cate about human rights bet­ter be care­ful.
Whether they are from INDECOM, FAST, JFJ, IACHR. Peace Management Unit, Public Defender’s office or wher­ev­er, the blood of the peo­ple is cry­ing out.
If you are not for the peo­ple you are against the peo­ple.

Hughes: Media.

There is no more fun­da­men­tal a right indued to any per­son than the God-giv­en right to life.
The over 1600 dead Jamaicans last year elicit­ed death­ly silence from every sin­gle group named and the ones not named.

Horace Levy :PMI.

For the most part lit­er­al­ly, all of the mur­dered vic­tims had their lives snuffed out ille­gal­ly, yet there has been no out­cry from the crim­i­nal rights fra­ter­ni­ty named above.
We are not unmind­ful of the fact that the only time we have heard from these char­la­tan crim­i­nal sup­port­ing groups have been on the occa­sions that mem­bers of the secu­ri­ty forces exter­mi­nate ele­ments of the crim­i­nal under­world.

As a con­se­quence let us be clear, INDECOM, FAST, JFJ, IACHR. The Peace Management Unit, The Public Defender’s office, and oth­ers are crim­i­nal sup­port­ing groups oper­at­ing in Jamaica.
Let us dis­pense with the lies and pre­tense and peel off the veneer of bull­shit. Each and every one of these enti­ties by them­selves and col­lec­tive­ly is work­ing toward the fur­ther­ance of the defense of those who kill inno­cent and defense­less Jamaicans.

Arlene Harrison Henry :OPD.

Who mur­ders a preg­nant woman?
What will it take for the pow­ers that be in this coun­try to rec­og­nize that it has a seri­ous war on its hands?
How long will it take these peo­ple who clear­ly are in a drunk­en stu­por to come to the real­iza­tion that this is not just crime?

When will the blood of the inno­cent rise up and engen­der rage in the peo­ple to the extent they say “no more”?
How long will it take for the peo­ple to real­ize that God will not be fight­ing this bat­tle for them, they will have to fight it for them­selves?

When will they real­ize that the wolves in sheep cloth­ing who pre­tend to care about them are indeed the ene­my with­in, pro­tect­ing and enhanc­ing their demise?

I call on the Holness Administration to stop play­ing pol­i­tics, sus­pend habeas cor­pus and send the mil­i­tary in to root out these killers.
To hell with the Opposition and the talk­ing head in the media and oth­er crim­i­nals sup­port­ing enti­ties.

Susan Goffe :JFJ.

Failing which there will inevitably and inex­orably be a right­eous upris­ing and the results will not be pret­ty.
Act now and put an end to the car­nage Prime Minister.

The blood of well over 1600 Jamaicans is very well on the hands of these fraud­u­lent imposters as it is on the hands of those who pulled the trig­ger or uses a knife.

The coun­try must decide, as the new year begins with record num­bers which already sug­gest it will be a ban­ner mur­der year, whether it wants to con­tin­ue lis­ten­ing to these frauds.

If Jamaicans are okay with four armed men gun­ning down a preg­nant woman killing her and her unborn baby, then I will write not anoth­er line about this war being waged in Jamaica.
It will be enough to say this coun­try we all love is no more, it is now a killing field unwor­thy of our care.

It will mean, gone is the lit­tle rock I took a bul­let for and in its place is a Godless, las­civ­i­ous and hedo­nis­tic waste­land in which life has no val­ue.

A place in which plea­sure cir­cum­vent every­thing else and every­day life con­tin­ues as the spilled blood of the inno­cent wash­es over the bar­ren waste­land our four father slaved and died for.