International Donors Who Give Money To INDECOM Are Strategic In Their Intent…

International Donors who give mon­ey to INDECOM are strate­gic in their intent…

I receive much feed­back from social media, some indi­cate that I point out the prob­lems with our secu­ri­ty sit­u­a­tion in Jamaica with­out offer­ing solu­tions.
In def­er­ence to those read­ers, I do under­stand your point 
I gen­er­al­ly search the archives of this medi­um with a view to pro­vid­ing you solu­tions on the sub­ject and make them avail­able to you my friends as best I can.
I thank those who both­er to take the time to let me know how you feel and we will con­tin­ue to do what we can to pro­vide the infor­ma­tion you seek.

I total­ly under­stand why many of you my friends and even my detrac­tors would not know about some of the solu­tions I have offered over the years.
It is extreme­ly dif­fi­cult and bor­ing to spend time dig­ging through thou­sands of arti­cles to deter­mine if we indeed offer solu­tions.
As such as that occur we take full respon­si­bil­i­ty with the under­stand­ing that it is up to us to make the infor­ma­tion avail­able and eas­i­ly source­able.

My IT spe­cial­ist says ” video blogs are the way to go, peo­ple don’t want to spend time reading,“I agree so we will see where we go with that.
Thank you. signed mb…


Today I want to talk a lit­tle about why I am dri­ven to talk about crime as they occur, and respond to why our con­stant harp­ing on it may be seen as a neg­a­tive.
Crime is a neg­a­tive phe­nom­e­non which takes away from all our lives, it makes us all poor­er with the excep­tion of those who engage in it.

Over the last five decades, the two major polit­i­cal par­ties in our coun­try have gov­erned our coun­try by divid­ing our peo­ple into two hard­ened camp­sof PNP and JLP not Jamaicans.

A street in Arnett Gardens St Andrew a PNP Garrison

Scarce resources, jobs, hous­ing, pro­mo­tions, and even food are made avail­able through polit­i­cal affil­i­a­tions.
Both par­ties did their best to lump their sup­port­ers into areas known local­ly as gar­risons. They also cre­at­ed enforcers with­in those com­mu­ni­ties who whip sup­port­ers into shape, keep them in line and deliv­er the votes for the [big man], the polit­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tive.

Every Jamaican is famil­iar with life in these zones of polit­i­cal exclu­sions.
None more so than those whose jobs it is to police them, know­ing that they all have their own mili­tias with polit­i­cal back­ing.
The moth­er and father of the gar­risons, Tivoli and Arnett Gardens, for the JLP and PNP respec­tive­ly are par­ents to an ever bur­geon­ing out­growth of off­springs across the Island.

Today there are dozens of Garrisons across the coun­try of 2.8 mil­lion peo­ple, they ren­der the elec­toral process a sham in many respects.
Because of the vote pack­ing in these gar­ri­son com­mu­ni­ties, the results are well known before a sin­gle vote is cast.
Elections are decid­ed on the few con­stituen­cies which have not been ger­ry­man­dered into zones of exclu­sions as yet.

A street in Tivoli Gardens a JLP gar­ri­son, right after the 2010 incur­sion: adapt­ed…

The par­ty with the most gar­risons gets to con­trol state pow­er.
The longer that par­ty holds pow­er it’s the more it gets to solid­i­fy its posi­tion and hold on pow­er.
The PNP has more gar­risons, they have had the lion’s share of state pow­er.
The con­se­quences for the coun­try has been utter dev­as­ta­tion and stag­na­tion as a result of the see-saw bat­tle to gain and hold state pow­er.
In the peri­od lead­ing up to the 1980 gen­er­al elec­tions over a thou­sand Jamaicans lost their lives in the polit­i­cal vio­lence which ensued.

The coun­try has well over a thou­sand homi­cides annu­al­ly, cul­mi­na­tion in over 1600 homi­cides in 2005.
These num­bers pale the fear­some 1000 num­ber of peo­ple who lost their lives at the hands of their own coun­try men, in the unde­clared civ­il war cre­at­ed by the Island’s two polit­i­cal par­ties.

In order to under­stand how we got here, we must go back and look at the gar­risons.
It is impos­si­ble to keep peo­ple loy­al and sub­servient unless you offer them induce­ments and or keep them fear­ful of you or both.

Both the JLP and the PNP are guilty of not only hand­ing out good­ies at the expense of the tax­pay­ers to their loy­al­ists, they are also guilty of import­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing guns and ammu­ni­tion to young unem­ployed men to do their bid­ding.
This process essen­tial­ly result­ed in the cre­ation of myr­i­ad mili­tias across the coun­try for polit­i­cal pur­pos­es.


The cre­ation of these polit­i­cal mili­tias could not be suc­cess­ful despite the guns and suc­cor pro­vid­ed them by their polit­i­cal boss­es.
There need­ed to be anoth­er com­po­nent to exert the kind of con­trol they desired and that came in the emas­cu­la­tion of the police depart­ment.

Vale Royal res­i­dence of the Prime Minister.

An effi­cient effec­tive police depart­ment is a threat to crim­i­nals whether they live in Arnett Gardens or Vale Royal.
In order to ren­der the police depart­ment use­less, the two polit­i­cal par­ties embarked on a process of politi­ciz­ing it.
Commissioners and senior offi­cers were hand-picked lack­eys, advance­ment to senior ranks depend­ed on what par­ty you belonged to, who you knew, or whose yard boy you were.
As retired SSP Adams assert­ed recent­ly it also meant who female offi­cers were sleep­ing with.

In addi­tion, they starved the depart­ment of resources, train­ing and pay, this result­ed in high attri­tion and low morale.
Today we have the coun­try we have not because of the police or any­thing they did. We have the coun­try cre­at­ed by the PNP and JLP.
Any agency or fly by night who formed a group to mil­i­tate against the police is auto­mat­i­cal­ly grant­ed a seat at the table and their twist­ed views ingrained in pol­i­cy.

Denham Town Police sta­tion

In order to pro­tect crim­i­nals from cops, politi­cians have to take police pow­ers away. They have done so with pre­ci­sion type effec­tive­ness.
Both polit­i­cal par­ties have waged war on the police because it suit­ed their polit­i­cal goals. They need­ed to have a boogey­man to point to, the police is that bogey­man.
The gullible, indoc­tri­nat­ed and the balka­nized pop­u­la­tion is all too hap­py to exon­er­ate the cul­prits and indict those who are vic­tims them­selves.

That divide and con­quer strat­e­gy is as old as racial exploita­tion has been to cap­i­tal­ism in the United States for over four hun­dred years through slav­ery, Jim crow to present day.


Let’s get some­thing real straight here, lit­er­al­ly, every suc­cess­ful west­ern nation has a func­tion­al­ly work­ing jus­tice sys­tem which is built on effec­tive and inspired law enforce­ment.
In 2016 the Commissioner of INDECOM Terrence Williams told the media that the com­mis­sion depends to a great extent on over­seas fund­ing to finance sig­nif­i­cant aspects of its oper­a­tions.

Terrence Williams

The Government of Jamaica pays most of the salaries and the rent, but most of every­thing else is done with donor sup­port, even some salaries are paid for with donor-agency sup­port”.

There are some areas of our oper­a­tions which, because the Government’s sup­port is so low, we are con­strained to take out of the DFID sup­port. For exam­ple, secu­ri­ty for our premis­es and some of our legal fees are paid for out of that.

Any adver­tis­ing that we are going to do will be paid for by EU cam­paign. We have hired some inves­ti­ga­tors and lawyers based upon EU fund­ing and DFID fund­ing, so the fund­ing is cru­cial to the work of INDECOM.” Said Williams

You know what suc­cess­ful coun­tries are built on?
The rule of law.
Not on Police over­sight.
Police over­sight is nec­es­sary for all inter­est­ed par­ties, how­ev­er, Jamaicans need to ask them­selves whether these shad­ow donors to INDECOM have their real inter­est at heart?
If you want to help a coun­try you don’t give mon­ey to a group which seeks to indict law enforce­ment.

If you give mon­ey to INDECOM you are say­ing I am com­fort­able with the killing of inno­cent Jamaicans, what I want you to do with this mon­ey is to apply pres­sure on those who go after the mur­der­ers.
What greater way to keep the coun­try impov­er­ished and on its knees beg­ging for IMF mon­ey than to have a coun­try inun­dat­ed with crime?

If these donors want­ed to help Jamaica and the cause of Justice they would offer to build us court hous­es, give mon­ey to train and pay pros­e­cu­tors, train detec­tives and oth­er crit­i­cal-area tech­ni­cians to inves­ti­gate mur­ders and oth­er seri­ous crimes.

They would offer us help to build last­ing 21 st cen­tu­ry police sta­tions and help us to secure our bor­ders in effec­tive ways which would pre­vent their guns com­ing into the Island in tidal waves.
That’s how you advance the process of build­ing a sus­tain­able soci­ety not by aid­ing and abet­ting dis­sent and dem­a­goguery against law enforce­ment.

The two polit­i­cal par­ties are equal par­tic­i­pants in this trick­ery being per­pe­trat­ed on the unsus­pect­ing Jamaican peo­ple most of whom have nev­er had the ben­e­fits of the rule of law explained to them.
For those on the out­side feed­ing the cam­paign against the police, it is a strate­gic invest­ment in the chaos which is nec­es­sary to keep our coun­try impov­er­ished.

For the politi­cians at home it works in their favor to keep the crime sta­tis­tics high and the peo­ple mis­in­formed.
They built their two par­ties on divid­ing the peo­ple coun­try be damned.

2 thoughts on “International Donors Who Give Money To INDECOM Are Strategic In Their Intent…

  1. As you right­ly said the police is the “boogey­man” and the most hat­ed gov­ern­ment work­ers in Jamaica. A coun­try that lacks lead­er­ship from the top and the will to make sure that its laws are obeyed and if bro­ken the con­se­quences are harsh for the offend­ers.
    Most of the Jamaican pop­u­la­tion are “illit­er­ate, bel­liger­ent, and igno­rant” of their sur­round­ings and it is not even fun­ny!

    The fund­ing by the European Union and oth­ers is to destroy Jamaica fur­ther and make sure that the best, bright­est, and smartest futur­is­tic Jamaicans fled from the shore of their birth to their coun­tries in Europe and North America.

    If your tac­tics are to cre­ate chaos, uncer­tain­ty, and fear, even­tu­al­ly your goals will be met, by cre­at­ing a mass exo­dus of the peo­ple. And the Europeans know that the only time “boasie slaves” lis­ten is when the rhetoric is com­ing out f the mouth of a white per­son.

    The peo­ple of Jamaica have become accus­tomed to the killings, and they’re desen­si­tized to them that when it hap­pens, it is noth­ing because “this is how the thing she!”

    The PNP and JLP par­ties are the people’s biggest ene­mies, but because they can­not think for them­selves, they don’t even know it.

    Whether one like or dis­like Edward Seaga, he had giv­en Jamaica a sense of secu­ri­ty when he was Prime Minister.

    Although the man Seaga has his mili­tias in Tivoli Gardens, he would not den­i­grate or demor­al­ize the police from what I had learned when I was a young cop. I am ready to be cor­rect­ed if I am wrong!
    In the 1980’s dur­ing the sum­mer at about 3:00 AM, as a young man I could walk from Edge Water, Portsmouth, Passage Fort, and Caymanas Gardens to Waterford along with my friends and step broth­er, and no one would molest or even ask us any ques­tion. There was no imag­i­nary bor­der line or no idle hands want­i­ng and wait­ing to make dup­py because the gun­man knows that if he killed you when the police [Eradication or Flying Squad/​Glass House] comes for him, he is going to morgue too. That’s the fear Seaga dri­ves into the hearts of the gun­men.

    In 1989, when I was sta­tioned at May Pen Police Station, Clarendon. I used to walk from Nineteen miles, and some­times Palmers Cross back to May Pen Police at var­i­ous hours of the morn­ing 2:30 Am & 4:00 AM and no one would molest because crim­i­nals know what would have hap­pened to them.

    In February 1989, After the gen­er­al elec­tion in Jamaica and the PNP par­ty under the lead­er­ship of the late Michael Manley, that was when the law­less­ness starts to creep back into the Jamaican soci­ety.

    The Prime Minister installed one of his pup­pet Roy Thompson who is the worst of the worst Commissioner Of Police, and the cor­rup­tion was so rife, the man had to leave the force due to pres­sure from the elit­ists. I was one of the police offi­cer the PNP, got trans­ferred because I was doing my job. The mem­ber of Parliament Horace Dalley said that I am a junglist and behav­ing like a Laborite. Roy Thompson trans­ferred me to St. Elizabeth…

    They appoint the first civil­ian as the Commissioner of Police, Trevor McMillan and that’s when the destruc­tion of the police force start­ed in stages. Firstly, when police were involved in any shoot­ings, your reg­u­la­tion num­bers, rank, and firearms have to enter into the Crime Diary, and then every police could read the entry and know who was involved in the shoot­ing. So this was bad for the police because the spies in the sta­tion would fil­tered infor­ma­tion the crim­i­nals, and then they would know whose names to put on their plac­ards.

    PJ Patterson came in with Public com­plaints depart­ment, and they just con­tin­ue from here until we have “Indecom.”

    Finally, the only rea­son why the crim­i­nals had such lux­u­ry and feel embold­ened it is because of “Indecom!” And the same peo­ple who forced upon the Jamaican Constabulary Force, the late Trevor McMillan…and it keeps get­ting worse. Now, the lux­u­ry of feel­ing one day you want to resign from the police force is an archa­ic thing and lux­u­ry, so you are stuck with Andrew Holiness police force try­ing your best not leave the force with a crim­i­nal record.

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