Israel’s Netanyahu Tries To Stoke Up Animus Against Iran

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu was on Television on Monday with charts and a pow­er­point try­ing to con­vince the world that Iran did in fact, have the inten­tion to make nuclear weapons.
This, while the American President Donald Trump is threat­en­ing to back out of the Iran nuclear deal even as he wants to strike an agree­ment for peace with the North Koreans.

Israeli sol­diers pho­tographed abus­ing pro­test­ers

The irony of all this is remark­able, con­sid­er­at­ing that while Israel is one of the small­est nations on earth with a pop­u­la­tion of 8.547 mil­lion as of (2016), Israel is one of the most mil­i­taris­tic coun­tries and is armed with nuclear weapons.
Netanyahu who has loads of nuclear weapons wants Iran pun­ished even though Iran does not have nuclear weapons. This is the kind of men­tal Jiu Jitsu that those of us who actu­al­ly are pay­ing atten­tion are forced to nav­i­gate in order to make sense of this Orwellian type log­ic.

Israeli army deletes tweet admit­ting killing Palestinian pro­test­ers …

At the same time, Netanyahu is try­ing to con-vince[sic] the world into believ­ing that Iran which is under a rigid inspec­tion régime is not stick­ing to the spir­it of the agree­ment, Israeli army sol­diers are slaugh­ter­ing dozens and dozens of unarmed Palestinian pro­test­ers and seri­ous­ly maim­ing hun­dreds of oth­ers and the world is eeri­ly silent.

So essen­tial­ly what Netanyahu wants the Americans to do is to wage war on Iran, using the resources of the American peo­ple to dec­i­mate Iran so he and Israel may have hege­mo­ny in the mid­dle east.
The take­away is that Benjamin Netanyahu wants the world to con­demn Iran for lying about its inten­tions before it agreed to a deal struck between itself the United States and oth­er nation states though from all the expert report­ing there is no evi­dence that Iran has not adhered to the terms of the dealt it signed.

A pic­ture is worth a thou­sand words

There has hard­ly been any report­ing in the main­stream media about the slaugh­ter of unarmed Palestinians as we speak. It is as if some lives are more impor­tant than oth­ers. Or are they?
Ever since Netanyahu rose to pow­er he has thumbed his nose at the con­cerns of the International com­mu­ni­ty even as he and the Israeli defense force, the (IDF) com­mits what are clear and unequiv­o­cal instances of war crimes and the world has stood by mute.

Israeli bor­der police detaing a Palestinian pro­test­er ear­li­er this month

Rather than con­fine itself to observ­ing inter­na­tion­al law Netanyahu has embarked on a sys­temic cam­paign to dele­git­imize the United Nations on the rare occa­sion that the world body decides to grow some balls and speak out against the Zionist apartheid state.