Jamaica Has Means To Deal With Killers: Country Lacks Will And Character To Act.

In a war, you are des­tined to lose if you are queasy about killing the ene­my who has no com­punc­tion about killing you.
You are already a vic­tim when you show weak­ness, bul­lies thrive on your fear, they can smell it, they hear that you don’t want to use com­men­su­rate or over­whelm­ing force to squash them.

So their next killing is more brazen, more bru­tal, more I don’t give a f**k.
How does gov­ern­ment counter that?
By using over­whelm­ing force to send a mes­sage that their behav­ior will not be tol­er­at­ed.
That ought to be a mes­sage to the naysay­ers who argue all folks like me want to see is more blood.

I have nev­er seen any­one win a war by beg­ging the ene­my not to wage war on them.
Make no mis­take about it what is hap­pen­ing in Jamaica is not mere­ly crime as the lying faux nation­al­ists would have you believe.
We are active­ly engaged in a state of unde­clared civ­il war. The guys with the heavy auto­mat­ic guns doing the killings cer­tain­ly think so.
The aver­age of 4 dead bod­ies per day cer­tain­ly indi­cates that we are indeed in a state of unde­clared civ­il war.

We can accept those facts, or we can con­tin­ue the non­sen­si­cal cha­rade that every­thing is fine and dandy.
In fact, we can do as Ed Bartlett the Island’s Tourism Minister wants, hide the mur­der sta­tis­tics from the front page of local pub­li­ca­tions, hide the blood splat­ter on our clothes, as we stand grin­ning, hand extend­ed in greet­ing to the tourists dis­em­bark­ing the mam­moth cruise ships.
Why would a coun­try fight a war by plac­ing restraints on itself, when the ene­my fol­lows no rules and are con­strained by no val­ues?
That’s a ques­tion for the Jamaican gov­ern­ment and peo­ple, two enti­ties which cre­ates all kinds of obsta­cles to their own abil­i­ty to deal effec­tive­ly with this mon­ster.

Colin Powell for­mer chair­man joint chiefs, for­mer sec­re­tary of state under President GW Bush

Never engage in a war you can poten­tial­ly lose.”
If you have to fight, take all of your weapons to the bat­tle­field, use them, win the war and go home”.
(Colin Powell)

To those who say we can­not use war to get peace I say this.
The world was thrust into the first world war in the year 1914, in that war, over 16 mil­lion died, includ­ing Jamaicans who fought on the side of their oppres­sors the British Empire.
The war last­ed from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918.

By 1939 the world was once again engulfed in anoth­er glob­al con­flict, world war two had bro­ken out.
World War II was the dead­liest mil­i­tary con­flict in his­to­ry, over 60 mil­lion lost their lives.

Before the war end­ed the United States det­o­nat­ed two atom­ic devices. One in the Japanese city of Hiroshima and the oth­er in Nagasaki.
An esti­mat­ed 226. 000 peo­ple per­ished as a result of those two events, with esti­mates of over half of that num­ber per­ish­ing on the first day of the bomb­ings.
The end of Sino-German world ambi­tions result­ed in the for­ma­tion of the North Atlantic Treat Organization (NATO), a west­ern alliance which says you mess with one you mess with all of us.
Under the new alliance, no new Hitler could take it unto him­self to march into Poland or France with­out incur­ring seri­ous blow­back from mem­ber states.

President Harry Truman

Since 1945 the world has not had a con­flict which engulfed the entire plan­et as both world wars one and two had.
There was only a lapse of 21 years between the end of WW1 in 1918 and the begin­ning of WW11 in 1939.
There have been no oth­er world wars since the end of WW11 and present day 2017, a stun­ning 72 years of rel­a­tive peace through strength and deter­mi­na­tion.

Sure the counter argu­ments about the mas­sive loss of Japanese lives are not with­out mer­it.
To the United States and the pow­ers bat­tling Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito how­ev­er, using the bomb saved the lives of count­less peo­ple who did not start the war.
America could have kept the bomb and send count­less young American GIs to their deaths.
President Truman decid­ed he could not in good con­science tell their par­ents they died for a good cause when he had the means to end the war.
He took the deci­sion many would have abdi­cat­ed and since then we have not had anoth­er world­wide con­fla­gra­tion.

Jamaica has the means to deal deci­sive­ly with the lit­tle mur­der­ing ter­ror­ists run­ning around gun­ning down inno­cent peo­ple.
What it lacks is the will and courage to do what must be done so that the coun­try may live in rel­a­tive peace and begin the task of build­ing pros­per­i­ty.