Jamaica Ranked Among Top 20 Countries ‘Beating COVID-19

Jamaica has record­ed no new pos­i­tive COVID-19 cas­es for the first time in 50 days and so far 118 per­sons have recov­ered. The total num­ber of con­firmed COVID-19 cas­es in Jamaica as at Thursday (May 14) remained at 509 from the pre­vi­ous day. The island has now been ranked among the top 20 coun­tries glob­al­ly that are described as ‘Beating COVID-19’ by the web­site EndCoronavirus​.org.

The web­site lists coun­tries under three broad cat­e­gories: ‘Winning’, ‘Nearly there’ and coun­tries that ‘Need action’ and show­cas­es ”Recent new/day”graphs that mea­sure new cas­es per day, aver­aged over the last week.

Winning’ coun­tries are clos­est to con­tain­ing and elim­i­nat­ing the virus. Countries in the ‘Nearly there’ cat­e­go­ry are approach­ing that point with­in a rea­son­able time frame by a rapid decrease in new cas­es per day. And coun­tries who ‘Need Action’ are either going the wrong way, stay­ing con­stant, or going down very slow­ly. The US and Canada are list­ed among coun­tries that ‘Need action’.

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