Jamaica Will Invariably Have To Adopt Colombia’s Model To Eradicate The Murder Scourge ..



The Island’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness vis­it­ed Montego Bay and spoke to cit­i­zens a cou­ple days ago he also met with secu­ri­ty per­son­nel in the parish who gave him first-hand brief­ing of the chal­lenges they face. The Prime Minister sub­se­quent­ly released a state­ment in which he said the fol­low­ing .

We don’t have a switch to turn off crime … . The strate­gies we are putting in place will take some time to bear fruit, but we are work­ing with the great­est speed and alacrity to ensure the results bear fruit,”. “There is a need for leg­isla­tive reform to empow­er our police – and mil­i­tary in sup­port of the police – leg­is­la­tion that is rel­e­vant and applic­a­ble to the crime sit­u­a­tion we face.

I humbly sub­mit to the Prime Minister and indeed the entire Nation that this fight is an exis­ten­tial fight. If the events of 2010 in Tivoli Gardens have not con­vinced you that there are enough guns, ammu­ni­tion and the will to effec­tive­ly chal­lenge the author­i­ty of the state I do not know what will.

Head of the Area One Police Assistant Commissioner Warren Clar…

Head of the Area One Police Assistant Commissioner Warren Clarke, says two men are to be charged with mur­der and oth­er offences in con­nec­tion with this shoot­ing inci­dent caught on tape at a gas sta­tion in Montego Bay last Thursday.

Posted by Jamaica Gleaner on Monday, September 26, 2016

There is a series present­ly avail­able on Netflix which tells the sto­ry of Colombia’s war with nar­co traf­fick­ers. It depicts the pow­er and ruth­less­ness of the Colombian drug lords in that exis­ten­tial fight that nation had with deter­mined nar­co traf­fick­ers. I sug­gest the Prime Minister , the Minister of National Security sit down and take a look at that series.
Otherwise they may do a sim­ple Google search which will reveal what the Colombian peo­ple did to break the back of that threat, sav­ing their nation from becom­ing a Narco state.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Mister Prime Minister I sup­port­ed your can­di­da­cy for the high­est elect­ed office in our coun­try . At this time I sup­port the work you are doing . You have demon­strat­ed an under­stand­ing of what needs to be done . I also under­stand that there are strong forces arrayed against a change in our coun­try which are quite com­fort­able with the sta­tus quo.
Mister Prime Minister, I am sure that you are more con­ver­sant with what is occur­ring on the ground than most, includ­ing this writer. You live there , you receive brief­in­gs, you see it on tele­vi­sion. It is up to you to change this.

It won’t be easy I under­stand that. At the risk of sound­ing grandiose I am speak­ing direct­ly to you because I am aware that you and some well placed peo­ple in your admin­is­tra­tion do take a peek at this lit­tle medi­um from time to time.
I implore you to get rid of INDECOM.
It is a bad law which was poor­ly thought through, you know it, many in your Administration know it, and an ever increas­ing plu­ral­i­ty of the Jamaican peo­ple are com­ing to that real­iza­tion.

Terrence Williams

Terrence Williams

Mister Prime Minister I know that you under­stand that I am absolute­ly not advo­cat­ing for unfet­tered polic­ing with no over­sight . I have a his­to­ry of advo­cat­ing for strong over­sight of police but it can­not be an adver­sar­i­al over­sight deter­mined to have gotcha moments of police offi­cers who go out and risk their lives for your life and that of all of our cit­i­zens.
Mister Prime Minister the future of our coun­try can­not be mort­gaged on the ego of a sin­gle per­son or even a small group of elites who are hell bent on a destruc­tive path of social engi­neer­ing which has been tried and proven to fail, not just in our coun­try but in oth­ers.

Finally Prime Minister Holness, I do believe you are crit­i­cal­ly aware that your growth agen­da can­not and will not be suc­cess­ful in an atmos­phere of mur­der and may­hem. Someone will have to bell the cat . If not you then who?
You do not want to pre­side over the ash­es of our coun­try . Make no mis­take if this regres­sion is not halt­ed with deci­sive action and soon, that will be the result.
This is not the first time that this kind of threat has emerged in our coun­try . It was anoth­er great Labor Party Prime Minister, the Rt Honorable Hugh Lawson Shearer who placed his boot-heels on that mon­ster.
You too can be great , if not for your­self , for the yet unborn chil­dren, for the future of our coun­try. It’s up to you. You must send Terrence Williams pack­ing and empow­er the police to go after the mur­der­ers.
The world is watch­ing !!!