Jamaica Women Who For Decades Shielded Killers Now Find Themselves On The Business End Of The Guns…

Over the years one of the things associates and I have talked about , at least in this forum is the role women play in the proliferation of crime in Jamaica.

An army going to war must first work out logis­ti­cal­ly how it’s troops are going to be sup­plied and resup­plied with ammu­ni­tion, food , med­i­cine, hos­pi­tal for the wound­ed , to name a few require­ments.
Without good logis­ti­cal sup­port that army has almost zero chance of suc­cess.

These women from west Kingston pledged their undy­ing sup­port for crime lord Christopher Duddus Coke in 2010

Jamaican women have long made them­selves that logis­ti­cal sup­ply line for the Island’s crim­i­nal men.
By doing so they have made them­selves will­ing acces­sories before and after the fact and in far too many cas­es pri­ma­ry accom­plices.
It is no won­der that the crim­i­nal men have now turned their ven­om on the women who enabled them . Unfortunately these heinous killers have lost all con­nec­tion with real­i­ty, as a result not even chil­dren are being spared their blood-lust.

The Critical Role Women Play In Jamaica’s Culture Of Crime And It’s Boomerang Results.…

As a young beat cop women would tell me to my face how hand­some I was but they would­n’t date me because police did not make any mon­ey . Missa Beckles yu cute, but my man haf­fi teef and bring nuff mon­ey cum gi mi.
These inner city women would be adorned with gold trin­kets from head to toe , and they weren’t shy about telling us that their men were thieves and had stolen the jew­el­ry they were wear­ing.
Jamaican women regard­less of their title, moth­ers , girl­friends, aunts, sis­ters, or what­ev­er, are true sup­port­ers of the crim­i­nal con­duct of their male asso­ciates.

Women march in sup­port of crime lord in 2010

They shield the men from Police . They go out and demon­strate on their behalf. They lie about events when­ev­er they are killed in con­fronta­tion with police.

They give false affi­davits and account­ing of crit­i­cal events in order to have effec­tive police offi­cers removed from cer­tain areas , and the brain dead police hier­ar­chy nev­er fail to fall for it.

Area crime fig­ures were nev­er ever in doubt about the effec­tive­ness of women in build­ing and entrench­ing their crim­i­nal strong­holds .They were always first on the demon­stra­tion lines claim­ing police mur­da di inno­cent yute who nu du nut­ten.

The block streets ad start fires..

They can be found in their num­bers demon­strat­ing and demand­ing the release of their dons.…
So it is not out of the ordi­nary that the very mon­sters they cre­at­ed would in turn ‑turn on their cre­ators.
As a young offi­cer at the CIB I fig­ured if I knew where cer­tain known crim­i­nal’s moth­ers and girl­friends lived I had a pret­ty good idea how to catch them when I need­ed to.
I was­n’t wrong !!!

If you believe in the pow­er of kar­ma, then you do under­stand that you reap that which you sow.
For decades Jamaican women have offered them­selves up as bul­warks of sup­port for their mur­der­ous sons , boyfriends and fam­i­ly mem­bers.

Back in the day women were out of bound, even if the killers kicked in doors and killed the men, they would leave the women and chil­dren.
All of that is his­to­ry now, not even babies are spared . In most cas­es the killers active­ly seek out women and chil­dren in order to exact their mur­der­ous vengeance.

Women and chil­dren are being slaugh­tered in alarm­ing num­bers almost on par with their male coun­ter­parts.
Tragically the chick­ens have come home to roost .
The blood thirsty killers hyped up on drugs, and empow­ered by the auto­mat­ic weapons they pos­sess, make no dis­tinc­tion about who they kill.

As the mur­der ram­page con­tin­ue with numb­ing yet alarm­ing fre­quen­cy ‚women con­tin­ue to shield killers in their homes and yes they even take them into their bod­ies.