Jamaica women who for decades shielded killers now find themselves on the business end of the guns…




Over the years one of the things associates and I have talked about , at least in this forum is the role women play in the proliferation of crime in Jamaica.

An army going to war must first work out logistically how it’s troops are going to be supplied and resupplied with ammunition, food , medicine, hospital for the wounded , to name a few requirements.
Without good logistical support that army has almost zero chance of success.

These women from west Kingston pledged their undying support for crime lord Christopher Duddus Coke in 2010

Jamaican women have long made themselves that logistical supply line for  the Island’s criminal men.
By doing so they have made themselves willing accessories before and after the fact and in far too many cases primary accomplices.
It is no wonder that the criminal men have now turned their venom on the women who enabled them . Unfortunately these heinous killers have lost all connection with reality, as a result not even children are being spared their blood-lust.

The Critical Role Women Play In Jamaica’s Culture Of Crime And It’s Boomerang Results.…

As a young beat cop women would tell me to my face how handsome I was but they wouldn’t date me because police did not make any money . Missa Beckles yu cute, but my man haffi teef and bring nuff money cum gi mi.
These inner city women would be adorned with gold trinkets from head to toe , and they weren’t shy about telling us that their men were thieves and had stolen the jewelry they were wearing.
Jamaican women regardless of their title, mothers , girlfriends, aunts, sisters, or whatever, are true supporters of the criminal conduct of their male associates.

Women march in support of crime lord in 2010

They shield the men from Police . They go out and demonstrate on their behalf. They lie about events whenever they are killed in confrontation with police.

They give false affidavits and accounting of critical events in order to have effective police officers removed from certain areas , and the brain dead police hierarchy never fail to fall for it.

Area crime figures were never ever in doubt about the effectiveness of women in building and entrenching their criminal strongholds .They were always first on the demonstration lines claiming police murda di  innocent yute who nu du nutten.

The block streets ad start fires..

They can be found in their numbers demonstrating and demanding the release of their dons….
So it is not out of the ordinary that the very monsters they created would in turn -turn on their creators.
As a young officer at the CIB I  figured if I knew where certain known  criminal’s mothers and girlfriends lived I had a pretty good idea how to catch them when I needed to.
I wasn’t wrong !!!

If you believe in the power of karma, then you do understand that you reap that which you sow.
For decades Jamaican women have offered themselves up as bulwarks  of support for their murderous sons , boyfriends and family members.

Back in the day women were out of bound, even if the killers kicked in doors and killed the men, they would leave the women and children.
All of that is history now, not even babies are spared . In most cases the killers actively seek out women and children in order to exact their murderous vengeance.

Women and children are being slaughtered in alarming numbers almost on par with their male counterparts.
Tragically the chickens have come home to roost .
The blood thirsty killers hyped up on drugs, and empowered by the automatic weapons they possess, make no distinction about who they kill.

As  the murder rampage continue with numbing yet alarming frequency ,women continue to shield killers in their homes and yes they even take them into their bodies.