Jamaican Government Stupidly Refuses To Unleash Police On Heartless Criminals: Cops Being Murdered In Their Own Homes…

Yet anoth­er Police offi­cer has been mur­dered in Jamaica this time in his home.
This lat­est attack was on 29-year-old con­sta­ble Nicaldo Green who was assigned to the Stadium police sta­tion.

According to the Police, con­sta­ble Green arrived at his home at about 10: 10 pm and opened the grill gate to his home when assailants opened fire on him.
Neighbors called the police who rushed their mor­tal­ly wound­ed col­league to the hos­pi­tal but it was too late.
His killers who had the audac­i­ty to attack him in his own home also took his ser­vice pis­tol.

PM Andrew Holness

This lat­est attack fol­lows close­ly on the heels of the attack on a cor­po­ral of police again at his home in Stewart Town Trewlany.
The Stewart Town attack occurred around 2: pm as the offi­cer arrived at his house he real­ized that some­one had bro­ken into his home.
He was pounced upon and dur­ing a strug­gle with his masked assailants he was shot in the leg and stabbed in his arm.

In nei­ther of these inci­dents have the Government issued a sin­gle state­ment of con­dem­na­tion to those respon­si­ble.
Needless to say, the blood suck­ing leech­es who pre­tend to care about human rights, [nev­er human lives] are also silent.
It comes as no sur­prise that they are silent when the pro­tec­tors of the soci­ety pay with their lives, it is exact­ly because of the mur­dered offi­cers that the fakes, frauds, and char­la­tans can con­tin­ue to dem­a­gogue law enforce­ment offi­cers.

Peter Phillips oppo­si­tion leader

I admit­ted­ly do not know whether there are back sto­ries to the attacks on these two offi­cers who are the lat­est to be attacked.
Nevertheless, what I do know, is that in less than a week two mem­bers of the police force have been attacked in their own homes.
That is enough to cause me alarm and moti­vate me to speak out even if it does­n’t stir any­one else.

Jamaica is a vio­lent crim­i­nal tol­er­ant soci­ety. There is pre­cious lit­tle, to no regard, for the rule of law.
Subsequently, there is pre­cious lit­tle, to no regard, for those who enforce the nation’s laws and that is true of those who occu­py tax­pay­ers hous­ing at Vale Royal, to those in the grit­ty inner-city gar­risons for free.
The dis­dain shown to law enforce­ment begins in Jamaica house and it spreads out­ward.

Terrence Williams

It is impor­tant to note that even though there is cor­rup­tion with­in the police depart­ment, it has been the cor­rup­tion com­ing out of Jamaica house for decades which have cre­at­ed the sense of anti-law enforce­ment dis­re­spect which has been a sta­ple on the Island through­out that time.
And I dare­say which has inspired and char­ac­ter­ized Jamaica’s law­less­ness, begin­ning in the ear­ly 1970’s.

The larg­er Jamaican soci­ety is pre­dom­i­nant­ly une­d­u­cat­ed, the peo­ple form opin­ions on hearsay.
The bet­ter known the pur­vey­or of false sto­ries, the more cred­i­bil­i­ty they attach to the sto­ry.
In this envi­ron­ment, lying, thiev­ing politi­cians are glo­ri­fied like deities.
Breaking through life­times of brain­wash­ing to sup­plant it with truth and valid infor­ma­tion can be an uphill bat­tle, to next to being impos­si­ble.

Horace Levy

This writer will con­tin­ue nev­er­the­less to impress upon the Jamaican peo­ple that the very free­doms they cher­ish are being tak­en away from them as a result of the ram­pant mur­ders and oth­er seri­ous crimes sweep­ing the entire Island.
No one is advo­cat­ing a police state, no one is more averse to a police state than I am.

It is impor­tant to note how­ev­er that you can have com­pe­tent and high­ly respon­sive law enforce­ment but you have to want it and play your part each and every Jamaican.
You are not hav­ing free­dom if you are dead, there is no free­dom if you are afraid to leave your home, there is no free­dom if you are being killed in your own home.

Arlene Harrison-Henry

I ask all of you to look at the silence of the agen­cies which say they are look­ing out for your human rights.
Ask your­selves why are the fol­low­ing agen­cies silent no mat­ter how many inno­cent Jamaicans are raped muti­lat­ed and mur­dered but are pre­dictably incensed and vocif­er­ous as soon as a crim­i­nal is killed by agents of the state?

People do not have to have degrees from renowned uni­ver­si­ties and col­leges to be able to think for them­selves.
Each and every Jamaican have the abil­i­ty to think for him or her­self.
Ask your­selves why is that their sup­posed focus is only on the rights of those who are killers rapists and thieves?
Then ask your­selves why is it that all of them are receiv­ing fund­ing from for­eign donors?

Carolyn Gomes helped to cre­ate cul­ture against police.

It is not too dif­fi­cult to put two and two togeth­er to arrive at four.
Ask why are for­eign donors fund­ing INDECOM, JFJ, FAST, IACHR and the oth­er leech­es who have set up shop in Jamaica?
Why are for­eign enti­ties fund­ing INDECOM?
Why is the Jamaican Government fund­ing a Government agency (The Office Of the Public Defender) to harass and mil­i­tate against the Police?
Then ask your­selves whether the nations who give these groups mon­ey allow any­one to tell them how to enforce their laws?