Jamaican Lax Justice System Massive Driver Of Crime…

Welcome to jus­tice Jamaica style.
In all of the talk about crime in Jamaica and the reg­u­lar anti-police gib­ber­ish com­ing from the faces of the self-styled elites in the coun­try like Cliff Huges of Nationwide radio, we intend to show you why crime is so stub­born in Jamaica.

Anti-police troll Cliff Hughes of Nationwide radio.


Paul Raphael, 49 years old fined $1 mil­lion or 12 months in prison for traf­fick­ing cocaine and $500,000 or 12 months in prison for deal­ing in cocaine.
Most impor­tant­ly he was admon­ished and dis­charged for the offense of pos­ses­sion of cocaine by Parish Court Judge Sancia Burrell.

Parish Court Judge Sancia Burrell.

It is incred­i­bly dif­fi­cult for crime to trend down­ward when the very agen­cies of jus­tice work assid­u­ous­ly and duti­ful­ly to make the coun­try much more attrac­tive to those who are pre­dis­posed to com­mit crimes. And fur­ther­more to help to recruit oth­ers who may oth­er­wise have been deterred had the coun­try made it clear it will not tol­er­ate crim­i­nal behav­ior.

Miller’s face sar­cas­ti­cal­ly embla­zoned on a Jamaican note.

Ironically this is the very same judge who paid lip ser­vice by mock­ing the ridicu­lous law which con­strained her from issu­ing a fine above J$100 on gang­ster Tesha Miller after he plead­ed guilty to mak­ing a false dec­la­ra­tion to Jamaican immi­gra­tion offi­cials.

Given a chance to show that she was­n’t just chat­ting because she had a mouth she wilt­ed like a four leaf clover.
At the time even some of the lame politi­cians were stunned that these laws are still in effect.
Unfortunately what the nation gets is a bunch of losers who bang on desks and shout insults at each oth­er on the pub­lic’s dime.


Thirty-sev­en ( 37)-year-old Michael Abrahams of Caribbean Estate, St. Catherine was sen­tenced for: Possession of Cocaine — $500,000 or 6 months in prison and Dealing in Cocaine — 9 months hard labor, sus­pend­ed for two years when he appeared before the St. Catherine Parish Court.
Abrahams was arrest­ed at his home on Friday, July 7, after detec­tives from the Narcotics Division con­duct­ed a raid at his premis­es and found Cocaine weigh­ing approx­i­mate­ly 70 kilo­grams and val­ued at $92.8 mil­lion.

How long are the Jamaican peo­ple going to be idi­ot­ic sheep lulled and indoc­tri­nat­ed into believ­ing that these judges are not being paid to deliv­er these kinds of jus­tice?

What we do not hear from the frauds like Hughes is a demand for account­ing from his friends who are mak­ing deci­sions or bet­ter yet are not mak­ing the right deci­sions.
This is why we must eschew these char­la­tans when they try to turn us against the police in the line of fire who are real­ly doing all they can with pre­cious lit­tle to no sup­port from the sys­tem as you have seen in these ridicu­lous sen­tences.

This sto­ry has been updat­ed after the ini­tial pub­li­ca­tion.