Look for JLP to retroactively add more power to INDECOM it created





Look for JLP to retroactively add more power to INDECOM it created.

He will be successful, he has the backing of the political directorate. (Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin former Commissioner of Police)
The political directorate is the group of individuals which makes decisions for a country, in the case of Jamaica it includes members of both the JLP and the PNP.

I have been turning over in my mind this statement from the former Rear Admiral, turned Police Commissioner and a couple of things came to mind.
(a)Lewin seems to be saying that his tenure at the helm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF)was a failure because he did not receive the requisite level of support from his political superiors.
(b) Acknowledging that the very same people who he inferred did not provide him the support he needed has now decided to provide that material support and otherwise to Anthony Anderson.

Terrence Williams
Commissioner of INDECOM

In post-Colonial Jamaica, there have been 16 Commissioners of police beginning with N A Crosswell, and culminating with George Quallo.
I would hazard that each of those gentlemen could make the very same claim, particularly those who came much later after 1962.
Nevertheless, it is rather telling to hear someone who spent his life in the Army and roughly 2-years at the helm of the Constabulary insinuate that the political directorate does not support the rule of law.

What is even more critical and germane to this conversation is that within our fledgling, yet enviable parliamentary democratic system, there are politicians who have had their United States Visas yanked because of alleged criminal conduct and or affiliations.

So what has changed which has brought about this supposed epiphany which would cause the same political directorate to now throw its support behind this newly announced Commissioner of Police?
Surely, they are not having a come-to-Jesus moment because they see the writing on the wall.
If that was the case they would have had that moment of [wokeness][sic] from as far back as 2010 when the thugs all but took over the country.

Alexander Williams former JLP Spokesman on Justice and Justice Reform, and brother of Terrence Williams have before criticized the DPP on behalf of INDECOM


I don’t claim to have the answers to these questions, yet we could argue that they see him as one of them. They may even want to deal a death knell to the JCF as we know it, in fact, there have been whispering to that effect in recent times.
On the other hand, there have been a couple of shootings which has directly impacted the political class in recent times, albeit that it hasn’t reached any of the really big fish yet, unfortunately.

The newly elected head of the Police department major general Anthony Anderson takes office today, there are rumblings that he may bring members of the JDF senior management team to the Deputy Commissioner’s rank which would effectively sideline the senior officers at that level and stifle career officers of the department.
I  am unable to verify the veracity of these allegations so I will refrain from speculating further in the interest of honesty and integrity.

Delroy Chuck

One thing is sure is that as was to be expected the traditional enemies of the police are up in arms. The Nation’s anti-law enforcement Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has stepped forward to make it clear that Parliament did intend to give INDECOM the power to arrest and prosecute police officers.
On the face of it, we could shrug off the fact that Delroy Chuck should never be in any government position due to his support of gunmen killed by the police. It speaks volumes about the abilities of the parliamentarians who drafted and debated the INDECOM bill before it became law. It makes a strong case that they were intrinsically unable to communicate their intent on paper in clear and unambiguous ways.

The Gleaner Editorial page could not wait to jump on the bandwagon of support for the frothing mouth deranged Terrence Williams, declaring, Give INDECOM The Powers in their Monday online publication.
The larger issue here it seems is that this JLP Administration is decidedly focused on the destruction of the Constabulary force and are blinded by the taste of power.

Bruce Golding gave the nation INDECOM and all it’s side effects, as well as the Tivoli affair and God knows what else?

The JLP sat in opposition for an unprecedented 14 1/2 years looking into Jamaica House like the rest of us. The JCF is a large organization and I hope for its sake that it also has an expansive memory. In the meantime, the Police should begin to exert its influence in ways that hurt people who are against them in their pocketbooks.
That should begin at all levels including not spending money purchasing goods and services of companies which advertise on the Jamaica Gleaner.

The time will come soon enough when police officers, their families, and their supporters once again get to chose a government. It would be another decided affront to the Police by this administration as it seeks to find new ways to demoralize the police and further place the lives of law-abiding Jamaicans at risk.

If that provision is added to the INDECOM act retroactively, at a time when the court just ruled that it was never there, it will be a watershed moment in our country’s modern history.
The Jamaican people have clearly had enough time to see the destructive power of INDECOM over the past 8-years. Andrew Holness himself has argued the law needs revisiting, yet there are powerful forces in the country marshaled in support of this law because the status quo suits their fiduciary interest.
They have also had 8-years to see the harm a politically motivated law and a politically motivated flunky at its head can do.