Montague even though somewhat misinformed , head and shoulders above Holness on crime…

I was never really a fan of Robert Montague, Jamaica’s Minister of National Security but there are areas in which he is begining to grow on me.
At least Montague is able to understand that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know .
I can respect that .
It is a marked improvement over his boss Andrew Holness the Island’s Prime Minister, who is unable to recognize that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know , and should seek guidance from those who know instead of taking advice from those who would try to build careers on the corpses of dead police officers as Terrence Williams the commissioner of INDECOM is doing.

At the time Holness took over the reins of the JLP I thought he would be a breath of fresh air. I even wrote some glowing articles about him and the potential I believe he would have even up to his return to Jamaica House last year.
What I missed in the process of my analysis is that Andrew Holness is a product of his environment radically steeped in Elitism and would be no different than the other degenerate politicians on the Island.

In addressing a conference on Law enforcement sponsored by, (you get it) INDECOM, the United Nations in Jamaica, with the support from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, and the Embassy of the United States of America, was primarily aimed at drafting a Model Use of Force Policy for Caribbean Security Forces.

It is important that those who have eyes to read and brains to understand what they read understand the concept of the idea behind the conference.
Quote, was primarily aimed at drafting a Model Use of Force Policy for Caribbean Security Forces.
The United States which has thousands of law enforcement agencies have their use of force policies which is centered solely on officer safety .
Why are the Americans and the British involved in crafting use of force policy for Caribbean security forces when their security forces are authorized to use whatever force they need appropriate to neutralize  perceived threats to include killing a 12 year old child with a toy gun, and killing a man sitting in his car with his family strapped in by his seat belt.

The perception is that black countries are incapable of self governance, the psychology is real simple help them to self destruct.
The well established idea of white supremacy and white exceptionalism is further enhanced when we black run countries are fooled into believing that their societies will come together if people are able to get jobs.
The notion adopted in Jamaica and other places that if you fix economies crime goes away is like chasing rainbows.

On the one hand there can never be economic development in a crime infested society.
On the other, striving for economic prosperity under the notion that that will alleviate crime when their economy is controlled by outside forces is simply ridiculous.

So though not totally not where he ought to be as it relates to what needs to be done about Jamaica;s lawlessness , Robert Montague is heads and shoulders over Holness.


Addressing the same conference Montague struck a much different tone.
“Society grants the police this power because police personnel may have to make decisions in the fraction of a minute, often in extreme circumstances.”

“Let us not fool ourselves, law enforcement has to use the amount of force that is necessary to mitigate against critical incidents.

“Some of us in Jamaica have to lock ourselves behind burglar bars every afternoon, effectively creating our own prison, and some of us would love to have burglar bars, but because some of some houses are built with inferior material we can’t,” he said.

“Not everyone has a police bodyguard or can afford to live in a gated community, sometimes our environment are not of our choosing, but we should understand the environment [in which] the police operates” Minister Montague stated.

“Debunk the lies that INDECOM is preventing the police from doing their work and that the police is trigger happy.”

Clearly Minister Montague needs to evolve a bit more on the latter statement. There are some truths in both points.


You know what bothers me , it’s people who are able to piece a couple of words together then convince themselves that they know what they are talking about , when clearly they don’t.So they piece together nonsensical cliches which has no edifying value to intelligent debate …

Every use of force police are engaged in are individual cases which rests on their own merit.
It cannot be that police use of force is critiqued withing the context of one broad application, that’s nonsensical . Something someone should tell Andrew Holness and the stool pigeon Terrence Williams the Elitists put in place, so that they may continue to run our country like a sub-Saharan fiefdom/.
In most cases in which police are forced to use force, it is usually  a function of the person being apprehended attitude to being arrested which determines whether or not force is used..
Not the police officer deciding to be violent for no reason.
So for a country’s leader to spend time Demagoguing law enforcement instead of educating the population into obeying the laws ,shows the type of leader Holness has decided to be.

What the dangerous and lying Terrence Williams does not tell the dumb sheep who listen to him ,is that Jamaica is one of the world’s most violent countries in the world.
It also have one of the highest  amount of criminals per capita within it’s population.
Literally every arrest, regardless of the gender or age of the potential arrestee must be achieved by using force.
This is why the statement of the fraud Terrence Williams is so insidious.
“We want to see greater sanctions for breaching of the (use of force) policy; we want to see commanders and supervisors being held liable for human right breaches of their men, and these are the areas that we want to see being represented in the new policy.”

This misguided notion that we must handcuff our police in one of the most violent societies in the world is beyond stupid it borders on criminal complicity by the government.
The fact that Terrence Williams is allowed to craft and determine policy which affects 2.7 million lives ,including that of the security forces, is exactly the problem .
It is a travesty of epic proportion which jeopardizes  the lives of law enforcement officers.
We have a blind narcissist in the person of Terrence Williams leading an elitist administration headed by Andrew Holness down a dangerous Rabbit hole to destruction.

There is no placating dangerous criminals who are determined to commit violent felonies and kill whomever dare stand up to them , including Police officers and members of the military.
That the Jamaican Prime Minister would expend political capital in defense of people who break laws and kill police is shocking in it’s recklessness.
Instead of standing steadfastly on the side of law enforcement officers with strong leadership demand that those who break the laws must expect to be arrested and dealt with -with the full extent of the law, Holness gives further comfort to lawless elements.
Rather than tell people to submit to being arrested, even if they believe they are wronged, he plays cheap populist politics.
Disgraceful !!!