Murder And Mayhem In A Conflicting Report Involving Rogue Cops…

Some of the images which emerged from a vio­lent con­fronta­tion in Saint Catherine yes­ter­day.
Information reach­ing us is sketchy thus far, as a result, we are unable at this time to ver­i­fy what exact­ly occurred.
What we have learned is that the inci­dent involved Police offi­cers, one of whom has died.
We believe what we have learned so far is not the whole sto­ry and heroes may turn to vil­lains before this is all over.

Preliminary indi­ca­tions are that an off duty police offi­cer wit­nessed three of his col­leagues who are on sus­pen­sion kill a man at a dance at Chedwin Park in Saint Catherine ear­ly Sunday morn­ing.
Even as that offi­cer is being hailed as a hero in some quar­ters, we are not so sure as there have been rather con­flict­ing events reach­ing us regard­ing this inci­dent.

According to local media report­ing, one of the alleged rogue cops was killed in the con­fronta­tion while two oth­ers were appre­hend­ed.
There is report­ing that two of the alleged killer cops were already fac­ing mur­der charges and were out on bail.
This Medium has con­sis­tent­ly argued that there is no ratio­nal argu­ment to be made for releas­ing mur­der sus­pects on bail if the soci­ety has an inter­est in reduc­ing crime and improv­ing the rule of law.

We have also main­tained that the Government’s ham­string­ing of the police by the oner­ous and overzeal­ous over­sight would result in a chill­ing effect on law enforce­ment.
This would force out good career offi­cers who did not sign up to go to prison for hon­or­ing their oaths and would inex­orably end up open­ing up the force to more peo­ple with nefar­i­ous intent.
Well, sad to say we are at that place but they will nev­er acknowl­edge these truths.
Because to acknowl­edge them would mean hav­ing to say we made a mis­take and tak­ing reme­di­al action and they are far too arro­gant to do that.