No Old Tun-back Rasta Peter Phillips,name Brand Cops Were Not Violent:tireless, Fearless, Selfless, Yes.…

Peter Phillips the recent­ly installed leader of the Opposition in Jamaica real­ly has noth­ing going for him so he decid­ed he will sim­ply oppose any and every­thing that the Government does or says.
Now, to be fair to the People’s National Party no one could rea­son­ably accuse them of being any­thing close to a law and order par­ty.
In fact, under their longest serv­ing and the Island’s most destruc­tive Prime Minister Percival James Patterson, the mantra was “anyt­ing a anyt­ing”, a clas­sic wink and nod to crim­i­nals to run-wid-it, do what they want­ed.

Peter Phillips oppo­si­tion leader

So it came as no sur­prise that the old tun back ras­ta Peter Phillips would be opposed to the idea of rein­ing in INDECOM.
Now, grant­ed that Prime Minister Andrew Holness does not have clean hands, or more like clean con­science in this, he at least has a dis­grun­tled Police Force on his hands, angry about the lack of progress with wage nego­ti­a­tions.
With over 500 cops walk­ing away each year and the JCF unable to reach recruit­ment tar­gets Holness has no choice but to kiss some ass­es.
So he arrived at his come to Jesus moment at the National Arena a few days ago telling sup­port­ers that the police are afraid to do their jobs because of an overzeal­ous INDECOM.
No shit !!!

It fol­lows that Peter Phillips with no plan of his own or any inten­tion of hav­ing a plan for crime, except to watch it esca­late would oppose what Holness said. It made good pol­i­tics for the brain-dead cool-aid drinkers who blind­ly fol­low Phillips cult par­ty but is his posi­tion sound pol­i­cy?
Peter Phillips went on to argue that since he was a boy he heard about name brand cops and that their claim to fame was because they were vio­lent.

No Peter, you troll, the name brand cops of whom you speak were in fact not vio­lent at all con­trary to pop­u­lar per­cep­tions.
Ask around about Keith Trinity Gardiner, Dick Hibbert, the dear­ly depart­ed Tony Hewitt, (Cornwall Bigga Ford one of yours) and a long list of oth­ers and peo­ple will tell you they were effec­tive because they were fear­less, self­less and tire­less, some­thing you would not know about as a politi­cian you are the oppo­site, sim­ply cow­ard­ly, lazy and self­ish.
Ask them how many times they have been shot and shot at, rest in peace Anthony Hewitt?
Your fee­ble attempt at rewrit­ing his­to­ry shows you for the rapa­cious grace­less punk that you are, just anoth­er greasy despi­ca­ble pow­er hun­gry troll.

Which brings me to why the PNP would have you as their leader when you already betrayed the par­ty and indeed our coun­try to for­eign pow­ers.
Come on Peter Phillips do you think we have for­got­ten?
Remember those MOU’s you signed?
The high­ly clas­si­fied MOUs, which involve Jamaica, the United States (US), and the United Kingdom (UK), were signed by Phillips in 2004.
Though Phillips argued that he had author­i­ty to sign the MOU’s Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Taylor at the time under cross-exam­i­na­tion, tes­ti­fied that the MOUs involved the mil­i­tary and should have had the sig­na­ture of the then min­is­ter of defense, P.J. Patterson, and not Phillips.

Have PNP sup­port­ers for­got­ten this lit­tle inci­dent?
You see Mister Phillips you can­not be trust­ed and every­one knows this, so let’s be clear, you have zero cred­i­bil­i­ty on National Security or on crime for that mat­ter.
You sold the coun­try down the riv­er before, so no one is sur­prised that you would take a raw polit­i­cal stance on a mat­ter this impor­tant again.

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