Obama On Health Care: “People Are Alive Today” Because Of Obamacare

Former President Barack Obama deliv­ered a speech on Wednesday in which he paint­ed a pic­ture of opti­mism in the wake of chal­lenges the nation faces, even if it “does­n’t seem to jibe with the steady stream of bad news and cyn­i­cism we’re fed on tele­vi­sion and Twitter.” The for­mer pres­i­dent added that the key to these chal­lenges is “engage­ment.”

Obama deliv­ered the keynote address at the Gates Foundation, spon­sored by Bill and Melinda Gates. He spoke of chal­lenges the nation faces, and how he felt they should be addressed.

Yes, we face some extra­or­di­nary chal­lenges,” Obama said. “Economic inequal­i­ty and a chang­ing cli­mate. Terrorism and mass migra­tion. The rise of nation­al­ist thought, xeno­pho­bic sen­ti­ment, and a pop­ulist pol­i­tics that too often pits ‘us’ against ‘them’ — a pol­i­tics that threat­ens to turn good peo­ple away from the kind of col­lec­tive action that has always dri­ven human progress.”

He added that what’s need­ed “more than any­thing” was “the engage­ment of every­one who wants to see a bet­ter future for our chil­dren.”